The Gory Alphabet of Edward Gorey

Usually, the alphabet and its teaching is simplistic, even cute. This one however, takes the gory path filled with blood and death. Well, it might help reclaim the alphabet for those who’ve forgotten the word.

Hobbit Dollhouse

The little dollhouse here is a faithful model of Bag End from The Hobbit movie. Its creator Maddie Chambers started it off as a college course she was doing that time, although on a much smaller scale. As it progressed, she decided to create it as a dollhouse, and a replica of Bag End from […]

This Is Going To Hurt

Photographer Kerry Skarbakka takes photographs that show people in mid-fall. They are totally cringeworthy, but they do have philosophical undertones. Skarbakka represents philosopher Martin Heidegger’s view of human existence as one in perpetual fall; it is up to each person to stem this fall.

Lego Dioramas Capture the Essence of Superhero Movie Scenes

Project Azazel is where the action is at. The set on Flickr shows some very well known superhero movie scenes, changing them into the blocky pixel look that only comes with Lego. And that tends to make it more interesting. There’s a pretty bunch out there, and you might want to take a good look […]

The Beard is a Lie!

Look closer, that’s no beard.

Wondrous Paper Typography

Indian artist Sabeena Karnik has a set of this flowery, beautiful alphabet made entirely out of paper. It’s pleasing to look at, and lovely as far as the idea of typography goes.

The Majesty Of Earth As Seen By A Satellite

These images captured by satellite Landsat 5 show the Earth in all its glory and awesomeness. Landsat 5 has been in orbit for 29 years, and has orbitted the Earth more than 150,000 times and sent nearly 2.5 million images. Looking at these images, we can be sure there is no artist even half as […]

Furniture Made Out of The Destruction By Hurricane Sandy

Going about the old cycle of destruction and creation, ReclaimNYC is at work to turn the damage done by Hurricane Sandy into useful shapes like furniture. Using materials from knocked down buildings and sending them to artists and designers, the project builds some pretty and nice furniture. Profits from this work are then donated to […]

Baby Becomes Fairy Tale Star For Adorable Photo Shoot

Photographed by Wendi Riggens, here’s an adorable nine month old Miss Maddie posing as various fairy tale princesses for a photoshoot. The series is titled “Once Upon a Time.”

Concept Art From Upcoming Pixar Movies

Here are images from the concept art of four upcoming Pixar movies, which have all found way to the light of the internet. The one you see up top is from “The Good Dinosaur”, a movie that imagines humans co-existing with dinosaurs had the big asteroid strike not happened. Then there’s the obvious still from […]