Creature Speakers bend to your will, can be twisted into random shapes

Creature speakers may look like a slinky on steroids, but they actually are much more. These speakers allow you to play with them, transforming their shape and changing acoustics to your wish, it’s probably something like a physical equalizer. Designer Anine Kirsten designed the speakers specifically for laptops, though we think they won’t mind lapping up to anything with a 3.5mm jack.

Via: TDB, TrendHunter

Weird iFan attachment claims to power your phone with wind energy

People, be prepared to make your iPhone look fugly with the addition of this attachment/ charger. The iFan has a sort of a casing for the iPhone, with a huge fan on top that claims to keep your device powered the clean green way. This thing will take about six hours to charge the phone, which means you’d most likely be lugging around the monster-phone all day. The designer says that the charging time can be reduced with a more efficient redesign of the fan blades, but we wouldn’t hold on for that happening. The way we see it, it’s bulky, it’s fugly, and it takes too damned long for charging to come along. It’s food for thought though, we’ll give it that.

Via: TjeerdVeenhoven, Ubergizmo

Universal wireless charging ElectroHub to appear at CES

A device that could charge all our battery-operated electronics would sure be welcome, and much needed. ElectroHub, scheduled for debut at CES 2011 promises to do all that, charging battery operated devices wirelessly, without requiring the devices to be compliant with the wireless charging standard they use. But lets face it, this is the real world, and those sort of devices and chargers are still far away, the ElectroHub gets close though.

Flash for the iPhone, but this one is in the hardware

We’ll put the whole controversy about Adobe’s Flash not running on the iPhone aside, and look at this iFlash. This nifty little flash will add light to your iPhone photography, without putting a drain on the battery because this thing is self-powered. The iFlash uses an LED lamp which you will have to switch on and off manually, making the dock connector for the device nothing more than a place to hold the flash in while you decide to take photographs. Costs $30.

Via: Wired Gadget Lab

MagixTable claims to be the thinnest multitouch table

TouchMagix Media have unveiled the MagixTable, which they claim is the thinnest multitouch interactive table on offer. The table has 40 touch points, consumes 60% less power as compared to similar computers, and can still display at a rate of 50fps. As far as the specs go, the table has a 350GB HDD, 4gigs of RAM, Nvidia 9400M graphics and runs Apple Mac Mini OS, though it supports Windows 7 as well.

Via: GizmoWatch