Professor X Fires Wolverine For Being Useless [video]

Wolverine useless?! I could never have thought that but the professor makes some very good arguments.

Polygonal Superheroes and Star Wars Characters by Liam Brazier

Artist Liam Brazier (previously) renders popular characters and images into shape through polygons, giving them a unique appeal. Here we have the artist’s sets of superheroes and Star Wars characters going boxy in the polygonal style.

Harry Potter House Robes

Sit comfortably in these Hogwarts house robes while you look at the funny ways of the muggles and their world. Made out of cotton, the robes are available in the styles of Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff. Costs $70.

Daleks Invasion Earth: 2150 Poster

Daleks Invasion Earth: 2150 poster was created by Orlando Arocena on commission from UnderTheFloorboards. Via Geek-Art

Superman 75th Anniversary Short Film by DC Comics

Superman has turned 75 and DC Comics made this awesome short film of the superhero’s journey through time. The film was produced by Warner Brothers Animation and created by Zack Snyder and Bruce Timm.

Popular Culture Characters in the World of Classic Art

Superheroes and villains get their day in classic paintings in the Superhero ModRen photo effects galleries at Worth1000.

Doctor Who Giant Inflatable Dalek

Standing at 62-inches tall, this giant inflatable Dalek has no problems with its mission to exterminate. Unless you poke a hole in it. The inflatable Dalek comes in two pieces, with the head forming the other so that it can rotate and provide a better look to the set. Costs $90.

Fictional Businesses of Pixar Get Advertisements

Fictional businesses in the Pixar universe might not explicitly need advertisements, but there is no denying those businesses would do better with advertising. Artist Mario Graciotti paid homage to these businesses and gave them the advertisements they would have always wanted.

More People You See at Nerd Conventions

Continuing their list of people you see at nerd conventions, Dorkly has come up with one more.

Thundercats Illustrated in Traditional Japanese and Ancient Egyptian Styles

Character designer Phil Postma (previously here, here and here) took Thunder Cats down the history lane, illustrating the characters in the style of traditional Japanese printing, and with another look superimposed on ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. It’s a cool mix, with Thundercats illustrated in the Japanese style, and the antagonists in the Egyptian style.

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