11 Manly Ways to Tie a Scarf

Few men are seen wearing a scarf these days, and it’s a pity because scarves are pretty handy companions for winter. This infographic lists some “manly” ways to tie a scarf that should help you not just beat the cold, but also any inhibitions you might have. Hit ahead for the full image.

Ways to Pet Your Cat

Comic by artist Michelle L. Nguyen. via

Eagle Steals Wildlife Camera, Takes Selfies

A wildlife camera was set up with a crocodile trap in Australia, only to find itself in the hands of an eagle. The eagle “stole” the camera, took it away and while it was at it, took a few selfies of itself. Apparently, the eagle wanted them for its Instagram page or something, presumably with […]

Guitar Picks Made From Coins

Artists Andy and Jolene make these cool guitar picks from coins. Just so the edges of the coins don’t give trouble to your guitar strings, they’ve been sanded and buffed. Apparently, using the Nickel alloy coins for picks also helps give a unique tone characteristic to the sound of a string instrument. Available on Etsy.

Retro and Vintage Art For Modern Films and Characters

Artists Tom Whalen and Dave Perillo have come up with a series where modern movies and characters get a touch of the vintage and retro. The exhibit has been named Modern Vintage and is on display at Gallery 1988 East in Los Angeles today (December 6) onwards. Movies like Batman, Robocop, Army of Darkness and […]

Tactical Stockings Make Santa Like You Better

Santa has been filling stockings for centuries, we’re pretty sure that dude would like some change. Also, you could reap the benefits of having better advantages than most other stockings could dream of. Tactical stockings are not the usual red; they’re dark and they are full of pockets, straps and clips.

Breaking Bad Playing Cards

Artist Jeff Nichol has come up with a series of prints where Breaking Bad characters, most notably Walter White, take their place on a deck of playing cards. We are missing the full set, but several of the characters and references do find room on the cards. Perhaps, we might get a full deck in […]

Amazing, Little Known Creatures That Live On Our Planet

Our earth is home to millions of species, yet most of us only know a few, often overlooking some very fascinating some very fascinating species that cohabit this planet with us. Ross Piper through his book Animal Earth seeks to bring attention to the several species that the author feels do not get the attention […]

Snow Wolf Wheeled Snow Shovel

The winter is going to make us shovel ungodly amounts of snow, so we might as well look into things that make it easier for us. You put the shovel to the ground and push it using the convenience of the wheel, saving your back the trouble and apparently getting the snow cleared up way […]

Rrrrrrrroll Gifs

Rrrrrrrroll is a collection of cinemagraph-like gif images with people or objects in a constant rotation. They’re brilliant, I can’t take my eyes off them. I might be a cat.