Humorous Comics by Liz Climo

Artist Liz Climo works as a storyboard revisionist for The Simpsons. The artist also has a very humorous Tumblr blog where she posts humorous illustrations and comics. Hit ahead for a few of those comics.

Sherlock, Doctor Who and Other Famous Characters as Pillows

Etsy shop telahmarie (Heart Felt Designs) has a very cool collection of handmade pillows that show several popular culture characters. Sherlock and the Doctor are of course at the top, considering their popularity, but there are several other characters available as well. Other items from the shop include Dean, Sam, and Castiel from Supernatural, Harry […]

What the World Would Look Like if Cell Phone Signals Were Visible

Visual artist Nikolay Lamm is back with a new set which makes us look at the invisible. Quite like his previous set of visualized WiFi signals, this one takes a look at what the world would appear if our cell phone signals were readily visible. The visualizations look at different cities, like Chicago, NYC, Washington […]

Superheroes Illustrated as Little Kids

Artist Alberto Varanda illustrated superheroes as cute little kids. They no longer throw fists and punches, but defeat crime with cuteness.

Life-Sized Dalek Wedding Cakes

Exterminate you say? That you shall be, Daleks; you will be devoured. These life-sized Daleks are excellent wedding cakes built by UK based Dinkydoodle Designs. We especially like the hat and veil touch on the Daleks.

Characters From Downton Abbey Painted as Cats and Dogs

Characters from the TV Show Downton Abbey have found a new home in Houndton Abbey. The series by Massachusetts-based artist and illustrator Toadbriar presents characters from the famous TV Show as cats and dogs. Paintings for the series have been done with archival materials that are supposed to last for 200 years in indoor lighting […]

Stream of Water Frozen Mid-Air

Water managed to escape a pipe and formed this very glassy sculpture-like shape. Frozen water in winter isn’t really new to most of us, but getting a clean glassy shape like this one is pretty rare. The image was submitted by jonr on reddit. A redditor explained it as “A long period of rain, then […]

Batman Tumbler Golf Cart

Made for golfing pleasure, this Tumbler Golf Cart started its life as a EZ-Go Golf Cart. Since the latter wouldn’t really be befitting of the dark knight, they stripped it down and rebuilt the golf cart into the tumbler shape from the frame. The tumbler has a top speed of 38mph, a brand new battery, […]

Kujira Whale Knife

Forged into adorable shapes, these pencil sharpening knives from Kujira are made to resemble the sperm whale. Made in Japan, the knives are hand forged by blacksmith Toru Yamashita. Costs $55.

11 Manly Ways to Tie a Scarf

Few men are seen wearing a scarf these days, and it’s a pity because scarves are pretty handy companions for winter. This infographic lists some “manly” ways to tie a scarf that should help you not just beat the cold, but also any inhibitions you might have. Hit ahead for the full image.