Oil Paintings of Disney Princesses

Artist Heather Theurer beautifully painted Disney Princesses in oil paint. Well, of course we see Disney princesses inspired art all the time, and they are wonderful in their own right, the good old oil paint undoubtedly has a charm of its own. The set includes Cinderella, Merida, Mulan, and Rapunzel, all painted with oil on board. Original paintings for these have already been sold, but the artist has plenty of beautiful paintings for you to see.

Boiling Water in Water Gun Meets -42F Weather

Canada and parts of USA are seeing an extreme cold, with temperature colder than the surface temperature of Mars. Extreme cold like that is very well suited for experimentation, like what we see here. The video is from South Porcupine, Ontario, Canada where the temperature was -41°C (-41.8°F) when this video was shot. Boiling water meets super cold temperature, and immediately turns to snow.

Magnets Let You Take Bad Parking Passive Aggressiveness to a Whole New Level

A shitty parking job seems to be like a way of life for some people, and for most of us, shitty parking is incredibly infuriating. Shame those idiots at parking their cars right while being at your passive aggressive best with these magnets. Do Your Park are “delightfully distasteful” magnets that show an illustration accompanied by some humorous insult that you can throw at a sub-par parking performance.