Realistic Eyes From the Naruto Universe

In the world of the famous anime and manga Naruto, eyes play a big role. You can (usually) get a fair idea of the characters abilities and what hurricane of ass-kicking they are about to unleash by looking at their eyes. Created by TheDownfall, the list is missing Hyuuga representation, but does include Sakura. Oh, […]

TMNT Backpack

Being a teenage ninja turtle is now super easy given that it only requires the purchase of a backpack. Which actually should be better than going mutant and learning ninja techniques. It is a bit like a universal backpack gear for ninja turtles, as it includes nunchucks, a pair of sais and two masks, which […]

Poster Lists All Characters of the Original Star Wars Trilogy

Print by illustrator Max Dalton puts characters from Star Wars Episodes IV to VI in one 18″ x 24″ poster. Sure everyone remembers the big names, but several of these characters have long since been forgotten. The print was priced at $50 and appears to have been sold out already!

Braid Your Long Locks Right For a Gimli Beard

Got long hair and want to dress up like Gimli? Well, here you go. Middle school English teacher Marcella made a sweet Gimli dwarf beard for herself, and put up a tutorial with instructions on how to do one for yourself. Via Tutorial, BoingBoing

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Trailer

The Doctor is turning 50, and there’s a hot new trailer for The Day of the Doctor that celebrates the last 50 years of the show.

Posters List Famous Objects in Pop Culture Worlds

Artist Jeff Langevin designed these posters that take a good, hard look at major characters and objects across several geek universes. Prints available on Etsy.

IRL Gandalf Unsuccessfully Attempts ‘You Shall Not Pass’ [video]

It looks like people are very dismissive of the greatness of Gandalf the Grey, and they shall pass even if he tries to stop them. He must think it was easier dealing with balrogs and orcs. via

Professor X Fires Wolverine For Being Useless [video]

Wolverine useless?! I could never have thought that but the professor makes some very good arguments.

Polygonal Superheroes and Star Wars Characters by Liam Brazier

Artist Liam Brazier (previously) renders popular characters and images into shape through polygons, giving them a unique appeal. Here we have the artist’s sets of superheroes and Star Wars characters going boxy in the polygonal style.

Harry Potter House Robes

Sit comfortably in these Hogwarts house robes while you look at the funny ways of the muggles and their world. Made out of cotton, the robes are available in the styles of Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff. Costs $70.

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