Yacht Design Concept by Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid worked with master yacht builders Blohm+Voss to create a set of concept superyachts with organic design touches. The set includes one 128-meters (420ft) long superyacht with five 90-meters (295 ft) yachts. The larger yacht at 128-meters is the one that shows off its design to full scale with a somewhat unconventional shape and a creative design full of “organic lattices” that follow the appearance of natural marine formations themselves.

Kulula Airline’s Fun Livery

South Africa’s Kulula Airlines has its planes dressed in a livery that is a far cry from usual standards. Perhaps the most interesting one is the Flying 101, a plane that is painted with descriptive words for most parts of the aircraft, and humorous quips to go with them. For example, it shows off the plane’s “Secret Agent Code” which happens to be its registration number, seats that are “better than taxi seats”, and a place dubbed as the “mile high club initiation chamber”, which just happens to be the loo.

Furniture Held Together Only Through Tension

California based designer Robby Cuthbert builds furniture that is not held together by conventional means like adhesives or nails, but relies on tension to keep its elements in place. All the wires you see in the furniture are to get the tension in the material built up enough to keep it a tangible furniture item, while staying on the course of novel design.

Hydroflex Skateboards Show Color To Go With the Flow

If high end skateboards are your thing, you’re going to like the new Hydroflex Skateboards. Built out of foam, fiberglass and resin, the constituents take a honeycomb-like shape to keep the skateboard together. While presenting a pleasing effect in itself, the honeycomb shape also provides structural benefits to the skateboard. The propreitary technology also allowing for customizable colors that blend in and radiate through the structure to give the skateboards their unique look. They’re currently offering three models for the skateboards, a micro cruiser, mini cruiser and a longboard. Available for pre-order on Kickstarter.

Church Releases Hilarious Commandments on Crusade Against Dog Poop

The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine had a problem with dog poop and dog owners not cleaning up after their pets. Handling the issue like a pro, the church called on the services of design firm Pentagram. Designers created messages and boards with typography and tone to match the holy commandments. Pentagram tried to make the boards beautiful, durable, and with humorous catchphrases to get the message across.

Flow Bamboo Chair is Apparently Quite Comfortable

We see Flow by Taiwanese designer Cheng-Tsung Feng and craft artist Kao-Min Chen, and we cannot imagine this mess of bamboo strips could be comfortable. In fact, looking at its base and the possible amount of injuries that could happen, this could be something like the Iron Throne of Westeros. The designer though maintains that it is a comfortable bamboo chair “light and free as a cloud” and where you could enjoy a lazy afternoon.

Pizzeria Has a Spinning Disco Ball Oven

Pizzerias and restaurants will often have massive, large ovens that do all the cooking. While it may be desirable to convert the large ovens to something more pleasing on the eyes, this Austrian pizzeria when right ahead and had the oven take the shape of a spinning disco ball. Designed and completed by architect Lucas Galehr of the design collective Madame Mohr, the oven was covered in tiny mirror tiles to form a disco ball and given the very apt name of Disco Volante.