Star Wars Characters Invade Serene Paintings by Thomas Kinkade

You would have run into several of the serene landscapes and paintings by Thomas Kinkade, and now you get to see them with a major Star Wars upgrade. In the set titled Wars on Kinkade artist and illustrator Jeff Bennett has added Star Wars characters to the usual Kinkade artpieces, giving the usually calm landscapes the action they so desperately needed.

Game of Thrones House Sigil Hoodies

Winter has come, and hoodies are exactly you are looking for. Game of Thrones hoodies are built to follow house sigils and colors, and they do a pretty good job with the little touches that match them up to the house they are representing. Houses of Stark, Targaryen, Lannister and Baratheon are represented in the line of hoodies from Etsy shop Rarity’s Boutique. Unfortunately, it appears the shop is not receiving commissions anymore, and the next round will start in December.

Giant Lego Portrait is Yoda or Vader, Depending On Where Light Falls on It

Created by the folks at Google’s Zurich office, this giant Lego portrait named The Force has been made out of 16000 bricks so arranged that it manages to look like both Yoda and Vader, depending on the angle of light illuminating the portrait. Of course shadows play a big part in revealing what side of “The Force” the portrait is going into.

Realistic Eyes From the Naruto Universe

In the world of the famous anime and manga Naruto, eyes play a big role. You can (usually) get a fair idea of the characters abilities and what hurricane of ass-kicking they are about to unleash by looking at their eyes. Created by TheDownfall, the list is missing Hyuuga representation, but does include Sakura. Oh, and before you head out to look at the images, be on your guard for spoilers if you happen to be an anime watcher.