Single Seat Electric Helicopter Hopes To Shine Till The Jetpack Arrives

While we wait for a personal flying transport in the shape of the jetpack, we guess humanity could use a few detours on the way like this single seat electric helicopter. Manufactured by Japanese company Hirobo, the HX-1 helicopter could be seen as a step towards functioning, flying transport. It can fly for speeds up […]

Pool Table

Looking quite literally like a pool, this table is unlikely to ever provide you with the joys of splashing in water. Designed by Freshwest, the table has a 50mm thick layer of blue acrylic that works quite well in giving it the swimming pool look. The ladder off the side of the table accentuates the […]

Magical Home Transforms Into Four Different Spaces

YO! Home has an area of just 80 square meters, but that area has been utilized so well, the space can transform into four different settings. Using pulleys, levers and counterweights like you would see in a stage show, the Yo! Home makes considerable good use of living space while being a luxurious space filled […]

Pininfarina Chords Concept Car Sucks The Power Out of Vibrations

For the Pininfarina Chords concept, music is food. Not just in the literary, romantic kind of way, but also in the very literary sense. Designer Giampiero Sbrizzi envisions the independent concept car design to feed off low frequency vibrations, the likes of which can be observed in stringed instruments.

Cats Approve of the Hammock Coffee Table

Everyone approves of hammocks, and we have good reason to believe cats do too. Our feline overlords seem especially fond of spending some time under coffee tables, and this might just be perfect for them to relax while bringing the generally unused space into use, and looking good while doing it. The table has been […]

Cocoon 1 Is a Pod To Furiously Guard Your Personal Space

Apparently, it is very desirable to stay in places cut-off from outside contact, or at the very least, that provide an effective barrier. It may not look entirely comfortable, but the Cocoon 1 surely does look like a place for solitude and some quiet time. If you are so inclined, you might even use it […]

Sharp Suits: Creatives, You Know The Pain

Designers, animators, and mostly people working with clients in the creative area often get demands or suggestions that can be hilariously over the top. The usual response might be to grin and bear it, but the opportunity to vent out all that frustration and steam would be impossible to pass for most people. Sharp Suits […]

Classy Handcrafted Vintage Industrial Lighting

We’d never have quite imagined that vintage industrial lighting could be a niche, but going by what we see it just might be, and we welcome the artistic lights with all heart. We’ve admired ReTech lamps, almost been in love with Cory Barkman’s old world lamps, and we’re quite struck by these classy handcrafted lamps […]

House Has Swimming Pool Waterways to Get Around

Apparently taking a page out from Venice’s playbook, this house extensively uses swimming pool waterways as a way to get around the place. Envisioned by Spanish architects Joaquín Alvado Bañón, the house explores the relation between the concrete sculpture and the flowing body of water. The pool isn’t just a decorative element or part of […]

Cocoon Tree Bed Keeps You Luxurious

Going out camping or holidaying into the wild doesn’t quite have to mean that you give up the luxuries you have come to expect. Manufactureres/marketeers like to call the 120 kilo Cocoon Tree bed a contemporary take on the conventional tree house. Aluminum rods form the bare-boned structure, which is then covered in either korea […]