‘Fish on Wheels’: A Tank Fish Can Drive

This reminds me of the old joke. What did one fish in a tank say to the other? How do we drive this thing?

Well that might exactly be what fish in the ‘Fish on Wheels’ might be talking about. When the fish in this tank moves, a top mounted webcam captures its movement and relays it to the arduino controlled carriage that drives in the direction of the fish’s movements. We’re guessing it would be quite some fun to see the direction the fish takes when left in the open.


Superbly Detailed Map Will Help You Visit Lands of the Internet

Map of the Internet by Jay Jason Simons presents a very vivid world imagined to originate from the world wide web. It is remarkable considering the sheer amount of imagination and hardwork that would have gone into creating this map. The main map was illustrated using popular web trends, technologies in use, Alexa rankings, and other metrics.

The Amount of Minimum Wage Hours You Need to Put in Around the World to Buy a Beer

Beer is important, so is someone’s ability to purchase one. Although it is not a global constant, it makes for a pretty interesting image anyway. The folks over at Quartz have created a global index consisting of the average price of draft beer in several countries, and the hours a minimum wage worker would have to put in to be able to afford beer.