Zelda motion comic tells Link’s heart breaking story

All that effort… Via Zac Gorman, NerdApproved

Sega really is going ahead with the pee-play Toylet gaming system

There are things you laugh about, and somehow don’t believe they’re ever going to happen. Playing with the wiener in a public urinal might seem something like that. A while back, Sega had announced the Toylet, a system that lets males play a video game as they pee. Sega is now producing the system that […]

Legend of Zelda chess set

Ben Howard spent three months creating this amazing, one of a kind Legend of Zelda chess set. Each piece on the set is unique, made without any replication or the use of molds. Via Reddit

I’m sorry but your princess is in another castle

Poor Mario. Will no one think of the plumbers? Via: Reddit

Nintendo announces its next console, the Wii U

At its E3 press conference, Nintendo announced its much awaited console, the Wii U. The next generation console comes with 1080p HD video quality, HDMI output, internal flash memory storage and full backwards compatibility. What is interesting is that it seems Nintendo has taken a shot at reinventing the controller as well. With the looks […]

The resolution evolution [pic]

The image shows the evolution of character resolution through the history of gaming. Available on RedBubble. Via: RampagedReality

Five free games on Chrome web store for a quick dose of diversion

Ever since its launch, Google’s lightweight and quick browser, Chrome has continued to grow. Ever since the launch of the Chrome web store in December last year, there’s has been a lot more you can do with the browser. There are a lot of utilities and apps in the store, but bah, who cares. We […]

Microsoft shows new official steering wheel for the Xbox 360

Microsoft has gone wireless for its new official steering wheel for the Xbox 360. Apparently made specially for Forza 4, Microsoft claims the wheel will work with all titles. Due to hit market shelves in October, the wheel is priced at $60. Via: Gizmodo

Giant life-sized slingshot controls Angry Birds

You could play Angry Birds in real life, and if that doesn’t quite cut ice, you could probably have the fun of using a real slingshot to hurl the birdies. It may sound like a very Wiimote-like accessory, but there is fun in having a giant slingshot as a controller. A project by students at […]

Nintendo characters in X-Men style

DeviantARTist BasicNoir‘s imagination of what Nintendo characters would look like in the X-Men universe. Via: TheUniblog, BuzzFeed