Artificial Intelligence: Thought Provoking Surreal Photoseries by Francesco Romoli

For the series Artificial Intelligence, photographer Francesco Romoli (previously) delves into the depths of the human mind and philosophy. Set in the future, the series often delves on David, a child-like humanoid robot who has existed for 2000 years. While created by humans, the robot has lived through the fall and demise of the human […]

Church Releases Hilarious Commandments on Crusade Against Dog Poop

The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine had a problem with dog poop and dog owners not cleaning up after their pets. Handling the issue like a pro, the church called on the services of design firm Pentagram. Designers created messages and boards with typography and tone to match the holy commandments. Pentagram tried to […]

Mechanical-style Illustrations by Jason Gamber

Jason Gamber creates illustrations as if they were mechanical layouts. A good chunk of the set comes from famous Disney characters, though there are other illustrations as well.

Popular Culture Characters in the World of Classic Art

Superheroes and villains get their day in classic paintings in the Superhero ModRen photo effects galleries at Worth1000.

Famous WWE Superstars Get Illustrated

For those of us who really were into (then) WWF during the late ’80s and early ’90s would really appreciate these illustrations by James White. The artist picked up some of the best known Superstars of WWE from that era, and presented them in these superb illustrations.

Fictional Businesses of Pixar Get Advertisements

Fictional businesses in the Pixar universe might not explicitly need advertisements, but there is no denying those businesses would do better with advertising. Artist Mario Graciotti paid homage to these businesses and gave them the advertisements they would have always wanted.

Retro Styled Pin-up Shots of Models ‘Wearing’ Milk

Inspired by classic retro pin-ups, photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz mixed the traditional style with modern high-speed photography to create Milky PinUps. These modern shots imitate the look and feel of the classics, with the difference that the models are “wearing” milk rather than clothes. For those interested in the process, Wieczorkiewicz is offering workshops later this […]

Classroom Chalkboard Art in Japan

Students in Japan make excellent use of their classroom chalkboards, creating these impressive drawings and illustrations that make great use of the abundant negative space. Apparently, these chalkboards are placed at the back of the classrooms, so it is likely the teachers don’t really mind students using that area to draw these awesome things. Themes […]

Hero-Glyphics: Superheroes in the Ancient World

Mixing the modern and the ancient, artist Josh Ln illustrates superheroes in the style of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, only in this set, they’re called Hero-Glyphics.

Game of Thrones Characters as Gaming Consoles

Apparently, if you think deeply enough and look for characteristics, you will find that Game of Thrones characters and gaming consoles have a whole lot in common. Pairings by Gold_Skulltulla show just how close Game of Thrones is to the world of gaming consoles.