Astronomical Kinetic Steampunk Clock

Grand Master Astronomical clock measures six feet tall and five feet wide. Made on commission by Art Donovan, much of the clock was hand built over a period of three months. Components on the solid mahogany body are held by oversized hand machined brass bolts.

Mom Draws Doodles Around Newborn Child’s Photos for a Chuckle-worthy Setting

Amber Wheeler drew some doodles around photographs of her newborn child, setting the child in various fantasy settings. That baby is all set for adventure. Like a boss.

Art Nouveau Illustrations for Famous Anime Characters

Pixiv user Marlboro created these illustrations as a tribute to the work of famous Japanese film maker, animator and manga artist Hayao Miyazaki. Drawn up in the style of Art Nouveau, the illustrations are a homage to characters of Studio Ghibli films.

End Cape’s Tattooed Banana Art

Japanese artist End Cape uses a pin to puncture holes into a banana skin, which eventually bruises and takes on the brown color. That’s the basic banana tattoo, and the patterns are lovely.

Golden Eagle Hunts Down a Deer [images]

Golden Eagles are quite the prolific hunters. We have already seen them try to take away a toddler, take down wolves, but that was done with the aid of humans who probably help tire the wolf out before the eagle went for a swoop. As it turns out, even in the wild, golden eagles are […]

Stunning Aerial Views of Poland’s Lakes Through the Seasons

Kacper Kowalski graduated with a degree in architecture, but his love for aerial photography had him hooked. His photographs show mostly unseen landscapes to a new audience, and often with a striking view. For this project, he photographed two lakes of Poland through the four seasons, one in Pomerania and the other in Kashubia. The […]

Doublefaced: Two-Faced Portraits of Girls Created With Makeup

Berlin-based artist Sebastian Bieniek created this set of intriguing, and sometimes unsettling portraits of females. The set doesn’t exactly use the female’s face to the full extent, it is the rudimentary face paint with makeup and its juxtaposition with facial features that creates the effect.

A Mammoth Image for the Size Comparison of Famous Sci-fi Spaceships

This mammoth image from Dirk Loechel shows the space ships of the science fiction universe, and makes an accurate comparison of their size with other vessels of sci-fi. It is quite an effort, and those are quite the ships, especially when you realize that the big ones are truly behemoths. Not to mention that several […]

Fantastic-Eccentric Facial Hair of Contestents in National Beard and Mustache Championships

Every year, people with impressive crops of facial hair gather in Las Vegas for the annual National Beard and Mustache Championship. If the image isn’t indicative enough, the name should tell you to expect some very fantastic, and some eccentric hairdos. These images of the competition were captured by photographer Greg Anderson, and have several […]

Say Hello to the Beautiful Equus Bass 770

Equus Bass 770 takes a retro look, which is arguably the best appearance you can take when you want to be a muscle car. It mixes up the fastback retro styling of the old muscle cars with modern technology to create a car that is both, powerful, and with the good looks of the golden […]