Make One Quick: Luxury Airship Concept

Airships are amazing. Of course, they had plenty good reasons to go out of use when they did, but when the modern world understands aviation way better and has the means to make it safer, there is no reason airships shouldn’t make a comeback. If only for recreational purposes. UK based designer Mac Byer‘s Aether airship concept takes a very well imagined detour from the conventional airship appearance towards a form that is more modern and practicable, while keeping the necessary elements of the airship intact.

Stylish, Astronomy-inspired Watch Concept

Design student Shea Draney spent a good amount of time coming up with this concept watch. Taking some inspiration from space and astronomy, the designer worked the visualization to suit his ideas. The face of the watch is intended to represent a black hole, while the number rings represent an entirely different idea from astronomy in the shape of orbits.

Green Box, a Tiny Retreat Covered in Vegetation

A cabin placed quite on the woods on the slopes of the Raethian Alps in Italy, the “Green Box” has the appearance of a lovely little retreat ensconced in vegetation not just figuratively, but literally. Built by Act Romegialli Architects, it is a structure made from lightweight metal galvanized profiles and steel wires wraps, which serve as a three dimensional support for the climbing deciduous vegetation.

Batmobile Baby Stroller

Babies need to be on the path of awesomeness from the get go. Starting off with strollers seems like a pretty good idea. Roddler Custom series seems to be a part of the game, and allows strollers to be customized in various styles, including the Batmobile. All that we must admit, looks pretty darn good. Until you see the $4495 price tag, that is. You’d really want a fortune like that of the Wayne’s before you get something like this.


Baguette Bag

Not having a serious romantic relation with baguettes, I do feel a bit bewildered at this, although if you do love the baguette as much as the girl in images seems to, the baguette bag is only the logical choice. It is designed for the simple purpose of letting you get the precious baguette home from the bakery, keeping it protected and without having the precious baguette loose any of its much loved qualities.

Moon Night Light

If it is night, it only makes sense that the room be lit up like the surroundings: in moonlight. Moon Night Light does that, well at least in terms of looks. The night light takes the shape of a full moon and has a five watt lamp ensconced in it. Currently available for pre-order at $4.46.

Plate Gives Dinner Conversation Ideas: Food In My Beard

Let’s not spend time on boring crockery, when you could imagine the pleasure of eating straight out of some beardy dude’s beard. The series of plates by Phil Jones has four designs, each representing the dude with a different style of beard. The plates are not in production yet though the designer is looking for manufacturing and distribution partners.