Scary Neon Skull Lights

Neon Skull Lights by artist Eric Franklin are one of those scary things that keeps you looking at them with rapt attention. You might be creeped out, but you somehow can’t bring yourself to look away from the spectacle. Or that’s how they put such things in a couple of not-so-good books I have read. As far as I’m concerned, these lamps are fabulous. It is a set of three skulls, lit up internally through ionized neon, krypton, and mercury. The skulls themselves are made using an intricate network of glass tubes sealed masterfully to create a vacuum.

Ferrari Powers Up The LaFerrari With 950 Horses

Ferrari’s offering for the Geneva Motor Show this year is the very potent LaFerrari. They call it a successor to the venerable Enzo and to put it in the same class and category, the LaFerrari’s carbon fiber covered body holds a 6.3-liter V12 engine that rolls out a massive 789hp. But hey, the heading right there says there’s 950 horses in there, well, that’s because there’s an electric motor involved in the action that pumps out the remaining 161hp.

Lamborghini Shows the Muscled Veneno

Lamborghini’s cars have always looked wonderful. Lately though, they seem to be going the extra step to get sexier, sometimes going past the convention. The Aventador is one sexy car, and this new offering the Veneno is pretty attractive, though with a somewhat different outlook than the comparatively widely available Aventador. We say comparatively because the Veneno is an extremely limited edition supercar, with only three instances available.

Former Prison Transformed Into a Hotel

Het Arresthuis jail might not have been a most pleasant place for convicts who were sentenced and confined there, but the former jail has now been transformed into a hotel for those looking for novelty. Het Arresthuis jail started off in 1863 and was eventually closed in 2007, after which Dutch hotel group Van der Valk took over and transformed it into a boutique hotel where guests stay in former cells for inmates.