Five free games on Chrome web store for a quick dose of diversion

Ever since its launch, Google’s lightweight and quick browser, Chrome has continued to grow. Ever since the launch of the Chrome web store in December last year, there’s has been a lot more you can do with the browser. There are a lot of utilities and apps in the store, but bah, who cares. We always start our tour with checking out available games. So you’ve been slogging at work the whole day and could really really use some diversion to rest up. Here’s our selection of games from the Chrome web store that are fun, quick, suited for a small time diversion, and most importantly, free.

Giant life-sized slingshot controls Angry Birds

You could play Angry Birds in real life, and if that doesn’t quite cut ice, you could probably have the fun of using a real slingshot to hurl the birdies. It may sound like a very Wiimote-like accessory, but there is fun in having a giant slingshot as a controller. A project by students at the University of Queensland (Australia) the slingshot communicates with the game, albeit with a slight lag.

Via: Nowhere Else, Engadget