Zombie infection reaches the world of Mario

Mario has spread a zombie infection throughout the mushroom kingdom, taking his friends down with him. I guess Bowser’s the hero now. Via: MrHipp, RampagedReality

Gears of War 3 Retro Lancer replica

Epic Games and NECA teamed up to produce this wicked Gears of War 3 Retro Lancer; we’ll just skip the word replica from now on. The gun was created using 3D data from the game, and does maintain an authentic look throughout its 3.5 feet length. It will start shipping on September 13, and is […]

NES controller modded to hold the console, play via USB

Redittor djromaric got to work on an NES controller, fed it the innards of an NES console in the shape of an emulator and ROMs on a flash drive, gave the entire package a USB connection and voila! He can now play NES games on a computer, with the controller also double timing as a […]

Angry Birds in the city [pic]

Angry Birds in the city. Via: OakOak

Live action Angry Birds game [video]

We’ve all played Angry Birds on mobile devices, iPads, computers, cakes, whatever, but never before has there been a live action Angry Birds game. The game got a re-enactment in Terrassa, Spain, with exploding pigs, breakable structures and a Jazz band. Via: NerdApproved

Angry Birds arrives as browser based game

Rejoice Angry Birds fans, for the game is now available in a browser based version. Angry Birds have made it to the Chrome app store, but fret not if you don’t have Chrome installed you can still play it by visiting the game page, as long as you have a modern browser. Via: Labnol

Call of Duty zombies reach real life, meet their fate anyway [video]

Logan Fulton and his friends used the Call of Duty zombie playing mode as an inspiration (or excuse) to go on a rampage, killing zombies in this live action fan film. Even though humans play the part, the film is quite a recreation of the game complete with on-screen prompts and weapon pop-ups. Via: Kotaku

Life-sized Portal turret replica

A life-sized representation of the Portal turret, this replica has a red-laser eye, motion sensing sound bytes, and thankfully, no bullets. Made by Ryan Palser, the turret is a replica of the one found in the first Portal game, and looks quite faithful a representation. Via: Kotaku

Ninja game has a boobalicious Epic Nod advertisement [video]

The video seems to be a rather unusual style for promoting a ninja videogame, but boobies make everything better, so it’s all good. Don’t forget to nod along when you watch. Via: TheRawFeed

Minecraft inspired grass cube

Minecraft fans, I need not say anything about this, but those haven’t yet had the chance to play the game, this is… well, a grass cube. The minecraft inspired cube has each side of 2.5 inches, and probably is perfect for bringing a touch of the game into real life. Costs $10.