Emoji Throw Pillows

Rather than texting emojis to someone, we assume you can now just plain throw them. Yay! Another excuse to not be talking even when away from keyboard or smartphones (like that ever happens). The throw pillows are the work of Throwboy, who seem to be the purveyors of internet specific throw pillows. Each of these is priced at $20.

Disney Princesses Styled as Game of Thrones Ladies

Disney Princesses habitually show a lot less skin than the ladies in Game of Thrones, but then the princesses don’t live in a world as cruel as Westeros. Illustrator Sam Tsui illustrated thirteen Disney characters and princesses as women from A Song of Ice and Fire. It’s just about a month before Game of Thrones returns to the television, and “The Wonderful World of Westeros” series is just about the meeting of odds and the cruel twists we expect from the series.