Old guitars, reclaimed leather give way to stylish new headphones

Headphones created by designer Britt Ashcraft have music running through every strand. Made from reclaimed materials, the Ashcraft Aria headphones will have a headband made from wood recycled from acoustic guitars, while the quilted leather lining surrounding the aircups would come from reclaimed leather and other parts could be made from reclaimed aluminum. Ashcraft says the leather required could come from leather jackets and bags belonging to musicians. Considering the origins of materials intended for these headphones, they could be fairly expensive, but they’re just designs for now.

Via: Britt Ashcraft, Gearlog

Flashkus flash drive concept stores data in cardboard

Flashkus concept flash drives are simple cardboard packages for holding the data. Envisioned by studio Art Lebedev, these disposable flash enjoy company of their peers in cardboard, and when you need to store data, you simply pull one off the board and use it. You can write information about the data directly on the drive (it is cardboard). Made from cardboard, these drives obviously won’t have a long life unless you’re utterly careful with them, so the idea of disposable drives can stick. But unless they’re dirt cheap as compared to contemporary drives, a disposable flash drive makes little sense.

Via: Art Lebedev, technabob

Mobile phone and tablet that can also cook, whip and drill

Apps play an important role in mobile devices these days, basically allowing phones and tablet computers to lend themselves to customization and for users to get the best out of these devices. These apps though, are limited to software application, limited by the character of the gadgets themselves. What if the apps could get some “physical” work done as well. That happens to be the area explored by Vil Tsimenzin‘s latest design, the PRAX concepts. The mobile phone and tablet for the “Practical Apps Optimization Enabled Devices” (PAOE) enable these gadgets to do physical work as well.

BMW shows the Vision ConnectedDrive for Geneva Auto Show

BMW will show its vision for the future, the tech loaded Vision ConnectedDrive concept at the Geneva Motor Show. The new concept car is a move forward from the EfficientDynamics concept BMW showed earlier. ConnectedDrive is a topless electric car packed with BMW’s advanced driver assistance and mobility networking systems. The automaker hasn’t released the full set of specs yet, those will probably come along as the auto show draws closer.

Via: Autoblog

Nokia’s Windows Phone 7 concept mobile phone

Nokia and Microsoft have gotten cosy, Symbian’s been sent to its grave, and Windows 7 is now Nokia’s preferred OS. Yes, that was quite a bit of action, and apparently, these are the mobile phone concepts that Nokia may be creating based on Windows 7. So yes, Nokia and Microsoft have been working together, and it seems they may be able to do something right.

Via: Engadget

Environment friendly Paper Tube chair and the shiny Interlux chair from Manfred Kielnhofer

The seating designs from artist Manfred Kielnhofer are unique and intriguing at the same time. The Paper Tube chair is an environmentally friendly chair that utilizes recycled paper in the creation of the tubes. Made in 2002, the paper tube chair has made an appearance at several events, which would be a testimony to its longevity.

Interlux chair, while with looks quite similar to the paper tube chair is a lot more shiny and bright. Transparent tubes on the chair have long neon contained, which gives the chair its light, and since the color of the light can be changed, the color of the chair can suit your mood or ambient lighting.