Mazzetto Wall Mounted Fireplaces

It’s almost winter, and this is the time when we look at fireplaces to be happy and warm. The good thing of course is the variety and options available that make fireplaces accessible for nearly every dwelling. Mazzetto from Redwitz is one such option. It goes quietly up on a wall, having its front facing […]

Sci-fi Author Proposes a 12 mile High Skyscraper to Launch Rockets

While we imagine a world of space travel and planet hopping, it might as well include an easy, cost-effective way of getting off Earth. Science-fiction author Neal Stephenson is developing a concept for a skyscraper that would go to the striking and surprising height of 12.4 miles (20 kilometers) for the sake of making rocket […]

Ambitious Supercar Plans to Topple All Records by Going 340 mph

Meet ‘The Bolt’ a young kid from Keating Supercars who hopes to take on the mightiest in the world and beat them to a pulp. The Bolt hopes to hit a top speed of 340 mph, very near 0.5 times the speed of sound. If that sounds super ambitious, that is because the current record […]

Food Printer Turns Drawings Into Three Dimensional Delicacies

Potential of 3D printers is huge. As they get out of their infancy, the ideas and uses associated with them keep growing at the same pace. This food printer concept is an entry to a competition by the Electrolux Design Lab. Atomium concept by Brazilian designer Luiza Silva strives to bring 3D printing to the […]

Laptops and Desktops Come in Harmonious Union in New Concept

Laptops are great for portable use, often chosen at the expense of desktops, which happen to promise greater comfort of use. Portable devices have grown greatly, though it is too early to discount the venerable desktop. U.DTR (Ultra Desktop Replacement) by Marin Myftiu is a concept that tries to bring laptops and desktops into one […]

A Very Batmobile-Like Mercedes SL GTR Concept

An independent concept by designer Mark Hostler, the very Batmobile like Mercedes SL GTR Concept as a supercar for the 21st century. Trying to live up to its aggressive look and design, the concept has been endowed with race car chassis, race suspension, carbon ceramic brakes, racing tires and a Nismo designed 5.5 liter V8 […]

Morbid ‘Fashion’ Line Has Couture For the Dead

People are usually dressed in their best for their burial. In the views of designer Pia Interlandi, having people wrapped in garments for their final resting place is not the best idea out there. The designer is of the view that the clothes people wear in life are not designed for death. The dead don’t […]

Look Your Picture Perfect Self in Frame Chairs

Dazzling with a very ornate design, Frame Chair by sibling designers Georgi and Petar Slokoski keeps you in picture perfect looks. It is a chair housed inside what would be a three dimensional picture frame. You might perhaps even use it as a little sanctuary. The framework is handcrafted wood colored or plated in gold […]

Self-Sufficient Mountain Hut is Your Refuge/Supervillain Lair

Looking suspiciously like the lair of a supervillain, Refuge du Gouter happens to be a self sufficient hut that sits atop the top of Mont Blanc, which just adds to its villain lair credentials. On the other hand, this reminds us how far technology has come, that the highest peak in Europe has not only […]

Your Head Wants These Custom Painted Helmets

Helmets get an upgraded look with Belle Helmets by Danielle Baskin. If you are going to ride a bike, adding a dash of style to the helmet might manage to add a tinge of happiness to your routine, or just give you the simple pleasure of wearing a helmet that looks beautiful.

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