Accessory makes it possible to watch 3D videos on the iPhone, without the need for eyewear

One big reason 3D TV didn’t take off like many expected it to, is that no one likes wearing those stupid glasses. 3D without the need of special eyewear would be a lot more welcome, a la Nintendo 3DS. Palm Top Theater for the iPhone/iPod Touch intends to bring the world of 3D to the […]

Beer keg PC casemod

Gamer/modder Ben Lzicar created an intoxicatingly cool PC casemod. He started off with an empty Anheuser-Busch keg, sliced it open to install the guts of the PC, and while he was at it, he powder coated the case, gave it chrome trim and put in a few blue LEDs to good effect. It is one […]

Zip-up earbuds

One thing that has always been a problem with airbuds is that those damned wires love to get entangled. No matter what you do about it, they’ll always find a way to get in a mess. Apparently that won’t be that much of a problem if you could just zip up the wires together. The […]

Tunebug Shake portable sound speakers

Tunebug likes to call Shake as Surface sound speakers that provide SurroundSound for your head. The speaker system has touch-sensitive controls and Bluetooth wireless compatibility. Also, it gets you rid of earphones, a property that makes it well suited for use with helmets. Costs $100. Via: CoolHunting

Tiny modular computer, the Xi3

Xi3 Corporation has unveiled the Xi3 Modular Computer. The tiny cube-shaped device measures less than 4-inches per side. The dimunitive size however, doesn’t mean it is low on power and performance, the device’s specs include AMD’s Athlon 64 X2 processors, up to 4GB of DDR2 memory, integrated graphics engine with DirectX 10 support, two eSATA […]

Case converts iPhone to a tiny blackboard

The iBlackBoard case gives you a tiny surface to scribble at, converting the back of the iPhone into a traditional blackboard like surface. Via: Kalomix, DesignSpotter

R/C Corvette ZR1 PC case mod is a drivable computer

We’ve seen model cars functioning as computer cases, but this one isn’t all that simple. This R/C Corvette ZR1 PC casemod is actually drivable, making it all the more desirable. Made by Mod Brothers Forum founder Bill Owen, the system was built using a 1:6 R/C Corvette. While it is a computer now, the car […]

Jambox wireless and portable speakers

Created by fuseproject for Jawbone, Jambox is a series of tiny wireless speakers. But don’t let the size fool you, these things can go big on sound, going up to 85 deciBels. Acoustic drivers in the speaker, working with moving-wall passive bass radiator keep the sound quality good and running. Costs $200. Via: Core77

Soft Pillow double times as a remote control

Lost your remote control somewhere in the unholy depths of the couch? Nah, not on the watch of this soft pillow. The pillow has a built-in 6-in-1 remote control that can take care of numerous devices, TV and home theater included. The universal remote controller has fabric buttons, wide range IR transmitter, and gets its […]

Avantgarde Trio Classico: The super expensive speakers

Avantgarde Trio Classico speakers look good, have great audio output thanks to their three horn drivers, and you’ll need to be filthy, filthy, filthy rich to get hold of one of these. The three horn drivers are a low-midrange, midrange, and tweeter. Plus, they have four dedicated subwoofers. So yeah, the sound quality is going […]