Go all fairy godmother on salt and pepper with the Magical Sapor

I don’t know where the world would be without creative salt and pepper shaker designs, but I do know that the fairy godmother wouldn’t have been able to multitask if she didn’t have something like this Magical Sapor. You work the magic, and if you feel there’s need for more, just gently tap this thing […]

Pop Up Office can come up wherever you want it to

Pop Up Office is the workplace you can set up anywhere you want it. Desks and chairs in the pop up system fold up easily, but since it is all made from cardboard, even if you manage to set up the office, you’re unlikely to get any work done. The office is a design from […]

Google engineer makes a musical out of NYC subway lines

Engineer Alexander Chen converted the map of New York City’s subway lines into a musical instrument. The Google engineer made use of the magic of HTML5 on the map to create mta.me. Not only do lines of crossing trains “pluck” each other’s strings, you can pluck routes on the map to add a touch of […]

Milk cartons filled with light

Designed by Vandermades Design Zoetermeer, these milk carton lamps obviously stay very true to your name. Named 1 and 2x half full, the lamps are made from laminated cardboard and wood, and make use of LED lamps. Via: Design-Milk

Go back a century with the Edison Alarm clock

Designer David Krawczyk designed this brilliant clock with a 19th century flavor. Showing time on voltmeter-like faces, the Edison Alarm clock’s alarm can be set by inserting miniature bulbs into the desired slots. The designer is aiming to bring the clock out of concept form into a limited production run. Via: David Krawczyk, Core77

Rubber table has suction cup legs

Designer Thomas Schnur designed this table made from rubber and gave it suction cup legs for added fun. We don’t know about others, but if this could be made foldable, Spiderman would get to enjoy his meals better. Via: ThomsasSchnur, LikeCool

Designer envisions a new, fugly Ferrari Enzo

We enjoy the beauty and finesse of designs, and the dreams they bring along. It’s a tough line to walk though, especially when you’re looking to redesign something as iconic as the Ferrari Enzo. The renderings you see here belong to designer Peter Simon‘s vision for the Ferrari Enzo. The renderings were intended to be […]

This coffee table stands on a house of cards

Building houses from cards is a tough game to play, so designer Mauricio Arruda‘s coffee table that uses houses of cards as a base seems a feat almost impossible to achieve. But we’re pretty sure the designer was helped by using oversized cards made from 4mm steel and welded together. The table can handle 250kgs […]

Debranded cigarette packaging hopes to turn smokers away

There is a certain “coolness” or loyalty factor associated with famed cigarette brands. London-based consultancy Build hopes to strike at this factor by debranding cigarette packets, and put them in an austere design with walls of warning text, you know, the thing every smoker ignores. Via: Build, Core77

InONE computer concept keeps everything in a single package sans wires

InONE concept computer is an all-in-one computer with a sleek design and desirable looks. The keyboard is replaced by something of a tablet, so you can get a preview of what is going on, which we guess will make life a lot easier for hunt and peck typists, and could prove helpful for drawing as […]