A Scary Face That Appears in Air Whenever Airplanes Pass Through

That “face” you see here isn’t flying out of someone’s imagination. It is very much a truth that appears whenever airplane fly. It isn’t just clearly visible because the air isn’t colored like the green fog in the image that was placed especially for this test. These happen to be wingtip vortices; not entirely uncommon, […]

Film Art As Cartoons ‘Rated G’

Rated G is a series and gallery show by artist Justin White where he presents movie scenes in a playful, cartoonish way. Numerous famous films and TV shows have shown up in his illustrations, check ‘em out.

Mechanical Insects Made From Watch Parts and Light Bulbs

Chicago-based jeweler Justin Gershenson-Gates took a break from jewelry designing to create magnificent insect sculptures that bask in the anatomy of watch parts with a touching of light bulbs for effect. Justin started the set as a break from his usual work, and soon became interested enough to create more of these arthropods and insects. […]

Headlights Take Things A Bit Too Literally

Going fully by the literal meaning, these lamps by Brooklyn-based artist Stephen Shaheen take form of a humanoid, only to replace their heads with light bulbs. That’s how they become headlights. The artist’s idea for the project titled “American Socket” is to explore the border between art, design and architecture with this creation. When arranged […]

Awesome Pop-Up Lego Building

Lego bricks, it seems can do anything, even beyond the limits of imagination. For all the things in the world, we never thought Legos could be used to chalk up a pop-up building. But then we’re not Talapz, the dude who created the mind boggling model of the Tao-ji Buddhist temple, and did it as […]

72-Year Old Man Models For Hilarious Women’s Clothing Photoshoot

Chinese online shopping store Yuekou has found itself the perfect model; one that sells its wares and brings attention to the website’s business. The model for the website is Liu Xianping, the grandfather of one of the five founders of the website. As the story, a.k.a. legend goes, the grandfather was giving his daughter Ms. […]

Celeb Mustache Mashups

Movember is, in our opinion, a very appropriate time to play around with mustaches. Of course, celebrities ought to have the cake in the act, like this set where some celebrities were given very cool mustaches, no matter how poorly photoshopped they might appear (we’re talking to you, Willaford Brimley). But then again, we couldn’t […]

So It’s Real: Baby Mop

As a concept, fun thing this has been around for ever. But who could have ever thought it would be real, despite all the sense that it makes. Well, it is real now; the baby mop that makes true use of all the crawling the infant does around the house. Well, you just need a […]

Yearbook Photos of Supervillains

Once upon a time, in a highschool far, far away, super villains gathered to graduate and strike poses for their yearbook photos. DeviantArt user GhostHause has a wonderful set imagining what those photos would look like.

A Chapter From Hindu Mythology Presented in Artistic ‘Krishna: A Journey Within’

Indian artist Abhishek Singh is taking a leaf out of the country’s Hindu mythology to bring out a graphic novel titled Krishna: A Journey Within. The graphic novel will speak of the tales of one of the most revered Hindu Gods. The clincher for the novel however seems to be the splendid artwork and the […]