Ferrari Powers Up The LaFerrari With 950 Horses

Ferrari’s offering for the Geneva Motor Show this year is the very potent LaFerrari. They call it a successor to the venerable Enzo and to put it in the same class and category, the LaFerrari’s carbon fiber covered body holds a 6.3-liter V12 engine that rolls out a massive 789hp. But hey, the heading right […]

Lamborghini Shows the Muscled Veneno

Lamborghini’s cars have always looked wonderful. Lately though, they seem to be going the extra step to get sexier, sometimes going past the convention. The Aventador is one sexy car, and this new offering the Veneno is pretty attractive, though with a somewhat different outlook than the comparatively widely available Aventador. We say comparatively because […]

Former Prison Transformed Into a Hotel

Het Arresthuis jail might not have been a most pleasant place for convicts who were sentenced and confined there, but the former jail has now been transformed into a hotel for those looking for novelty. Het Arresthuis jail started off in 1863 and was eventually closed in 2007, after which Dutch hotel group Van der […]

Transformed In Body Painting

Makeup artist Allison Chase shows off great skill in body painting in the set we see here. The theme is quite varied, ranging from Harry Potter to skeletons and naked tiger women, but the skill is unmistakable. Especially the skeleton; that dude’s scary.

Cities From Around The World In Long Exposure HDR Shots

Blogger and photographer Trey Ratcliff has a blog titled Stuck In Customs where the photographer includes images from his travels around the world. He has a special love for HDR photography and it shows in the excellent images that the collection brings.

Star Wars Fruits and Vegetables

The safety of a galaxy far, far away is in the hands of these daring fruits and vegetables. Excellent illustrations of the edible Star Wars by Nela Krzewniak.

Whimsical Illustrations For Everyday Life

Artist and illustrator Wylie Elise Beckert does an excellent job of adding a touch of adventure to the mundane, which in this set of course, is not without a fair touching of dark fantasy.

Humorous and Geeky Lego Scenes

Coming from the fertile imagination of Christian Cantrell, these humorous Lego scene can’t help but make an impression.

Woman Builds Hogwarts Replica From 400,000 Lego Bricks

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has been by way of magic, or rather by way of great labor and talent, been recreated in this replica made entirely out of Lego pieces. Lego builder Alice Finch spent a lot of time studying details of the structure by reading the Potter books for details, the movies […]

The Alphabet Says ‘Game Over’ In the Memorable Style of Edward Gorey

Just as a way to say “Happy 88th Birthday, Edward Gorey!” artist and illustrator Andrew Dobson and series creator Dan Roth made this set of illustrations that show the end of video game characters in the same form as Edward Gorey’s alphabet. The set has been named ‘The Game Over Tinies,’ and in our opinion, […]