Red Skull’s Coupe from Captain America Gets Concept Renders

For all the villainy and bad stuff Red Skull did in the Captain America movie, the dude sure had some good taste in cars. Sadly the movie didn’t quite show it off as well as it should have, but we can always have a look at the Hydra Schmidt concept with its renderings.

Alaska Home Residence Concept is a Friend of the Winds

Designed by agency OS+A, the Alaska Home Residence Concept has been made to work with the wind flow of the region. It has been designed to work almost as a wind tunnel and stay nearly undisturbed in the high winds that mark the region. The cladding of the house is inspired by the abdomen (tail) […]

Touchscreen Lets you Surf the Web in the Shower

For the likes of us that are hooked to the internet, this touchscreen shower lets us surf without breaks. Designed by Fei Chung Billy Ho, the Le Terme concept has a steel structure built with see-through display panels that can sync with smartphones or tablets to let users browse the internet.

World’s Smallest House at Just 1 Meters Square

You’d think there isn’t much to be done inside a house that has an area of just one meters square; but then you’re overlooking all the possibilities. Designed and constructed by Van Bo Le-Mentzel, the “Smallest House” has a lockable door, foldout desk, a window, and wheels for easy transportation so you’re never away from […]

Batman’s Tumbler Modified for F1 Racing

We imagine Batman would occasionally like to dabble in sports, maybe take to the track for F1 racing. Awesome as it is, the Tumbler or our conventional Batmobiles can’t quite qualify for the rules of F1 racing, so it’s KnightVision3D to the rescue with this F1-styled Batmobile that takes some inspiration from the Tumbler. Well […]

Jeeves & Wooster Pendant Lamp

Made in the shape of classic bowler hats, these lamps ought to light up any gentleman’s head; or room. Jeeves and Wooster pendants Light by Jake Phipps are made from bowler hats, which are retro-fitted to allow for functioning as a lamp.

Hula Hoop Washing Machine: They’re not Even Kidding

Designs sometimes are far fetched, and we mostly enjoy them for the creativity they offer. Sometimes though, imagination goes overboard enough to make a five year old smirk. You know, the time when you think a Hula Hoop is good enough to be employed as a washing machine.

Lustre Pendant Lamps

Rugged, robust and insanely cool iridescent stoneware pendant lamps by Tom Dixon. These ceramic pieces will be unveiled at the London Design Festival.

All Glass Houses, Obviously Everybody Wants One

There is an old adage about people living in glass houses, and it usually does not portray the glass house in a good light. That’s probably because nobody had quite seen a house of glass, which should change with a look at this house. The brilliant, beautiful house made by Milan based design studio Santambrogio.

Peel Lamp Leads to a World in Another Dimension

Peel Lamp by Japanese designers YOY gives the impression that the edge of the wallpaper came off to reveal an entire new alternate world that fantasy novels often talk about. Granted all that looks like too much of work to set up a little lamp, but creativity can safely ignore such practical hurdles sometimes.