Magnets Keep Lights In Place For Chandelier

Float Chandelier by New York based design studio Bower, makes use of magnets to keep lights tied up into place. A central magnet keeps the magnetic LED lights at the top and bottom of the chandelier in place, holding its shape together with magnetic tension. The design and looks are pretty interesting, but we imagine a lot more could be done with the setup; perhaps a few more additions to give the floating lights more flair.

Photographs of The World’s Most Exquisite Libraries

Libraries pictured in our minds are somewhat simple, orthodox rooms with books lining up shelves and a few people scattered and reading in silence. While that description would be generally true, libraries can also be architecturally and aesthetically pleasing structures that house a wealth of human knowledge. In the book The Library: A World History, James W. P. Campbell and Will Pryce take a look at the history and development of libraries through civilization. A huge attraction of the book happens to be these magnificent photographs of libraries by Will Pryce.

Giant Nomadic City Rolls on Caterpillar Tracks

nomadic city vls by Manuel Dominguez

Called VLS (Very Large Structure), this is a concept of a giant nomadic city that moves on tracks to find itself preferable environmental, physical and economic conditions. Designed by Manuel Domínguez, the gigantic futuristic city is built off available technology that could be scaled to suit the needs of building a movable town like this, should such an opportunity arise.

Mercedes Benz Goes All Futuristic With the AMG Vision Gran Turismo Concept

Mercedes Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo Concept

There are plenty of things we expect from the future. Hot cars is one of those things, and things not having ridiculous names is another. Mercedes Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo Concept works very well with the former, but totally fails on the latter. Apparently, there is no having the cake and eating it too. The concept has a decidedly muscular and futuristic look, all packed in a boatload of curvy lines.

Required Immediately for Evil Genius Lair: Skull Armchair

Skull Armchair by Harold Harow

Being an evil genius requires great attention to your lair and appearance. Sure you could be sitting in a Skull mountain like Skeletor, but then you sit in a regular chair with a couple of skulls and shenanigans randomly thrown in, ruining the effect. You could get yourself a scary chair, but that usually kills the comfort. Not in this chair though, the Skull Armchair is meant to be a comfortable chair.

Forever Pillow Takes Several Shapes To Your Liking

forever pillow

Forever Pillow likes to exist solely for your comfort. It has a mobious strip inspired design that allows you to twist, turn or wrangle the pillow into several shapes that you might find comfortable or more suited for the use you intend. Forever Pillow is made out of bamboo fabric and 3M insulate filling, which apparently makes it capable of being warm in winters and cool in summers.

Artistic Touch is Dominant in Designer Furniture by Boca do Lobo

designer furniture by boca do lobo
Heritage Cabinet

Manufacturers of exclusive and designer furniture, Boca do Lobo have quite a collection of unique and stylish furniture. Inspiration ranges from the contemporary to the historic, with each sporting a distinct look and quality that only comes with an uncommon look finished to perfection. Hit ahead to take a look at some of the items from the collection, and marvel at the beauty of the designer furniture.