BMW Concept 90 Motorcycle

BMW is celebrating 90 years of BMW Motorrad with the Concept 90 motorcycle. A homage to the BMW R 90 S, the concept was presented at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2013. Built in partnership with former motorcycle racer Roland Sands and his team. Roland Sands Design have added a few custom parts to the motorcycle, giving the motorcycle a decidedly unique look, but one that sticks to the principle of BMW design.

BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupe

BMW and Pininfarina have come together to develop the Gran Lusso Coupe. Design teams of both the brands worked together, so while the car has distinct curves from Pininfarina, it also sticks true to the BMW name. Unveiled at the 2013 Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, the Lusso coupe concept complements its stylish exterior with equally good interiors finished in luxury that would be demanded of both these names coming together.

Geisha Lamps Play With Beauty

Geisha form a very interesting part of Japanese culture, marked by beauty, sensuality and grace. Designer Lorenza Bozzoli seeks to interpret the same grace into the Juuyo lamps. The name itself is derived from the predecessor of Geisha. Juuyo lamps are largely based on the wigs or the hairstyle Geisha are said to have adorned. The pendant lamps are available from Moooi in two designs, one showing peach blossoms, and the other depicting koi fish.

Screw Me

We have to admit we were mislead into believing that we would be looking at lamps. That’s just not what you expect to run into when you read “Screw Me.” The lamps by Jonathan Rowell make use of a screw like function to change their alignment and setting using the twists of the screw, but at the end of the day we feel like the name still overshadows the lamp. Oh hey, I think I’ll pay for a screw (me).

Tadam: Ceramics Baked to Become Jewelry

Tadam is a collection of ceramics baked into the shape of desserts, usually donuts or chocoltes and intended to be worn as jewelry. Because someone who wears donuts is just the dessert everyone’s been looking for. To add to the jewelry quotient, the ceramic desserts are often covered in gold and platinum to give them a touch of traditional jewelry, and probably to take away focus from them being donuts. Don’t listen to us though, we don’t know much about jewelry; we do know donuts though.

Shoes Inspired by Disney Villains

Evil Queen from “Snow White”

Designer Kobi Levi has an excellent number of creative shoe designs under his belt, and he has continued to show off more stunning and creative designs. All that is pretty cool if you are a shoe lover, and we’ll take the liberty to assume the fresh designs also happen to be loved by those who won’t necessarily classify themselves as shoe lovers.

Indoor Diving and Skydiving Center

I look at this and I think, how does this even work? Indoor diving I can understand, but indoor skydiving is a whole different plate. For skydiving you expect to jump thousands of feet, which a moderately high building would probably not be able to accomplish. Then again, you add enough perspective, and things just might fall into place. Warsaw studio Moko Architects has plans to build an indoor diving and skydiving center.

Banana Pool Table

The unusual shape of the banana pool table has to be a little bit of a challenge and a departure from the usual for regular pool players. Its value beyond a novelty is debatable, but we are sure most players won’t mind trying a hand on this one. Banana pool table is the work of designer Cléon Daniel who completed the table with the help of a retired carpenter. The general banana shape the hardwood frame of this table follows is worked on very well with the yellow felt wrap that covers the top.