Windows 7, Kinect get together for a Minority Report like user interface

The user interface we saw in the movie Minority Report has kind of stuck like the gesture controlled user interface we want. Tech company Evoluce, with some support from Microsoft, put Windows 7 and Microsoft Kinect together, to create a gesture-controlled interface. The interface seems to work fine with Windows 7 desktop, numerous applications that […]

Nokia makes a huge touchscreen from ice

The good folks at Nokia have put together what may be the world’s biggest touchscreen, made of ice. They put ice blocks together and fused them with a heat gun, creating an ice wall that is 6.5 feet long, 5 feet tall, and 10 inches thick. The next step involved putting up a projector that […]

Camera lenses recycled into cool bracelets

These stylish cuffs/bracelets have been created from old camera lenses. Craig Arnold converts the lens assembly into stylish wrist wear, recycling focus rings to depth of field sliders. Being priced upwards of $200, they may seem a bit expensive, but also worth the price tag. Via: OyeModern, PetaPixel

Concretronic: The computer with a concrete case

We’ll assume this works wonders for some hardcore and tough computing jobs. Why? Because it’s made of concrete, that’s why. The case was created for a modding contest by modder D. Heiße. The concretronic is made from concrete and a plexiglass window lets you see inside. There are custom SDD and HDD covers, and interestingly […]

Music Branches lets others plug-in and share your music

Music Branches is an audio splitter that lets you share music from your iPod with others. Well, it looks like it will work with any device that has a 3.5mm jack. Also, it probably isn’t your best bet because the music quality will deteriorate with each additional headphone being plugged in, it appears the Branches […]

Accessory-app combo turns iPad into a pinball machine

The good fellows at New Potato Tech can’t just let the iPhone/ iPad be simple gadgets. No sir, they want to turn them into pinball machines. This pinball machine accessory for the iPad is quite similar to the one for the iPhone, only it is larger, and for some reason isn’t present on the manufacturer’s […]

TorrentMeter: The Steampunk bandwidth meter

Just a couple of days after seeing the analog bandwidth meter, we get to see this Steampunk bandwidth meter. Its primary use seems to be well defined in its name. The Steampunk bandwidth meter was built by Skytee, who wanted a “big brass gauge telling me how big my pipe was.” Via: Skytee, Make

Comparing mobile phones: The grill test [Video]

Apparently, people have taken a fancy to destroying expensive gadgets. On the receiving end for this one are mobile phones; an Android, Windows Phone 7 and iPhone 4. Three rival OSs, three different phones. Which one of these smartphones grills faster? There’s only one (crazy) way to find out. All said and done, the video […]

iPood: Store your data in a turd drive

People make flash drives in different designs, from creative to amusing to gooey. I have no idea why, but if you ever planned to store data in a turd, now’s your chance. Welcome the iPood, the turd that can store 2 gigs of data. Costs $27. Via: CraziestGadgets

Destroying Apple gadgets for fun!

Apple fanboys, look away now. These images are a result of collaboration between Michael Tompert and photographer Paul Fairchild. The images are all about Apple gadgets, iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, iPods, all crushed, destroyed and then photographed. It seems all this is a “homage” to Apple, though we’re pretty sure a lot was lost in machine […]