Pyramid House

Architect Juan Carlos Ramos built this house built this modern pyramid for an architectural competition. It isn’t meant to house a pharoah in the afterlife, but a creative who would make good use of the shape and facilities. The pyramid rises three levels connected through floating staircases. It houses the usual rooms, like living room, […]

Branding Bad: Designer Creates Logos for the Final Episodes of Breaking Bad

Designer Jeremy Loyd has created logos for each of the final eight episodes of the Breaking Bad series. Starting this half of the season with Blood Money, the logo series goes all the way to the finale Felina. The Dayton, Ohio based designer posted the logos a couple of days after the broadcast of the […]

‘Evil’ African Lake Turns Animals Near it to Stone

Lake Natron in north Tanzania is quickly gaining infamy as the lake that turns creatures close to it into stone. Documented by photographer Nick Brandt, the eerie lake is housed in very extreme conditions. Temperatures in the lake can reach as high as 60 °C (140 °F) and its high soda and salt content gives […]

Broken: Love Story in an Elevator [short film]

Broken is a romantic drama set entirely inside an elevator. A woman and a man find themselves inside an elevator which loses power, trapping them both inside. Created by French movie director Mathieu TURI, the film follows the conversation and the state of the two people trapped in the elevator who start as complete strangers. […]

Breaking Bad Inspired Posters

Comic book artist Francesco Francavilla has worked on several well known franchises like Marvel’s Captain America and Daredevil, and DC’s Detective Comics and Swamp Thing. Illustrations here are from the artist’s project on the Breaking Bad series that spans the first two seasons and the second half of the last season in minimalist posters.

Popular Characters Carved on Crayons

Popular culture characters and themes look superb carved on crayons.

Astronomical Kinetic Steampunk Clock

Grand Master Astronomical clock measures six feet tall and five feet wide. Made on commission by Art Donovan, much of the clock was hand built over a period of three months. Components on the solid mahogany body are held by oversized hand machined brass bolts.

Mom Draws Doodles Around Newborn Child’s Photos for a Chuckle-worthy Setting

Amber Wheeler drew some doodles around photographs of her newborn child, setting the child in various fantasy settings. That baby is all set for adventure. Like a boss.

Art Nouveau Illustrations for Famous Anime Characters

Pixiv user Marlboro created these illustrations as a tribute to the work of famous Japanese film maker, animator and manga artist Hayao Miyazaki. Drawn up in the style of Art Nouveau, the illustrations are a homage to characters of Studio Ghibli films.

End Cape’s Tattooed Banana Art

Japanese artist End Cape uses a pin to puncture holes into a banana skin, which eventually bruises and takes on the brown color. That’s the basic banana tattoo, and the patterns are lovely.