Furniture Made Out of The Destruction By Hurricane Sandy

Going about the old cycle of destruction and creation, ReclaimNYC is at work to turn the damage done by Hurricane Sandy into useful shapes like furniture. Using materials from knocked down buildings and sending them to artists and designers, the project builds some pretty and nice furniture. Profits from this work are then donated to the Red Cross to be put to use in relief work. The project includes 24 artists and designers who either use debris from the Hurricane for their work, or sometimes, use the event as an inspiration for the set.

Let’s Pretend It’s Useful: Band Aid Printer Concept

Funky little bandaids that make good shapes or could have prints on them are always lovely. But would we buy a special gadget just so they come out cut in more agreeable shapes? Well, definitely not. Band Aid Printer concept is a quasi-3D printer that would churn out bandaids to suit your design needs, but not really be helpful on the economic side. You got to do a lot more to get people away from the scissor.

Marshmallow Sofa

Here’s a sofa you would really like to cook upon a bonfire, but you really shouldn’t do that because we’re sure it won’t taste as good as its appearance and its namesake. Looking deliciously like marshmallows, the ‘o’keeffe’ sofa by Japanese designer Kei Harada allows users to explore various sitting positions. Or you know, just enjoy being in the company of marshmallows.

Drop Magazine Stand

Seeing the curvy shape it puts up, we’d probably not be in love with the Drop as a magazine stand. The look that it gives is an entirely different matter though. The water drop shape can hold a few magazines or paperbacks and also function as a bookmark, which is the part where you just put the magazine upside down on any stand. Well yes, the work of Designest looks good, but this one is not really that much appealing when it comes to functionality.

Lasso Wardrobe

The mind always takes a liking to things unique and creative, and the Lasso Wardrobe seems to satisfy both criteria. Designed by J. Hemann and Kai Linke, “Catching the Wild” lasso wardrobe has an exterior of polyester rope and a structure of steel to lend support. The design itself hails the Wild West, in appearance and in style. It is available as a limited edition item limited to 99 pieces from Zurich-based distributor Waldraud.

How To Deal With Land Shortage For Expansion: Floating Airports

London has one of the busiest airports in the world, if not the busiest. As demand continues to rise, there will be a constant need for expansion. Land though, comes at a premium, and might involve having a number of people move and result in quite a few localities being destroyed. A proposed plan by construction company Beckett Rankine envisions a floating airport on the Thames estuary.