Woman Builds Hogwarts Replica From 400,000 Lego Bricks

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has been by way of magic, or rather by way of great labor and talent, been recreated in this replica made entirely out of Lego pieces. Lego builder Alice Finch spent a lot of time studying details of the structure by reading the Potter books for details, the movies and even visited the movie set and castle for the purpose of having a clear view.

The Alphabet Says ‘Game Over’ In the Memorable Style of Edward Gorey

Just as a way to say “Happy 88th Birthday, Edward Gorey!” artist and illustrator Andrew Dobson and series creator Dan Roth made this set of illustrations that show the end of video game characters in the same form as Edward Gorey’s alphabet. The set has been named ‘The Game Over Tinies,’ and in our opinion, does excellent justice to both its inspirations. Game Over Tinies poster is available for pre-order at the price of $10. For the full set, start here.

A Tropical Island That Lives Inside a Former Military Base in Germany

Germany is by no means the place for a tropical paradise, but there this tropical “island” lives, surrounded by fields of snow in winter. The sandy beeches, the palm trees, and the warmth in this place that hosts canaries and flamingos totally belie the fact that this was once a giant hangar in a Russian military base in Krausnick, Germany.

Shape Shifter of a House Lives Alone In The Woods

Sitting quietly in the solitude afforded to it by San Juan Islands of Washington, this house does what most houses couldn’t even dream of. Shadowboxx house from architecture firm Olson Kundig can well employ its ability of transformation to very well change its look. It can morph to different shapes depending on the requirements of those residing and adjust to external changes over the course of time.

I (Don’t) See You! Octopus Camouflage [video]

Prepare to have your mind blown. You thought chameleons were good? Well, checkout how well cephalopods like the octopus in the video can mix with their surroundings, changing not just their colors but also the texture of their skin. See that screenshot up there? There’s an Octopus in there. The video is the work of marine biologist Roger Hanlon who chased an Octopus long enough for it to resort to camouflage.