Forest Fire Pit

As much as we like the idea of the Forest Fire Pit by Melissa Crisp, we can’t help feeling bad for the poor deer and other animals that are invariably caught in the ravages of the fire pit. Called “Up North,” various spheres in the series show animals like a moose, a family of deer […]

Wooden Kitchen Knives

Ottawa based design consultancy The Federal have taken a new shot at the quintessential kitchen knives. Named according to their highlight, the Maple Set knives are carved mostly out of maple wood, with a small touch of metal to work as the blade. The highly polished blade stands out from the wood used, and attracts […]

Hanging Canvas Furniture

We find the Hanging Canvas Furniture to be all kinds of cool. In its basic form, the furniture is simply a two dimensional painting of a seating area. When weight is applied to it, as in when someone moves to sit on the furniture, the canvas stretches to give way and adjust the person. Available […]

Floating Ripple Vases

These creative vases by Japanese studio oodesign have a spot to place flowers on a PET formed resin void, creating an effect of flowers floating in the water with gentle ripples surrounding them. Neat, eh?

Superfront IKEA Upgrades

Going by the idea that IKEA is good, Superfront just intends to make it better. The Swedish company creates handles, cabinet fronts, and legs made especially for the little bit of customization that you might think of adding to IKEA products like Bestå sideboards, Pax wardrobes and probably some kitchen cabinets as well.

Treehouses by Takashi Kobayashi

Japanese designer Takashi Kobayashi is a self-taught master of tree house architecture. So far, he has created more than 120 treehouses throughout Japan, with the desire for the “creation of a new architectural tradition” and an idea to blur the boundaries between man and nature. A lot of help comes through his collective called Treehouse […]

QWERTY Keyboard Sofa

Kitschy Qwerty keyboard sofa from Zo Loft has a very faithful keyboard look and a big space bar to rest your ass on. Keys on the geeky sofa bed have micro electric motors controlled by a remote control so each of them can be individually adjusted to the needs of the user. We’d prefer they […]

Vietnam’s Dragon Bridge Really Breathes Fire

In Vietnam, Louis Berger Group designed a bridge over the Han River, in the shape of the dragon. We’re assuming somewhere during the designing, someone said something like “How wicked it would be if the dragon bridge really did breathe fire,” and the idea apparently stuck. The steel bridge is the longest of its type […]

Chandelier Made From 5000 Gummy Bears

Now that’s a shiny treat we’d be happy to take a bite of. We’d rather eat gummy bears rather than hang them, but we wouldn’t quite mind them on a chandelier either. Artist Kevin Champeny created this Gummy Bear chandelier that goes 31-inches in diameter and includes 5000 gummy bears diffusing the sweet, colorful light […]

Suitcase Transforms Into a Hotel Room For You

Hotello is the concept of a kind we don’t often get to see. The premise is an entire hotel room inside a trunk, which probably makes it some sort of luxurious and less useful camping equipment. Created by architect Antonio Scarponi and artist Robert de Luca for Swiss design group Das Konzept, the setup is […]