Insect Army is Prepared For An Invasion

Insects do have considerable numbers, and dangerous weapons. What they did lack was classic weaponry the likes of which are possessed by humans. Well, they do have that too now and they turned into cyborg-like beings just to get the thing kickstarted. Thankfully made out of taxidermied insects, the concept insect army is the handiwork […]

House Has Swimming Pool Waterways to Get Around

Apparently taking a page out from Venice’s playbook, this house extensively uses swimming pool waterways as a way to get around the place. Envisioned by Spanish architects Joaquín Alvado Bañón, the house explores the relation between the concrete sculpture and the flowing body of water. The pool isn’t just a decorative element or part of […]

Beautiful LitterBugs Sculptures Originate in Trash

LitterBugs series of insect sculptures by British artist Mark Oliver are built entirely from trash. But they just go on to show how creative use can transform the ugly and the undesired to something so beautiful and desirable. We are not just talking of the beauty of these sculptures, even those generally vile insects look […]

‘Rot’ Terrifying Facepaint Stop-motion

This goes very well with the season, and is pretty terrifying actually. Made by UK artist and illustrator Erica Luke.

In Search of ‘Perfection’, Dude Turns Himself Into a Doll

Apparently a soulmate to doll-girl Valeria Lukyanova whom we saw earlier, New York’s Justin Jedlica has been on a mission to have the “perfect” proportions. Going on to convert himself into what some might call a real life doll, Justin has spent nearly $100,000 on cosmetic procedures. That amount of money buys you a hell […]

Minimalist The Walking Dead Prints

Artist Ryan McArthur has just pointed us in the direction of these minimalist prints from The Walking Dead. Each character representation is followed by a quote from the character to add to the effect. Some of them do elicit the desired reaction, and remind us to practice our headshot skills. Prints are priced at ~$15 […]

Animal Sculptures Made Out of Salvaged Plastic

Raised in the Japanese Shinto philosophy, artist Sayaka Ganz believes there is life and a soul in everything, and all objects. Which would probably meant that objects sitting in trash bins won’t really be happy pieces. It was this belief that put the artist on her path, as she set to collect discarded plastic objects […]

Moneygami: Origami Money Wraps Around Printed Faces

Currency of different countries often features the face of their prominent leaders. Japanese artist Yosuke Hasegawa plays around with the currency, using his skill in origami to present the historical figures in currency notes in a humorous light.

Swarovski Studded Lego White House That Was Made for Donald Trump’s Run For President

This Swarovski studded Lego White House was intended to be a gift to Donald Trump to mark his run for the president of the USA. Artist Cimon was commissioned to make the piece by an admirer of Trump. Cimon approached the idea of the gift by taking inspiration from Trump’s over-the-top casinos and residential buildings, […]

Creepy Awesome Body Paint Modifications

Artist Choo-San works with acrylic paint on the human body to create these elaborate pieces.