Where’s that sound coming from? It’s the Asspeaker!

As weird gadget designs go, this Asspeaker is very likely to be pumping out super weird farty sounds. It doesn’t just end at the weird shape, you’d be tapping and rubbing the butts to get this thing working. Tapping on the subwoofer will turn it on/off, and rubbing it with your hand will get the […]

Box Light lamp

The Box Light is a lamp enclosed in an opaque packaging. The light can be adjusted by manually sliding the box open or closed. Designed by Jonas Hakaniemi, the lamp is priced at $275. Via: swissmiss

Home shaped storage unite

Under My Roof from Christian Vivanco is storage design that brings together traditional red-roofed Nordic cottages and desktop storage. There are three axis in the structure to make storage easier, and allows for segmentation of whatever stuff you keep in the cute little storage. Via: MoCo Loco

House Lights: The ‘homely’ lamp

House Lights from designer Kristian Aus seeks to bring out the connection that everyone shares with their house. The lamps are made from rotational-moulded PE and rubber part. Shades are attached to the “roof” of the house by means of magnets to facilitate easy removal and joining. The chimney on the roof is topped with […]

Neptune MM2 micro-submarine concept

Neptune MM2 concept from designer Vil Tsimenzin is a sibling of the Tryton MM2 we saw earlier. The siblings are quite a match, not just in the finesse of renderings, but also in the medieval weapons they so proudly seem to carry. While the Tryton moves on the road, the Neptune has its eyes on […]

Andrew Berg lamp is stylish, expensive

Andrew Berg lamp features an Edison bulb seated on a handcrafted red walnut base, with a silver toggle switch and a cotton power cord. All those good looks and the finesse in crafting are going to cost you $200 if you want one. Via: SpaceSinkhole

Faux pebble rug

Faux pebble rug designed by Ksenia Movafagh is made from 100% wool smartly turned into the appearance of pebbles. The rug does adequately mirror the looks of pebbles you’d expect to find around the shore, but we’re not sure if it will continue to keep its looks as the time passes. Via: IncredibleThings

Architect envisions an entire Swedish city moving on rail tracks

A city that changes everyday, while endowed with all necessities, every building in the city moves on rail tracks and takes up a new position everyday. We don’t know how this thing can be practically implement, but we do know that it is going to be friggin awesome. The idea was put forth by architect […]

Shape changing lamps have rotating shades, a lot of looks

Shape Changing Lamps from N&N are more than just towers showing off bricks, and since the name leaves no suspense, I’ll just go on to the dramatic side and say these lamps change shape. It isn’t so much wizardry, but just the 360-degree rotatable shades at work. The shades are made from injected polycarbonate with […]

LED lamps say goodbye to the incandescent bulb with style

That incandescent lamps are on their way out is no news, though the love persists and the Les Fines LED lamps from Goodbye Edison say the goodbye in style. These lamps have a soft glow illuminating a frame and when required, framing and lighting objects beautifully. Via: Goodbye Edison, MoCo Loco, Gizmodo