Classic Penny Farthing Bicycle Brought Back as a Modern e-Bike ‘Concept 1865’

Concept 1865 is the classic Penny-farthing bicycle made to modern specifications, with modern materials. Developed as a prototype made by DING3000 working with chemical company BASF, the bicycle is meant to be a study of what the first bicycles would have been like, had their inventors stuck to their design but with access to modern materials.

Wi-Fi Planter Router

Covered in a concrete planter, this router lives happily as a sweet little decoration that adds green to your décor. The shallow planter dish is fit for plants like moss and ferns, and sits comfortably above a TP-LINK TL-WDR3600 router. You will have to be a bit careful when watering the plants, as it requires removing the planter and draining it before setting it back up on the router.

Cat Candles Burn and Reveal Skeletons Inside

Kisa candles from PyroPet take the cute geometric shape of cats, which of course doesn’t even border to telling the story of the dark secrets held inside the candles. Once the candles start burning, as the wax melts off you get to see an animal skeleton emerge from the candle. You just set a wax cat on fire, don’t be surprised when its steel skeleton shows up! Designed by Thorunn Arnadottir and Dan Koval, the 7-inch tall candles are currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter.

HP Printer Ink Satirically Given the Luxurious Chanel Perfume Packaging

Ridiculously high costs of printer ink aren’t lost on anyone, neither is the fact that the prices border on the obscene. For a satirical take on the situation, Celeste Watson, packaged HP Printer ink like the packing of the famous Chanel No. 5 perfume. That’s actually downgrading the printer ink, because as it turns out, Hewlett Packard’s printer ink costs $4285 per liter, which is more than twice the cost of the Chanel perfume per liter. The repackaged ink is called Hewlett Packard No. 564.

Yacht Design Concept by Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid worked with master yacht builders Blohm+Voss to create a set of concept superyachts with organic design touches. The set includes one 128-meters (420ft) long superyacht with five 90-meters (295 ft) yachts. The larger yacht at 128-meters is the one that shows off its design to full scale with a somewhat unconventional shape and a creative design full of “organic lattices” that follow the appearance of natural marine formations themselves.

Kulula Airline’s Fun Livery

South Africa’s Kulula Airlines has its planes dressed in a livery that is a far cry from usual standards. Perhaps the most interesting one is the Flying 101, a plane that is painted with descriptive words for most parts of the aircraft, and humorous quips to go with them. For example, it shows off the plane’s “Secret Agent Code” which happens to be its registration number, seats that are “better than taxi seats”, and a place dubbed as the “mile high club initiation chamber”, which just happens to be the loo.

Furniture Held Together Only Through Tension

California based designer Robby Cuthbert builds furniture that is not held together by conventional means like adhesives or nails, but relies on tension to keep its elements in place. All the wires you see in the furniture are to get the tension in the material built up enough to keep it a tangible furniture item, while staying on the course of novel design.