Swarovski Studded Lego White House That Was Made for Donald Trump’s Run For President

This Swarovski studded Lego White House was intended to be a gift to Donald Trump to mark his run for the president of the USA. Artist Cimon was commissioned to make the piece by an admirer of Trump. Cimon approached the idea of the gift by taking inspiration from Trump’s over-the-top casinos and residential buildings, […]

Creepy Awesome Body Paint Modifications

Artist Choo-San works with acrylic paint on the human body to create these elaborate pieces.

Where The Tubes Are: Google’s Data Centers Photographed

An obscene quantity of data passes through the tubes at Google’s data centers. Captured for a new website, these images form a project called Where the Internet Lives and while not technically correct, that phrase is pretty close. We’re just smitten by the sheer expanse of these data centers. The set moved through eight data […]

Trampoline Bridge Concept Spans River Seine

Looking at this concept by designer Atelier Zündel Cristea, we’re surprised such bridges don’t exist already. Submitted as an entry to a Paris bridge competition, the trampoline bridge should be up close to the existing Bir-Hakeim Bridge. A flight of stairs leads you up the bridge that has tubular inflated walls with giant trampolines between […]

Colorful Body Organs Sculpted From Books

It is when you mix the colors of literature that you come at a result as lovely as these colorful sculptures by paper artist and photographer Bronia Sawyer. Her series Live Breath Art features organs and body parts sculpted out of paper rolls. The set so far includes mainly lungs, pelvis, spine, and a head. […]

Giant Lego Batcave Makes Batman a Lazy Hero

The first rule of making superhero caves and lairs should be not making them so frickin’ cool. They’d just sit around and laze in their secret, beautiful hideouts without giving two hoots about what goes on in the world. So while we do in principle disagree with the idea, we are in reality (and secretly) […]

Nacreous Clouds: The Highest of All Clouds [pic]

The image you see here shows Nacreous clouds, observed on January 6, 2011. These clouds appear about 80,000 feet above ground in the stratosphere and are observed in polar regions where the stratospheric temperature goes as low as -100 degrees Fahrenheit (-73 degrees C). This image was captured from Antarctica. The beautiful looking clouds do […]

Shoes Flaunt a Winning Smile

We’ll just be thankful those are rubber soles, not real teeth. The golden teeth are a touch of genius in the Apex Predator Shoes designed by UK based studio Fantich and Young.

Disney Princess Do An Adorable Doctor Who Cosplay

Disney Princesses have had numerous avatars in artistic styles, but we hadn’t yet seen them cross over into the Doctor Who universe. Well, that’s happened now with artist Amy Mebberson creating this print/banner showing Disney Princesses cosplaying as Doctor Who characters. Click the image for a larger version. Via io9

If Animation Studios Had No Time For Animating

Each frame in the animated movies we love comes from a lot of work that goes into perfecting the setting. Things would be pretty different if studios were on a tight time limit without much consideration to the quality. This website takes stills from famous multi million dollar movies and recreates them using the animation […]