Every Day of the Year Represented In One Photograph

In pursuit of a true time lapse, photographer Eirik Solheim spent a year with his SLR camera placed by a spot near the window, taking an image of the same scene every half an hour. The result was 16000 images that he converted into a timelapse video that you can see below, titled One year […]

Photographer Attempts to Shape a Raging Fire to Will

Fire is the very definition of uncontrollable as far as the shape is concerned. With meticulous planning you could have the flame do some of your bidding, but having an open flame take the form and shape you choose is extremely difficult, if not nearly impossible. Photographer Rob Prideaux plays with the idea of having […]

Cut Leaf Art Impresses With Intricacy

Artist Lorenzo Duran (previously) creates patterns and portraits on leaves with an impressively intricate touch. Behold these images and marvel at the skill that can have brittle leaves do the artist’s bidding with such fabulous results.

The Best Dressed Dog Is Quite the Hipster

Look out Menswear Dog, you might be the slickest dawg around, but you got competition from the Best Dressed Dog. Montjiro is being called “the best dressed dog on Instagram” and has quite the fan following, and has been featured in Time. The stylish chihuahua is seen wearing clothing from Japanese brand Mon’t, who happens […]

Detailed and Illustrated Maps of the Kingdoms of Westeros

Game of Thrones or A Song of Ice and Fire represent very detailed and expansive worlds that even the most dedicated followers might have trouble keeping up with. Though appreciating that world might be much easier once you have access to maps that show the geography very well. Maps of Westeros by J.E. Fullerton (previously) […]

Images of People With Photographs From Their ‘Awkward Years’

Everyone has a time in their life when they’re just not at the top of their game. These awkward years of weirdness seem never ending, but take faith of the wisdom in the words “this too shall pass.” And pass they do, as this very interesting series from photographer Merilee Allred shows. Titled Awkward Years […]

Harry Potter’s Birthday Gets Brand New Covers for the Books

Harry Potter turned thirty-three on July 31. To celebrate the birthday of the wizard, and that of author J.K. Rowling, the Potter books received updated covers from artist Kazu Kibuishi. Scholastic had commissioned the covers for the entire series for its fifteenth anniversary, and they have now all been revealed, the one for Harry Potter […]

Pokemon Characters as Mayan Paintings

Mexican artist Mona draws Pokemon in the traditional style of the Mayan civilization. The series is entitled Pokemayans as a wordplay to the mashup and features several characters that have undergone quite a transformation as they exchange their roots for a traditional American art style. Fans can approach the artist to commission Pokemayan.

Touches of Paints and Plastic Make Humans Into Scultpures

Looking somewhat realistic with a vibe of creepy, sculptures by Marie-Lou Desmeules are humans who have undergone surgery. The Quebec based artist calls this set “Painting Surgeries” to draw a parallel between painting and plastic surgery. Subjects are coated in paint, plastics and hair to give the impression of a sculpture, while moving to take […]

Frog Holds an Umbrella

Excellent photograph of frog holding an umbrella by Penkdix Palme. The expression on his face… it tells you this dude’s a boss. Via