Acoustable makes the coffee table an ergonomic musical

Acoustable, designed by Jerome Spriet + Wolfgang Bregentzer makes the coffee table something of a “feature rich” piece of furntiture. The table mixes ergonomics with good acoustics, itself becoming a powerful sound system. Additionally, the table also functions as a power terminal, making it a lot easier for the connected lifestyle of the present day.

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NEOS enclosed motorcycle concept has a modular sidecar sidekick

NEOS concept motorbike from designer Daniel Munnink has been created as a modular transport option for the 21st century. The enclosed motorbike system has been designed to be a low footprint travel option for congested city roads. While an enclosed motorbike, the NEOS strives to retain the essence and feel of a conventional motorbike. The sidecar isn’t just an attachment for the bike, it is a modular pod that can be attached to the single seat bike by making use of the docking station.

Concept garbage ship to collect space junk

Massive amounts of trash and debris orbitting the planet are a concern for the safety of functioning satellites, or rockets or space ships that intend to go through that zone. As time passes, this debris left behind by dead satellites and old rocket flights is only going to increase, becoming more dangerous. The space debris collector concept from designer Vaughan Ling, the collector and a recycling system would work in low earth orbit, powered by nuclear reactors and VASIMR plasma rockets for propulsion.

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Dala Vinyl Player has a unique shape to pump out the best sound

The Dala vinyl player has a unique bird-like shape that apparently works very well for the audio output from the system. Making use of flat membrane speaker technology, Dala has “fins” or wing-like structures on either side of the platter. Each fin is a thin membrane speaker, and each with a size to work best with a set range of frequencies. A tiny, non-intrusive knob on the system works as a wireless controller. Dala vinyl player has been designed by Bradley Paulet.

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Office has people working in plastic domes in place of cubicles

Looking at sci-fi fantasies of the retro world, they saw the “future” as something where huge transparent domes and flying cars ruled the roost. Well, both of those things didn’t quite happen, but we can rest easy in the thought that this office in Paris at least did some part of the domed things to bring the future closer. There aren’t any boring regular cubicles here, these people sit in transparent plastic domes.

We’re not exactly going to talk about pragmatism and best use of workspace here, because the domes look cool and we don’t work in that office. Also, designed by Christian Pottgiesser, the large wooden desk in the PONS + HUOT office works as the roof of the recreational room

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Tag-Heuer Formula 1 watch concept

Tag Heuer has a long standing relation with F1 racing, keeping the same in mind, designer Peter Vardai created the Formula 1 watch concept, with focus on the McLaren-Mercedes team. And the influences are quite clear and visible with bright red inlets and the prominent Mercedes logo on the strap. Buttons on both sides of the logo release the strap, and the huge cogwheels on the watch’s face add to its racing and automobile feel.

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