Sockskies: Socks That Stay Together

Socks have a nasty habit of running away, most likely on their own, and leaving their owners stupefied as they try to find a pair in vain. Sockskies designed by Shannon Ong seek a solution to the problem with a simple button attached to the upper part of the sock that would keep the pair together, and do that while attempting to look trendy. Now if we could only be disciplined enough to make use of that button. You can help fun/pre-order Sockskies on Kickstarter.

Vintage-Style Lamp Made From Reclaimed Materials

Vintage themed lamps and objects that artist Cory Barkman (previously) creates, come from a very elaborate process. The stunning design and the beautiful appearance are of course, a big part of the job, but the story of materials used in making these lamps is impressive in itself. Most of the objects used in the construction of these lamps are reclaimed mechanical parts from a scrap yard. Once the idea takes its shape, Cory looks for parts suitable for his lamps or forges a part if it cannot be found.

Viking Hammock, Because Badass Isn’t Exclusive of Luxury

Relaxing as hammocks are, they get way better when you can add the prospects of luxury. Viking Hammock by Jim Zivic gets a luxurious, perhaps rustic setting that endeavors to add to it the Viking name. It does live up to the name, with a look that has a certain something going about it we can’t put a finger on, but what we would never call tame.

CMYK Bulb Spreads The Colors

CMYK bulb by designer Dennis Parren has a penchant for casting colorful shadows. It has one main a main bulb for the usual lighting purpose, and colored LEDs in red, green and blue on its back that cast shadows in cyan, magenta and yellow. While that setting alone could be quite the killer, the lamp also manages to work exceptionally well with shades added so you can manipulate the colors coming forth from the LEDs.

Infographic on Where to Go On a First Date, Arranged in Order of Difficulty

Gentlemen, where would you take the lady on a first date? Of course there are plenty of variables that might be put to use in making this choice, but painting the scene with broad strokes, designer Alex Cornell has created a little chart. It may be called an infographic, and it details some haunts for a first date, “arranged in order of difficulty.”

Farmhouse Floats on Water

Floating Farmhouse used to be an old dilapidated building on the verge of caving in. Design studio Givonehome got their hands on the old 19th century farmhouse and gave it a facelift you would be hard pressed to find on magical makeup transformations. The shabby house got a new design and building lift to be transformed into a chic new home with attentive styling, and of course, its floating porch that gives it the Floating Farmhouse name stays on too with some new attention and touches of design.