Architect envisions an entire Swedish city moving on rail tracks

A city that changes everyday, while endowed with all necessities, every building in the city moves on rail tracks and takes up a new position everyday. We don’t know how this thing can be practically implement, but we do know that it is going to be friggin awesome. The idea was put forth by architect Jagnefalt Milton for Norwegian master plan competition for the city of Åndalsnes.

Shape changing lamps have rotating shades, a lot of looks

Shape Changing Lamps from N&N are more than just towers showing off bricks, and since the name leaves no suspense, I’ll just go on to the dramatic side and say these lamps change shape. It isn’t so much wizardry, but just the 360-degree rotatable shades at work. The shades are made from injected polycarbonate with translucent white panels, and together with aluminum frames, they give the lamps great looks. N&N has put three lamps in the series, named Magna, Opus and Tempo.

Via: N&N, Trendir

Ransa sofa isn’t the best place for your books

Theoretically, it is a great idea. Your sitting space appears to levitate above ground, while the base is kept stocked with your favorite books, all just an arm’s length away. Practically, if you love books enough to have so many of them around, you wouldn’t like the prospects of having them kicked around unintentionally by those occupying the sofa, it’s just not a place for a prized collection.

Via: YounesDesign, OhGizmo, DigsDigs

Go all fairy godmother on salt and pepper with the Magical Sapor

I don’t know where the world would be without creative salt and pepper shaker designs, but I do know that the fairy godmother wouldn’t have been able to multitask if she didn’t have something like this Magical Sapor. You work the magic, and if you feel there’s need for more, just gently tap this thing to get the required salt or pepper. Designed by Arthur Xin from the creatively named studio Sexin Design.

Via: YankoDesign