If Animation Studios Had No Time For Animating

Each frame in the animated movies we love comes from a lot of work that goes into perfecting the setting. Things would be pretty different if studios were on a tight time limit without much consideration to the quality. This website takes stills from famous multi million dollar movies and recreates them using the animation […]

Famous Figures on Fingers

This superbly impressive set by Ditology creates a representation of famous figures on fingers. The resemblance they bear is mind blowing.

Pipe Glass

Pipe Glass by Sebastian Bergne redefines the common perception of the glass, while bearing back to the old famous pipes. Absolute win.

Illustrations Play Out With Pencil Shavings

Artist Marta Altés has an ongoing series titled Playing with pencil shavings. The series incorporates pencil shavings with illustrations to create a wonderfully playful effect.

Breathtaking Aerial Shots of Iceland’s Rivers

Looking absolutely otherworldly and unreal, the objects of these photographs do happen to be absolutely real and from our world. These aerial shots by photographer Andre Ermolaev show Iceland’s rivers traveling to the sea, mostly through a volcanic landscape.

Somewhere in These Paintings, There’s a Human

New Orleans-based artist Craig Tracy‘s paintings look like the usual panoramas. Except the little difference where these paintings seamlessly hide a body-painted human form. The artist uses a water based paint to paint a canvas and then very carefully add a body painted human to the equation in so ingenious a way that the painting […]

Resident Evil Bakery Sells Human Delicacies

Capcom has sponsored a very weird exhibit in London’s Smithfield Meat Market. It may be weird for us humans, but as far as zombies are concerned, it might be an absolute treat. Wesker & Son Resident Evil Human Butchery serves its patrons with edible human limbs including hands, feet and a human head, that they […]

The Moon and the USA Compared

Given the span of continental USA and the diameter of the moon, this could be easily deduced, yet somehow I could never imagine this by myself. Well of course this representation isn’t entirely accurate when you consider the curvature of the moon and the area involved, but it still is pretty much amazing. [source unknown]

Gun Fired Under Water, Photographed

These amazing shots by Andrew Tuohy show what a gun fired under water looks like. Andrew took his .40 Glock 22 to the swimming pool and photographed the gunshot with a submersible camera. Click ahead for the video, and another shot of Andrew firing his Glock and a .45 Kimber 1911.

Professor Takes a Good, Close Look at Nature

Artist, photographer and professor Rob Kesseler used the prowess of a scanning electron microscope to capture detailed view of various flora in a set initially inspired by medieval stylistic illustrations and Dutch flower paintings. The micrographs are stunning, vibrant and lovely, to say the least, with the items under the lens giving up their secrets […]