Clothes Made Out of Human Teeth, Hair, Eyes and Bones

We tend to be spooked out by clothing made out of human parts, though wearing animals is considered okay and even classy. We’ve already seen the teeth shoes by Fantich & Young, but it looks like the studio has an entire range of apparel centered around human-sourced accessories. The set currently includes a suit, and […]

Amusing and Creepy Photographs Show Adults As Their Childlike Analogues

For all the innocence we would expect from a set of photographs of children, this one has a fair dose of creepiness imbued in its very idea. That may be because these images are not children, but adults whose photographs have been masterfully manipulated by artist Cristian Girotto into their child-like analogues. There’s a child […]

Ninety Year Old Barn Lends Power to Metal Wings

Artist Cory Barkman (previously here, here and here) built this as a custom frame for a client of his. The client gave Cory full creative freedom on the project, giving her requirements in broad strokes. Cory made this seemingly simple, yet impressively sculpted piece that seamlessly bonds with those wings.

The Illustrated Battle of Willpower

Uncountable souls have lost their battle to eat and live healthy in the face of an onslaught by junk food and procrastination. Santiago, Chile based artist Oscar Ramos created this set of illustrations for a government aided print campaign called “Elige Vivir Sano” (Choose Healthy Living). The campaign was set up to encourage people to […]

Lovely Macrophotographs of Snowflakes

Photographer Andrew Osokin gets up, close and personal with the fragile snowflake, photographing it in all its macro beauty and glory. Those snowflakes look as lovely as we could have imagined. At the same time, it is surprising to see that the tiny snowflake might have such a complex construction. Well, thanks to an earlier […]

This Shipping Container Sprouts Five Rooms at the Touch of a Button

It sits looking just like the average shipping container nobody would look twice at. Plain old stuff, with nothing really remarkable. That’s until the designer/architect Adam Kalkin pushes a button and sends the container to life, sprouting five rooms in the 8-feet wide and 20-feet long house.

The Canadian Goes Where No Train Has Gone Before

“The Canadian: Ghost Train Crossing Canada” by photographer Jeff Friesen shows a train passing through beautiful locations in Canada. That train does not travel by itself though, it’s a toy train that travels with the photographer and settles easy in the vast and diverse landscapes of Canada, including some places that would be impossible for […]

A Scary Face That Appears in Air Whenever Airplanes Pass Through

That “face” you see here isn’t flying out of someone’s imagination. It is very much a truth that appears whenever airplane fly. It isn’t just clearly visible because the air isn’t colored like the green fog in the image that was placed especially for this test. These happen to be wingtip vortices; not entirely uncommon, […]

Film Art As Cartoons ‘Rated G’

Rated G is a series and gallery show by artist Justin White where he presents movie scenes in a playful, cartoonish way. Numerous famous films and TV shows have shown up in his illustrations, check ‘em out.

Mechanical Insects Made From Watch Parts and Light Bulbs

Chicago-based jeweler Justin Gershenson-Gates took a break from jewelry designing to create magnificent insect sculptures that bask in the anatomy of watch parts with a touching of light bulbs for effect. Justin started the set as a break from his usual work, and soon became interested enough to create more of these arthropods and insects. […]