The Sneeze Illustrated in Different Languages

Following his superb series of animal sounds in different languages, artist James Chapman has a couple new illustrations that show the word for sneeze in different languages. The illustrations focuses on the sound, rather than the action itself. Interestingly enough, the artist points out an article that says the sound we make while sneezing is a cultural habit, and thus the sound of the sneeze changes through different languages.

High Speed Photographs of Bullets Being Fired

high speed ballistics by Herra Kuulapaa

The works of Finnish photographer Herra Kuulapaa show bullets just microseconds after they leave the barrel of the gun, often with fire, smoke and flaming powder in tow. The photographer says that the High Speed Ballistics series seeks to show the importance of firearm safety, and the inherent destruction that the discharged bullets are capable of. Several of these bullets are leaving the gun at speeds as high as 800 mph.

Cartoon Notebook

Get yourself ready for some action with a notebook that appears to have come straight from the cartoon universe. That means it is designed to look like a notebook you would see in some classic cartoons, and the associated style. The lined notebook has 200 pages with angled edges and thick black borders to carry with the cartoon theme. Costs $13.