Cute Kokeshi Matches

What do cute faces have to do with usability of matches? Absolutely nothing. They do however, possess the power to make the user smile by going just a little way out of the ordinary. Now that’s the sort of creative design we can love. Kokeshi Matches started purely as a creative exercise when Kumi Hirasaka […]

Farmhouse Floats on Water

Floating Farmhouse used to be an old dilapidated building on the verge of caving in. Design studio Givonehome got their hands on the old 19th century farmhouse and gave it a facelift you would be hard pressed to find on magical makeup transformations. The shabby house got a new design and building lift to be […]

Cloud For Rainwater Pipes

Cloud by Russian designer Dmitriy Kulyev livens up the rainwater pipes by attaching to it, and allowing the rainwater to leave just the way it came: from a cloud. Via 1designperday

Canon 8-15mm Lens Stool

Lens shape makes them fitting for a wide range of purposes. After the wave of lens cups and other accessories, we have now reached the cool furniture stage where the lens can be used as a stool. This one is based off the Canon 8-15mm fisheye zoom lens and is the work of Spanish studio […]

Designer Lamps Shine Submerged

Classic lightbulbs don’t mix with water, but they sure would look super cool if these images by AuraDesign are anything to go by. The Czech design studio has come up with a lightbulb named Edie, which is supposed to work when submerged. The idea of Edie is to mix two very important, but still separate […]

Old Car Parts Transformed Into Neat Lamps

Endowed with enough style to make gearheads happy, these lamps by Deron Dixon have their roots in old car parts. Various parts come together to create the base for the lamp, from which projects a stem to hold the shade and bulb. Deron says it’s a process of trial and error, where the best laid […]

Forest Fire Pit

As much as we like the idea of the Forest Fire Pit by Melissa Crisp, we can’t help feeling bad for the poor deer and other animals that are invariably caught in the ravages of the fire pit. Called “Up North,” various spheres in the series show animals like a moose, a family of deer […]

Wooden Kitchen Knives

Ottawa based design consultancy The Federal have taken a new shot at the quintessential kitchen knives. Named according to their highlight, the Maple Set knives are carved mostly out of maple wood, with a small touch of metal to work as the blade. The highly polished blade stands out from the wood used, and attracts […]

Hanging Canvas Furniture

We find the Hanging Canvas Furniture to be all kinds of cool. In its basic form, the furniture is simply a two dimensional painting of a seating area. When weight is applied to it, as in when someone moves to sit on the furniture, the canvas stretches to give way and adjust the person. Available […]

Floating Ripple Vases

These creative vases by Japanese studio oodesign have a spot to place flowers on a PET formed resin void, creating an effect of flowers floating in the water with gentle ripples surrounding them. Neat, eh?