Helmet Shaped Umbrella Hopes to Make Things Easier

It’s raining, everybody has their umbrellas out, and well it’s trouble. People bumping umbrellas, umbrellas dripping on passersby, poking people in the eyes, and if not all that, umbrellas blowing inside out. It’s a mess. And I just realized this would make good infomercial stuff. Infomericals however, weren’t on the mind of Stephen Collier of Hospitality Umbrellas when he designed the helmet-like Rainshader umbrellas.

Apple Throws Design Convention Out the Window For The Powerful New Mac Pro

Thinking of laptops and notebooks, even computers in general, we have a very similar shape come to our mind. Mainly because that is how these gadgets have been forever. For its new Mac Pro, Apple gave that age old design a solid turn, making one that is not just unusual, but manages to wed form with function. The new Mac Pro is cylindrical.

Good Old Classic Fiat 500s Come Back as Refrigerators

Original Fiat 500s are an automotive classic, and one you could say helped Fiat get right back in the game with the new avatar. The classic is coming back this time, although in a new avatar that won’t be pacing the streets. Fiat has joined forces with appliance manufacturer Smeg to create retro look refrigerators based on the Fiat 500.

Zaha Hadid and AECOM to Build Stadiums For 2022 FIFA World Cup

Al-Wakrah Stadium

Zaha Hadid and AECOM have landed the bid to build the Al-Wakrah stadium for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The stadiums have been designed to reflect the rich cultural heritage of the country, and will as such be nestled in a culturally rich area flanked by archaeological sites and distinctive mosques. Hit ahead to see the magnificent designs that will be built for the massive sporting event.

Science Fiction Series in Design by Vil Tsimenzin

“Epic” is not a word we throw around often, but it’s one that simply falls when we see the work and renderings of Vil Tsimenzin (Simon Williamson). The renderings are so well done that you can’t help loving the execution. What we are looking at here, is the science fiction series where the designer envisions a series of objects, gadgets and accessories for the future. The set includes gear, an intergalactic probe, and a very Matrix-like helmet.

School Bus Transformed Into Cozy Home

Exteriors of this school bus might be like any other, but the interiors sure are not. On the insides, the 1978 International bus is a cozy home, and looks amazingly spacious for one with such origins. The 35 foot long bus has its kitchen and living area covered in wood, a wood stove, firwood roof deck, and enough space for an office desk and seating/sleeping furniture. What it does lack is a bathroom but we wouldn’t mind cutting it a little slack on that one.

Sounds of F1 Racing Give Birth to Spectra Concept Car

Spectra concept car looks like a racer, but wait, we have to go deeper. Designer Teeravit Hanharutaivan has speed tied up in its DNA, for the shape of the spectra takes after sounds from the speedy beasts that race the F1. Teeravit built the form and shape of the Spectra to copy the audible sound spectrum that dominates the roar on the F1 track. This being just a design exercise, the designer doesn’t seem to have thrown in specs for the car. But then we have sounds of a car making a car. How cool is that?

Gigantic Lightbulb Wraps a Chandelier

King Edison Pendant Lamp comes in the shape of a light bulb, only, as light bulbs go, it is a gigantic one. It has to be huge because the bulb is merely a casing to hold a small working representation of a kings chandelier. Dimensions for the light bulb are a 15 centimeter diameter and a 21 centimeter height, so while the edison bulb itself is a behemoth, the chandelier it hosts is actually a miniature! Costs £480 ($735).