Giant Lego Portrait is Yoda or Vader, Depending On Where Light Falls on It

Created by the folks at Google’s Zurich office, this giant Lego portrait named The Force has been made out of 16000 bricks so arranged that it manages to look like both Yoda and Vader, depending on the angle of light illuminating the portrait. Of course shadows play a big part in revealing what side of “The Force” the portrait is going into.

Realistic Eyes From the Naruto Universe

In the world of the famous anime and manga Naruto, eyes play a big role. You can (usually) get a fair idea of the characters abilities and what hurricane of ass-kicking they are about to unleash by looking at their eyes. Created by TheDownfall, the list is missing Hyuuga representation, but does include Sakura. Oh, and before you head out to look at the images, be on your guard for spoilers if you happen to be an anime watcher.

TMNT Backpack

Being a teenage ninja turtle is now super easy given that it only requires the purchase of a backpack. Which actually should be better than going mutant and learning ninja techniques. It is a bit like a universal backpack gear for ninja turtles, as it includes nunchucks, a pair of sais and two masks, which we assume should belong to Raphael and Michelangelo. Poor Leo and Don must live without a backpack while Raphael and Michelangelo battle over who gets to play. Available for pre-order, the box is priced at $55.