Headlights Take Things A Bit Too Literally

Going fully by the literal meaning, these lamps by Brooklyn-based artist Stephen Shaheen take form of a humanoid, only to replace their heads with light bulbs. That’s how they become headlights. The artist’s idea for the project titled “American Socket” is to explore the border between art, design and architecture with this creation. When arranged properly, the headlights appear to be reaching out to the power source, apparently in the search of illumination, or enlightenment, as we humans would like to call it. Well, this turned philosophical quickly.

Single Seat Electric Helicopter Hopes To Shine Till The Jetpack Arrives

While we wait for a personal flying transport in the shape of the jetpack, we guess humanity could use a few detours on the way like this single seat electric helicopter. Manufactured by Japanese company Hirobo, the HX-1 helicopter could be seen as a step towards functioning, flying transport. It can fly for speeds up to 62mph, and stay airborne for nearly 30 minutes, which probably should take care of numerous individual flying needs.

Pool Table

Looking quite literally like a pool, this table is unlikely to ever provide you with the joys of splashing in water. Designed by Freshwest, the table has a 50mm thick layer of blue acrylic that works quite well in giving it the swimming pool look. The ladder off the side of the table accentuates the look further. A steel frame hides neatly under the table to keep it supported and strong enough for use.

Cats Approve of the Hammock Coffee Table

Everyone approves of hammocks, and we have good reason to believe cats do too. Our feline overlords seem especially fond of spending some time under coffee tables, and this might just be perfect for them to relax while bringing the generally unused space into use, and looking good while doing it. The table has been created by Japanese designer Koichi Futatsumata for E&Y.