Game of Thrones Characters as Gaming Consoles

Apparently, if you think deeply enough and look for characteristics, you will find that Game of Thrones characters and gaming consoles have a whole lot in common. Pairings by Gold_Skulltulla show just how close Game of Thrones is to the world of gaming consoles.

Astronomer Recreates the Solar System From Lord of the Rings

Astrophysics professor Kristine Larsen used clues and hints scattered through the books of J.R.R. Tolkein to create this model of the solar system of the Lord of the Rings universe. As is clearly visible, the solar system takes much inspiration from our own, except a few changes and the different names.

Ground Meat Shaped Into Geeky Characters

Meat section at the Uwajimaya Asian food market in Seattle is populated with geeky shaped characters formed out of the meat. Manager of the section Kieran Gormley spends a bit of his time sculpting the shapeless ground beef into various characters from Star Wars, Totoro, Dragon Ball Z, puppets, and video game inspired characters. Gormley […]

Ultimate Iron Man Costume Armor

Ultimate Iron Man was a miniseries running for only two comic books. The armor you see here is Ultimate Iron Man handcrafted by BlackLink2811, accompanied by the badass War Machine.

Words of Wisdom From Superheroes

Superheroes are meant to be inspiring, often with strength of character or their actions. Accompanied by strong imagery, they present a formidable visual input. Graphic designer Adam Thompson scoured the roles of superhero in comic books and on screen to come up with a set that presents superheroes with text of the words of wisdom […]

Star Trek Inspired Pillow Cushion Covers

Etsy shop Morondanga has a collection of geeky pillow cushion covers. Noticeable in the collection are the geeky Star Trek and Star Trek TNG inspired covers you see here.

Masters of the Universe Orko Hoodie

Being a doof in magic has its advantages, well at least it did for Orko in the He-Man universe. This costume hoodie isn’t going to grant you magical powers, though you could go dressed like Orko and mess things up. Costs $65.

Batman in Traditional Style Medieval Japan

Illustrations by Scott Wade put Batman and associated characters in the midst of action in medieval Japan. The series include Batman, Gordon and Mr. Freeze, all transported to be comfortable in the setting of feudal Japan. The style given the time period, is quite similar to the better known Japanese woodblock print gaming series by […]

Vintage Style Advertisements From the Pokemon Universe

Advertisements are something that are bound to exist in every universe where services are offered. That includes even the adorable ones like Pokemon. Mexican illustrator chuz0r imagined what advertisements would be like in the Pokemon universe, and he gave them a vintage touch for that extra effect.

Popular Characters Carved on Crayons

Popular culture characters and themes look superb carved on crayons.

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