Antenna lights shine the old-fashioned style

Antenna lights from designer Adrien Rovero take a leaf out of TV antenna design to create fantastic and nostalgic lamps. Available in three styles, the lamps make use of LED bulbs mounted on positionable arms, while their blow-glass bases provide stability. Via: Dezeen

Goku retires the Nimbus, makes it into a lamp

We’re assuming now that Goku doesn’t need to rely on the Nimbus for much of his traveling, he had it converted into a pendant lamp, because why not? The lamp is the creation of designer Dominic Wilcox, who found a light bulb surrounded by polystyrene balls looked remarkably like a cloud, and thus went on […]

USB flash drive is an AA battery as well

The USB is presently used for charging a number of gadgets, so there is no reason why it couldn’t get to work on an AA battery as well. The concept from Wonchul Hwang sees the AA battery in a USB Mode where it can be charged for duty, and even be made to store data […]

Concept cigarettes from Ernest Perera

Concept cigarettes from Ernest Perera do a lot of speaking. Via: InspireMeNow

Bookshelf that’s also a desk

This nifty bookshelf neatly hides a table and two chairs. Appropriately named “Trick” you realize it can work as a table only when you pull the chairs apart from the bookshelf. What kind of bookshelf has chairs anyway? Designed by Sakura Adachi. Via: swissmiss

The stylish Katsura lamp by Jordi Llopis

Spanish designer Jordi Llopis created this stylish Katsura lamp. Seemingly great for ambient lighting, the lamp makes use of three rectangular wall mounts, serving the purpose of an indirect wall light as well. The construction of the lamp shows a clear influence of the latticework used in mid-20th century chairs. Chrome around the lamp works […]

NASA calls on airplanes of 2025

Late last year, NASA asked Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Boeing to send in designs for the airplanes of the future, the planes that would rule the skies in 2025. Conditions for the designs were fairly practical; NASA wanted the planes to be low on noise, low on fuel consumption, and with cleaner exhausts. The planes […]

Octopus chair gives a comfortable place for the tentacles

No surprizes here, as the name clearly implies, this is a chair in the shape of an octopus. You can sit on it comfortably, perhaps smoke a cigar, while its tentacles spread to the other side, and make people wonder if you are out of your mind. Created by Maximo Riera, the chair is first […]

Blow Windmaker analog fan inspired by cuckoo clocks

Blow Windmaker fan is a rather unique design, both in looks and in function. Designed by Luc van Hoeckel, it works by lifting the weight of the wooden fan and though it does start slowly, it does not use any electricity and promises to refresh the room in about 5 minutes. Via: Tuvie

Eyeball grabbing fire features by Elena Colombo

Contemporist has published a collection of these amazing fire features are the creation of New York based designer and sculptor Elena Colombo. They look so cool, it is difficult to take your eyes off them. Via: Contemporist