Mushroom Lamp Lights Up Like a Nuclear Cloud

The world still sits on the risk of a nuclear war, even though the shadow of the Cold War might have gone away. Mushroom Lamp by designers h220430 seeks to bring people attention to the subject of the still looming threat, hoping that awareness would help reduce the imminent threat. This does not really seem like an ideal approach, considering the lamp would appear more like a trophy, rather than an actual incentive to world peace.

The Rocking Chair That Would Not Rock

This chair is a concept that artist Cory Barkman has been working on. While the appearance of the chair gives an impression that it would be a rocking chair with an unstable base, it actually is a fixed chair that has been secured properly to a 3/8-inch steel base plate. The seat itself has been covered in Brazilian cow hide, while the back of the chair and the pillow wear leather.

Daisy Garden Rug

Canadian creative studio Joe Jin Design Company has designed this attractive rug that looks much like a piece of landscape from a garden. The rug conceals a fastening system that allows the Daisies to be added/removed/arranged at 84 different locations around the rug. If the real product looks anywhere near as good as the one in the image, and it is comfortable to sit at, we’ll say this rug is a keeper.

Via CubeMe