The Canadian Goes Where No Train Has Gone Before

“The Canadian: Ghost Train Crossing Canada” by photographer Jeff Friesen shows a train passing through beautiful locations in Canada. That train does not travel by itself though, it’s a toy train that travels with the photographer and settles easy in the vast and diverse landscapes of Canada, including some places that would be impossible for a real train to visit. The photography is mesmerizing; prints are available on the photographer’s website.

A Scary Face That Appears in Air Whenever Airplanes Pass Through

That “face” you see here isn’t flying out of someone’s imagination. It is very much a truth that appears whenever airplane fly. It isn’t just clearly visible because the air isn’t colored like the green fog in the image that was placed especially for this test. These happen to be wingtip vortices; not entirely uncommon, but super cool to look at, especially when you set up an experiment specifically for them. Hit ahead for the gif image of the action, and if you want it more hardcore, there’s a video too (action begins at 5min 53seconds).

Mechanical Insects Made From Watch Parts and Light Bulbs

Chicago-based jeweler Justin Gershenson-Gates took a break from jewelry designing to create magnificent insect sculptures that bask in the anatomy of watch parts with a touching of light bulbs for effect. Justin started the set as a break from his usual work, and soon became interested enough to create more of these arthropods and insects. These sculptures are usually made in a single sitting that can last for as long as 12 hours. You can get hold of some of these sculptures over at Etsy.

Headlights Take Things A Bit Too Literally

Going fully by the literal meaning, these lamps by Brooklyn-based artist Stephen Shaheen take form of a humanoid, only to replace their heads with light bulbs. That’s how they become headlights. The artist’s idea for the project titled “American Socket” is to explore the border between art, design and architecture with this creation. When arranged properly, the headlights appear to be reaching out to the power source, apparently in the search of illumination, or enlightenment, as we humans would like to call it. Well, this turned philosophical quickly.

72-Year Old Man Models For Hilarious Women’s Clothing Photoshoot

Chinese online shopping store Yuekou has found itself the perfect model; one that sells its wares and brings attention to the website’s business. The model for the website is Liu Xianping, the grandfather of one of the five founders of the website. As the story, a.k.a. legend goes, the grandfather was giving his daughter Ms. Lu ideas on mix and match clothing. They randomly started taking pictures, and an incredibly viral modeling campaign was born. The successful advertising campaign has seen the sales of the online shop go up five folds.

Celeb Mustache Mashups

Movember is, in our opinion, a very appropriate time to play around with mustaches. Of course, celebrities ought to have the cake in the act, like this set where some celebrities were given very cool mustaches, no matter how poorly photoshopped they might appear (we’re talking to you, Willaford Brimley). But then again, we couldn’t draw a line straight in photoshop, so we’re not really the ones to judge.

So It’s Real: Baby Mop

As a concept, fun thing this has been around for ever. But who could have ever thought it would be real, despite all the sense that it makes. Well, it is real now; the baby mop that makes true use of all the crawling the infant does around the house. Well, you just need a few ultra-absorbent cleaning pads on the clothing, and the baby will take care of the rest. It’s better than a roomba, except roombas don’t poop so they might be superior in cleaning. Costs $40.