If NFL Team Logos Were Fat

Since obesity is pandemic, it would perhaps be logical that even logos succumbed to it. In this set by David Rappoccio, NFL Team Logos go fat.

Concept Art For Disney’s Avatar Land Theme Park

The magical world of Pandora from the movie Avatar was a beautiful place; that someone would want it as a theme park is a totally wise idea. Disney is stepping up into the direction with a recent series of concept art to show what the proposed Avatar Land might look like when it opens its […]

Make-up Artist Spices up Eyelids

Make-up artist Tal Peleg goes all artistic on eyelids, spicing them up with a range of drawings and illustrations to great effect. She works along the shape and form of the eye to create illustrations that while far from conventional makeup, aren’t too far from the aesthetics of the eye. The Princess and the Frog […]

Disney Princesses in Pop Culture Halloween Costumes

Artist Isaiah Stephens imagines what Disney princesses would look like, if they dressed up for a contemporary Halloween party. We’ll say it is an excellent set.

Comparing Vision: What We See, Versus What Cats See

Cats see things quite different from what we do, even though humans and felines have the same basic eye structure. Images by artist Nickolay Lamm (previously here and here) present a scene, comparing it with what humans see, and what cats see. Lamm worked with ophthalmologists at the University of Pennsylvania’s veterinary school and some […]

Your Adrenaline Dose is Here With the Point of View Footage of 128,000-Foot Stratos Jump

A year ago, Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner made the highest jump of all time, jumping to the ground from nearly 128,000 feet (13.6 miles) in the air. In his free fall, Felix hit a top speed of 844mph (1.25 Mach). You can see him struggle the spin in the thin air, which eventually gets better […]

Polygonal Superheroes and Star Wars Characters by Liam Brazier

Artist Liam Brazier (previously) renders popular characters and images into shape through polygons, giving them a unique appeal. Here we have the artist’s sets of superheroes and Star Wars characters going boxy in the polygonal style.

Artificial Intelligence: Thought Provoking Surreal Photoseries by Francesco Romoli

For the series Artificial Intelligence, photographer Francesco Romoli (previously) delves into the depths of the human mind and philosophy. Set in the future, the series often delves on David, a child-like humanoid robot who has existed for 2000 years. While created by humans, the robot has lived through the fall and demise of the human […]

Church Releases Hilarious Commandments on Crusade Against Dog Poop

The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine had a problem with dog poop and dog owners not cleaning up after their pets. Handling the issue like a pro, the church called on the services of design firm Pentagram. Designers created messages and boards with typography and tone to match the holy commandments. Pentagram tried to […]

Mechanical-style Illustrations by Jason Gamber

Jason Gamber creates illustrations as if they were mechanical layouts. A good chunk of the set comes from famous Disney characters, though there are other illustrations as well.