Lamps Dressed In Fashion of the Day

Dressing lamps from Italian designer Marcella Foschi employ old clothes as shades. While that is a brilliant idea that lends both form and shape to the lamp, we wonder how effective could a lamp like this be. Wearing lamp sized clothes would perhaps be much better. Via CubeMe

Hydroflex Skateboards Show Color To Go With the Flow

If high end skateboards are your thing, you’re going to like the new Hydroflex Skateboards. Built out of foam, fiberglass and resin, the constituents take a honeycomb-like shape to keep the skateboard together. While presenting a pleasing effect in itself, the honeycomb shape also provides structural benefits to the skateboard. The propreitary technology also allowing […]

Church Releases Hilarious Commandments on Crusade Against Dog Poop

The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine had a problem with dog poop and dog owners not cleaning up after their pets. Handling the issue like a pro, the church called on the services of design firm Pentagram. Designers created messages and boards with typography and tone to match the holy commandments. Pentagram tried to […]

Flow Bamboo Chair is Apparently Quite Comfortable

We see Flow by Taiwanese designer Cheng-Tsung Feng and craft artist Kao-Min Chen, and we cannot imagine this mess of bamboo strips could be comfortable. In fact, looking at its base and the possible amount of injuries that could happen, this could be something like the Iron Throne of Westeros. The designer though maintains that […]

Pizzeria Has a Spinning Disco Ball Oven

Pizzerias and restaurants will often have massive, large ovens that do all the cooking. While it may be desirable to convert the large ovens to something more pleasing on the eyes, this Austrian pizzeria when right ahead and had the oven take the shape of a spinning disco ball. Designed and completed by architect Lucas […]

Fast Food Logos Feel the Weight

Fast food has the very unflattering tag of being unhealthy, and perhaps a major reason for obesity. Playing on the idea of effects of junk food, graphic designer adelbanfeel touched up famous fast food logos with a hint of obesity. Having fought weight himself, the designer presents his own logo iterations that often represent a […]

Stylish Wooden Bags

Rigidly shaped into elegance, the wooden bags by Tesler + Mendelovitch take a very interesting and contemporary design. Working into geometric shapes and a polished look, the bags sport a modern look with a touch of polished wood adding to the appearance. The clutches are available on Etsy.

World’s First Inflatable, Transportable Concert Hall

From an external aerial view this might not be the most beautiful of things, but on closer inspection, the “Ark Nova” looks way better than it lets on. Ark Nova is the world’s first inflatable and transportable concert hall. Created by British sculptor Anish Kapoor and Japanese architect Arata Isozaki, the rounded concert hall can […]

3D Wall Surfaces Inspired by Contemporary Trends

Making walls get an aesthetic and look better, these wall surfaces take inspiration from contemporary art and styling to look extra good. 3D Surface was formed as a result of a collaboration between three experienced craftsmen Romano Zenoni, and Alessandro and Stefano Fazzuoli. The company created textures, coats and materials that would be fit for […]

Caviar Table Flame is Simple and Elegant

Designer Fabien Gerlier is much fascinated by sintered bronze, a material primarily put to work in industry for filtration due to its porous nature. Metal granules fused together apparently make an excellent industrial filter. Fabien decided to bring the material out of its industrial home into an aesthetically better suited area, hence the Table Flame.

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