Impressive Dieselpunk Concept Designs

We can’t think of a reason why Dieselpunk doesn’t quite get the glory it deserves. The concept art of BjornHurri just convinces us more. These Dieselpunk concepts “aesthetics of the interwar period between the end of the World War I and the beginning of World War II.”

Here’s What 200 Calories Looks Like In Various Foods [pics]

Here’s what the calorie content of foods looks like, for 200 calories, and various foods, from an interesting set by WiseGeek. You might also want to take a look at our earlier post on sugar content of various edibles.

Iron Man and Spider Man Fan Art

Artist Dan Burgess does an excellent job with illustrations. They probably didn’t quite need it, but Spiderman and Iron Man just posed for very badass portraits in the imagination of the artist.

Star Trek Characters Meet Pixar Style

Minion Factory took a shot on what Star Trek characters might look like in the hands of the masterful animators of Pixar.

BMW Designs a Car to Specifications of a Four Year Old

Kids think of the weirdest, and sometimes the coolest of things. We aren’t quite sure what category does this one fall into exactly, but the car does look kind of badass. It’s a concept by BMW called the Eli429, and is based on the specifications of a four-year old named Eli.

Spiders Are Flying Across the Brazilian Sky

Now I don’t want to scare anyone, or soil my pants which I just totally did because spiders are flying across the skies in Brazil. I might be thousands of miles from Brazil, but the thought of flying spiders can make anyone crap anywhere. The video was taken by Erick Reis, of the sight he […]

Vintage ‘Vinegar’ Valentine Cards: Just the Way to Show Love

Apparently, there’s no way to love these days like they did in the good old days. These are old timey, insulting Valentine’s Day cards that come with an illustration and a few lines made specifically for the purpose of insulting the receiver. They might be none too flattering for the receiver, but for the modern […]

Videogame Characters as Pokemon

Let your imagination work, and you’ll soon find there could be a pretty solid relation between all video game characters and Pokemon, as these images by Dorkly illustrate.

Nightmare Inducing Vampire Reborn Babies

Ultra-realistic ‘Reborn’ baby dolls that these are, they come with another creepy side to the story, these are done in the styling of vampires. If baby dolls are creepy, vampire baby dolls go pretty high up in the ladder. Artist Bean Shanine specializes in making vampire and zombie dolls that could at an inopportune moment, […]

Paperman by Disney [Short Film]

A lovely animated film, Paperman tells the story of a stack of papers that might help a man get attention of the girl of his dreams.