Cocoon Tree Bed Keeps You Luxurious

Going out camping or holidaying into the wild doesn’t quite have to mean that you give up the luxuries you have come to expect. Manufactureres/marketeers like to call the 120 kilo Cocoon Tree bed a contemporary take on the conventional tree house. Aluminum rods form the bare-boned structure, which is then covered in either korea […]

Trampoline Bridge Concept Spans River Seine

Looking at this concept by designer Atelier Zündel Cristea, we’re surprised such bridges don’t exist already. Submitted as an entry to a Paris bridge competition, the trampoline bridge should be up close to the existing Bir-Hakeim Bridge. A flight of stairs leads you up the bridge that has tubular inflated walls with giant trampolines between […]

Pipe Glass

Pipe Glass by Sebastian Bergne redefines the common perception of the glass, while bearing back to the old famous pipes. Absolute win.

Wear the Light on Hat and Cap Lamps

Be a gentleman and tilt the hat to these classy hat and cap lamps by YOO Mars Hwasung.

Runes Rings

Supposed magic and divinatory power of runes lead many people on their way, from simple superstition to making important decisions. It probably does help designers that most runes have shapes that can be easily translated into jewelry, with some creativity in the mix. Joanna Szkiela‘s collection of rings delves into Norse mythology to bring out […]

Sanity is Over-rated Anyway: Reverse Heels

High heels are high fashion, but things tend to quickly tumble if they aren’t made exactly the way they were supposed to be. Revers Heels by Leanie van der Vyver look trippy, we might call them good if the woman wearing them didn’t appear to be so uncomfortable. But then don’t rely on our judgement, […]

Ostrich Pillow Clears Your Way For Quick Naps

The tired mind often desires quick naps, but suitable settings are difficult to be found. Nature is always there for inspiration, and it probably the ostrich’s love of burying its head that gives this pillow its name. The pillow covers your eyes from the sights and the ears from the noise so you could have […]

Animal Swiss Army Knife

Animal Pocket Knife by David Suhami is similar to the Swiss Army Knife in appearance and perhaps construction, the difference being that rather than showing up a bevy of tools, this knife can be arranged to show different animals.

This Jacket Can Take You Off The Grid Instantly

If the occasional switching off and switching on of the mobile phone is too much a trouble for you, this jacket might save you the trouble a ringing phone can bring in places like office meetings and movie theaters. Designed by Victor Johansson, the Escape Jacket features a Faraday cage in one of the pockets […]

GPS Enabled Shoes Guide You on Your Way Home

We’re going to imagine these prototype shoes by Dominic Wilcox come in pretty handy after a crazy night of drinking, after which you have no idea of where you are and how you got there. LEDs on the shoes can then jump into action, to show what direction would take you home. Lights on the […]