This DeLorean time machine can store 500 gigs of data as an SSD

A time machine that also works as an SSD is a pretty sweet deal. Well, this is a 1:18 scale replica of the DeLorean, is made of stainless steel, has opening gullwing doors and hood, and obviously no time-travel properties. But then we see the DeLorean, and go Back to the Future, yep, it is a time machine alright. Costs $250.

Via: DeviceNation

Harry Potter IR battling wands work the laser tag away

First instalment of the last Harry Potter movie is out, and it has quite a lot of magic and dueling action. Those looking for a bit of magical action themselves, can get hold of these infrared wands. They work in a fashion similar to “laser tag,” have their tips light up when a spell is cast, and include “authentic” sound effects. That’s about as close muggles can get to “real” magic. Wands are available in four styles: Harry, Hermione, Ron and Voldemort, and cost $23 at ThinkGeek.

Windows 7, Kinect get together for a Minority Report like user interface

The user interface we saw in the movie Minority Report has kind of stuck like the gesture controlled user interface we want. Tech company Evoluce, with some support from Microsoft, put Windows 7 and Microsoft Kinect together, to create a gesture-controlled interface. The interface seems to work fine with Windows 7 desktop, numerous applications that support multitouch, and Java and Flash apps. Using the gesture recognition ability of the Kinect to control Windows 7 is a smart move, and one with possibly great applications.

Via: Wolfgang Herfurtner, Gizmag

Nokia makes a huge touchscreen from ice

The good folks at Nokia have put together what may be the world’s biggest touchscreen, made of ice. They put ice blocks together and fused them with a heat gun, creating an ice wall that is 6.5 feet long, 5 feet tall, and 10 inches thick. The next step involved putting up a projector that targeted the back of this ice wall with infrared light.

Concretronic: The computer with a concrete case

We’ll assume this works wonders for some hardcore and tough computing jobs. Why? Because it’s made of concrete, that’s why. The case was created for a modding contest by modder D. Heiße. The concretronic is made from concrete and a plexiglass window lets you see inside. There are custom SDD and HDD covers, and interestingly enough, cast-concrete power and hard-drive indicators on the front.

Via: TheBestCaseScenario, technabob

Music Branches lets others plug-in and share your music

Music Branches is an audio splitter that lets you share music from your iPod with others. Well, it looks like it will work with any device that has a 3.5mm jack. Also, it probably isn’t your best bet because the music quality will deteriorate with each additional headphone being plugged in, it appears the Branches aren’t quite ready to handle that effect. Costs $10.

Via: Space Sinkhole

Accessory-app combo turns iPad into a pinball machine

The good fellows at New Potato Tech can’t just let the iPhone/ iPad be simple gadgets. No sir, they want to turn them into pinball machines. This pinball machine accessory for the iPad is quite similar to the one for the iPhone, only it is larger, and for some reason isn’t present on the manufacturer’s website. For the iPad pinball machine, an app will work along the pinball accessory, to provide users with a better playing experience. The accessory (probably-because we couldn’t find it) costs $80.

Via: Pocket-Lint