A Chapter From Hindu Mythology Presented in Artistic ‘Krishna: A Journey Within’

Indian artist Abhishek Singh is taking a leaf out of the country’s Hindu mythology to bring out a graphic novel titled Krishna: A Journey Within. The graphic novel will speak of the tales of one of the most revered Hindu Gods. The clincher for the novel however seems to be the splendid artwork and the […]

Magical Home Transforms Into Four Different Spaces

YO! Home has an area of just 80 square meters, but that area has been utilized so well, the space can transform into four different settings. Using pulleys, levers and counterweights like you would see in a stage show, the Yo! Home makes considerable good use of living space while being a luxurious space filled […]

Beware the Zombie Iron Man

He may be a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist zombie, but he still wants your brains. Zombie Iron Man photo series by London based photographer Adam Jay with Kyosti Kallio as the showcasing model.

Alarming Composite Photographs Show the Before And After of Drug Abuse

It might not seem to be very obvious, it might be fairly gradual, but given a straight comparison like this, the devastating effects of drug abuse are very much apparent. We’ll go on to say that this does not simply look like a simple change in appearance, but also a very noticeable change is apparent […]

Classy Handcrafted Vintage Industrial Lighting

We’d never have quite imagined that vintage industrial lighting could be a niche, but going by what we see it just might be, and we welcome the artistic lights with all heart. We’ve admired ReTech lamps, almost been in love with Cory Barkman’s old world lamps, and we’re quite struck by these classy handcrafted lamps […]

Artistic Photographs Show Animals are ‘More Than Human’

An excellent set of photographs by Tim Flach, the series “More Than Human” seems to be very appropriately titled, and the photographs are done so masterfully that we’re inclined to believe. The series makes a wonderful appearance in a book that you can buy on Amazon.

Insect Army is Prepared For An Invasion

Insects do have considerable numbers, and dangerous weapons. What they did lack was classic weaponry the likes of which are possessed by humans. Well, they do have that too now and they turned into cyborg-like beings just to get the thing kickstarted. Thankfully made out of taxidermied insects, the concept insect army is the handiwork […]

House Has Swimming Pool Waterways to Get Around

Apparently taking a page out from Venice’s playbook, this house extensively uses swimming pool waterways as a way to get around the place. Envisioned by Spanish architects Joaquín Alvado Bañón, the house explores the relation between the concrete sculpture and the flowing body of water. The pool isn’t just a decorative element or part of […]

Beautiful LitterBugs Sculptures Originate in Trash

LitterBugs series of insect sculptures by British artist Mark Oliver are built entirely from trash. But they just go on to show how creative use can transform the ugly and the undesired to something so beautiful and desirable. We are not just talking of the beauty of these sculptures, even those generally vile insects look […]

‘Rot’ Terrifying Facepaint Stop-motion

This goes very well with the season, and is pretty terrifying actually. Made by UK artist and illustrator Erica Luke.