Minecraft inspired grass cube

Minecraft fans, I need not say anything about this, but those haven’t yet had the chance to play the game, this is… well, a grass cube. The minecraft inspired cube has each side of 2.5 inches, and probably is perfect for bringing a touch of the game into real life. Costs $10.

Portal 2 presented as a 70s style movie poster

Nothing much to say here, except Whoa! Look how amazing that is! Via: Tristan Reidford, Crackajack

Amazing 3D Starcraft models made in papercraft

These amazing Starcraft figures look like they might have been created with a dose of computer graphics. Well, they are not. All of these happen to be 1:1 scale papercraft models of the units you would see in Starcraft. They were created by a Korean fan (should have guessed that) going by the name of […]

Mario propaganda posters in World War II style

There’s always a raging war in the world of Mario, and with the unholy numbers of Goombas and Koopa troopers he stomps on, there ought to be a huge recruitment drive to keep the spots filled. These WW II style propaganda posters by Fernando Reza are available as a set of 4, or individually. Via: […]

Neo Geo MVS gets packed in walnut

Analogue Interactive have put their Neo Geo console into a more “luxurious” packing. The new CMVS comes wrapped in walnut wood rather than plastic, plays MVS cartridges, works with component, S-video, composite and RGB video formats, and includes a rechargeable battery for internal memory. The system will begin shipping early May with a price tag […]

Mario trivia [pic]

The image shows 15 “fun” facts about Mario and friends. The full image is after the jump. By the way, that guy must have one hell of a Resume. Via: Dorkly

Beer, arcade gaming, awesome!

Octane 120 Beer Arcade Machine is about everything a gamer could ask for. An arcade style racing set with classic games, leather wrapping for the seat, force feedback steering wheel, integrated gaming PC, Full HD projector up front, and most importantly, a kegerator behind the rear seat with a secondary tap up in the dashboard. […]

Play old SNES games on the SupaBoy portable

Hyperkin has announced a handheld SNES scheduled to be out this summer. The SupaBoy portable can play old SNES cartridges, showing the game on its 3.5-inch LCD screen. You can play games by holding the console, or if you’d like to go old style, it has connectors for game controllers to go in, so you […]

Dual shock chocolate controllers have chocolate game disc

Those with a fine taste in gaming are quite likely to savor these PS2/PS3 controllers made in milk or dark chocolate. But what’s a game controller if you don’t have a game to play along? So, you could also get your hands on Grand Theft Chocolate, God of Chocolate III and the like. The only […]

DIY NES coffee table can also be used to play

This super cool NES coffee table is the work of a guy named “Jocke.” Covered in characters and scenes from various NES games, the table has its top shaped like an NES controller. And here comes the best part: the controller actually is usable. Yep, the coffee table basically is a big-ass NES controller that […]