Caviar Table Flame is Simple and Elegant

Designer Fabien Gerlier is much fascinated by sintered bronze, a material primarily put to work in industry for filtration due to its porous nature. Metal granules fused together apparently make an excellent industrial filter. Fabien decided to bring the material out of its industrial home into an aesthetically better suited area, hence the Table Flame.

Bentley Starts off a Line of Home Furniture

Like several other car manufacturers, Bentley has decided it’s time to enter the arena of home furniture collection. The line includes tables, chairs, lounges, cabinets and beds. Several of them come with options in upholstery, color and materials used. In its style, Bentley has decided to keep the furniture elegant with generous touches of luxury.

GE Presents Its Vision of the Home of 2025

Planning for the future, GE imagines what appliances would be like in the year 2025, and of course that brings a good change to home appliances and the lifestyle changes that follow with the technology. Home 2025 design concepts from GE include appliances like a window mounted urban grill that throws the smoke outside. That’s […]

DNA Bookcase

Keeping your pile of books arranged in style in a minimal space, the DNA Bookcase by design studio Reverso for furniture brand Cattelan Italia manages to look good as well. The name comes from the double spiral shape it takes for the sake of visual pleasure.

You Will Barely Have Time to Write With This Amazing Magnetic Pen

Pens are supposed to come in handy when you need to scribble something on paper. This magnetic pen will do that too and do it better than several others, but that is not the reason we want it. We want it, because it is amazing. It is amazing, because it’s a genius with magnets. Polar, […]

Pyramid House

Architect Juan Carlos Ramos built this house built this modern pyramid for an architectural competition. It isn’t meant to house a pharoah in the afterlife, but a creative who would make good use of the shape and facilities. The pyramid rises three levels connected through floating staircases. It houses the usual rooms, like living room, […]

Funny Candlesticks by Tembolat Gugkaev

Saint Petersburg, Russia based designer Tembolat Gugkaev has been here before for his very unusual designs. Here’s a new set, not as outrageous as the others, but interesting nonetheless. This series of funny candleholders would be crafted from bronze and cast iron.

Branding Bad: Designer Creates Logos for the Final Episodes of Breaking Bad

Designer Jeremy Loyd has created logos for each of the final eight episodes of the Breaking Bad series. Starting this half of the season with Blood Money, the logo series goes all the way to the finale Felina. The Dayton, Ohio based designer posted the logos a couple of days after the broadcast of the […]

Seaweed Lamps by Nir Meiri

Marine Light by designer Nir Meiri makes use of seaweed as a primary element. While the seaweed plays a passive role, it is its presence that gives the lamps their unique style. Seaweed is applied over metal strips while it is still wet. As it dries, it shrinks and sticks to the metal strips, forming […]

Minimalist Illustrations Minimally Explain the Cultural Differences Between China and Germany

Visual designer Yang Liu has spent much of her life in Germany, though she was born in China. Using her own experience and perspective, the artist created a minimalist visualizations showing how the two countries see similar concepts. The blue side represents Germany, and the red side is China. The series seems quite similar to […]

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