Toledo Metro Station In Naples, Italy

Metro stations of Naples seem to be exquisitely decorated as great examples of art, and probably of the best looking metro stations a city can have. Metro Napoli’s Art Stations, or subways and tubes, whatever you’d like to call them, boast of the touch of hands of some of the best known artists like Alessandro […]

Magnificent Banana Carvings of Keisuke Yamada

We have already seen the amazing banana carvings of artist Keisuke Yamada once, and of course it has been nearly two years since then and the artist has been busy carving more awesome shapes out of bananas. Check out these images, and be amazed.

Human Skin Ring

Now would be a perfect time to be grossed out because there really exists an expensive ring that owes its origin to actual human skin. The base is a 24 karat gold band that has been wrapped with the skin of the designer himself. Sruli Recht got a 4inch by 0.4 inch piece of his […]

Tiny Versions of Comic Book Heroes and Villains

Illustrator Ryodita at Deviantart has a set of these impressive heroes and villains, who have been reduced in size but don’t really seem to have reduced in substance. It’s somewhat of a “Honey, I shrunk the comic book characters” moment.

Snowball Battles Of The Middle Ages In Paintings

Snowball fights are a time-honored tradition that has probably been going on forever. These frescoes and paintings from the middle ages people frolicking and having snowball battles in the snow. Clearly, they did their battles dressed in robes and like bosses.

Typography Pays a Tribute to The Alphamales

It’s a bit late, but typography has finally seen the true ways of the world, and with the masterful work of the website Alphamales on Tumblr, it’s now putting up a tribute and homage to the “world’s manliest males.” They’re also available as prints on Artflakes.

Dovahkiin Full Daedric Armor From Skyrim Recreated

When you see someone out of Skyrim dressed in full daedric armor, you’ve got to know that’s the work of ZERIOS88. Look at the detail on that thing and marvel.

Modern Pin Ups by Carlo Pieroni

Pin-ups might not be as popular as they once were, but they sure haven’t lost their charm. Checkout these beautiful pin-ups by photographer Carlo Pieroni.

‘Alternative’ Disney Princesses

In these illustrations, DeviantArt user scotssketches imagines an “alternative” life for Disney Princesses. While Bella and Jasmine seem to be having a good time, Arial really seems to have let herself go down an entirely different route; not such a cute mermaid anymore.

Arctic Ice Is Colorful For the Camera

Baltimore based photographer Janet Little Jeffers has captured great shots of the Arctic for this set entitled “Arctic Ice Photography.” The set shows a sprawling ice landscape and the tinges of blue that most of us would not expect in landscape that we would imagine would be entirely white.