Time Lapse Travels Through European Architectural Marvels

Europe is a treasure trove of outstanding and brilliant architecture though history. Videographer Luke Shepard went on a tour of Europe, traveling to 36 cities across 21 countries in three months. All in an attempt to document the architectural marvels of the continent. He returned with thousands of photographs that were turned into a time-lapse […]

If Disney Princesses Were on Instagram

Images by Belinda Tan for Bforbel give us a fairly good idea of what to expect had Disney princesses been on the world of Instagram. Once you’re done seeing this one, you might want to see what superheroes are up to on Instagram.

Second Skins: Fashionably Dresed Animals Just Hanging Around

Second Skins by photographer Miguel Vallinas is a look into the world of animals that are dressed fashionably. As Colossal points out, this is very different from the generic set of “animals dressed as humans” photographs. In this particular set, the animals seem to have personalities. Plus, the photographer seems to have taken enough time […]

Mythical Monster Sculptures by Takahiro Komuro

Based in Tokyo, Takahiro Komuro creates sculptures rooted in modern myths, and sometimes in problems of the modern society. The monster sculptures are pretty cool though, just the right amount of scary creepy, with perhaps a cute underlying tone that would make them good characters in some Monsters Inc. type movie.

Ladies From Comic Book Universe On The Covers of Justice Mag

A few months ago we saw superheroines posing for the covers of Justice Magazine, which we assume is very well read in all fictional universes. Seeing those that got to the covers, it is only fair to assume more ladies from the comic book universe would like a place on the covers too, including those […]

Potatoes Want Their Rights In Peter Pink’s Very Edible World of Humor

Installations by artist Peter Pink show veggies in quite a world. It seems to be quite a world, except to the potatoes who have quite a long list of demands, the pink eyeglass wearing cucumbers who seem to be ruthless enforcers, and bananas and other edibles who apparently just don’t care. Some of these are […]

Disney Princesses as Characters From ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’

Following quite a classy style, Disney Princesses have taken a gander into the universe of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Illustrations by artist Rob (racookie3) have the princesses quite well adjusted to their new surroundings, and often include related characters from the world of these princesses into the illustrated scenes.

Every Day of the Year Represented In One Photograph

In pursuit of a true time lapse, photographer Eirik Solheim spent a year with his SLR camera placed by a spot near the window, taking an image of the same scene every half an hour. The result was 16000 images that he converted into a timelapse video that you can see below, titled One year […]

Photographer Attempts to Shape a Raging Fire to Will

Fire is the very definition of uncontrollable as far as the shape is concerned. With meticulous planning you could have the flame do some of your bidding, but having an open flame take the form and shape you choose is extremely difficult, if not nearly impossible. Photographer Rob Prideaux plays with the idea of having […]

Cut Leaf Art Impresses With Intricacy

Artist Lorenzo Duran (previously) creates patterns and portraits on leaves with an impressively intricate touch. Behold these images and marvel at the skill that can have brittle leaves do the artist’s bidding with such fabulous results.