Environment friendly Paper Tube chair and the shiny Interlux chair from Manfred Kielnhofer

The seating designs from artist Manfred Kielnhofer are unique and intriguing at the same time. The Paper Tube chair is an environmentally friendly chair that utilizes recycled paper in the creation of the tubes. Made in 2002, the paper tube chair has made an appearance at several events, which would be a testimony to its longevity.

Interlux chair, while with looks quite similar to the paper tube chair is a lot more shiny and bright. Transparent tubes on the chair have long neon contained, which gives the chair its light, and since the color of the light can be changed, the color of the chair can suit your mood or ambient lighting.

Pixel Wall concept lets you create easy new designs for your wall

Pixel Wall concept from designer Amirkhan Abdurakhmanov claims to give you the power to change not just the color, but even the looks of walls in your place. The concept would allow you to arrange the patterns on the wall to create something of your liking, and when you’re in the mood for a different setting, simply play around with the tiles on the wall to get a new look.

This coffin couch ought to spice up the living room

We can’t think of a reason why we shouldn’t be resting our hinds on a couch that has the appearance of a coffin; except that it’s friggin’ creepy and weird. Get this: it’s been made out of an 18 gauge steel coffing. It happens to be a luxury item by virtue of being handmade, airbrushed, covered in black Italian leather, and a laser engraved ID plaque. The Heretic couch is a limited edition item with just three set to be made. Couple it with The Thing and a few more spooky elements, and you’ll have the Addam’s Family living room. Costs $4500.

Via: LuxuryLaunches

SMP Lights save wooden crates from going waste

At the Domaine de Boisbuchet in France, fruits are delivered everyday in wooden crates, and since there is no use left of the crates once the fruits have reached, these were usually thrown away or burnt. Sergio Mendoza looked to reuse this wood, creating objects that would use this very wood as the main material. Finally, they crafted lamps from that wood, each of which takes just 60 minutes to construct and has a unique shape and style, owing to the unconventional origins.

Via: designboom

Where’s that sound coming from? It’s the Asspeaker!

As weird gadget designs go, this Asspeaker is very likely to be pumping out super weird farty sounds. It doesn’t just end at the weird shape, you’d be tapping and rubbing the butts to get this thing working. Tapping on the subwoofer will turn it on/off, and rubbing it with your hand will get the volume up/down. The small speakers connect to the subwoofer via Bluetooth. For added effect, the logo on the speakers has been designed to look like a tattoo. More images after the jump.

Via: Javad Yazdani on Behance, DesignSpotter

House Lights: The ‘homely’ lamp

House Lights from designer Kristian Aus seeks to bring out the connection that everyone shares with their house. The lamps are made from rotational-moulded PE and rubber part. Shades are attached to the “roof” of the house by means of magnets to facilitate easy removal and joining. The chimney on the roof is topped with a rubber piece that makes the house look even better.

Via: MoCo Loco

Neptune MM2 micro-submarine concept

Neptune MM2 concept from designer Vil Tsimenzin is a sibling of the Tryton MM2 we saw earlier. The siblings are quite a match, not just in the finesse of renderings, but also in the medieval weapons they so proudly seem to carry. While the Tryton moves on the road, the Neptune has its eyes on ruling the waters. The micro submarine concept aims to capture the imagination of the 21st century adventurer by keeping its focus on wonder, imagination, and romantic legend, as is to be expected of submarines. Designed with a wee bit of Jules Verne like visual character, the sub offers comfort comparable to modern automobiles.