Awww-tastic Images of Little Critters In A Forest of Netherlands

Netherlands based photographer Edwin Kats has captured beautiful awww-inducing images of rodents, mostly squirrels and hedgehogs. The images were captured in the woods within a 10 mile radius of his home in Nunspeet, Holland. Kats spent a long time with these little critters, getting to know them, their habits, and in turn familiarizing them with […]

If You Add Drunk People to Fitness Quotes, Things Get Hilarious

Since this happens to be the day when population around the world wakes up with a hangover, it would be just fine to add inspirational fitness quotes to pictures of people getting drunk. We first saw this in September, but since then the idea has spinned off into a subreddit called Drunkspiration. Sit back, relax […]

Heat Map Shows Where You Feel Emotions in Your Body

A team of researchers worked with more than 700 participants in Sweden, Finland and Taiwan to draw a heat map of what areas of the human body are effected with certain emotions. Participants viewed emotion-laden words, videos, facial expressions and stories, and self-reported the body parts that felt different after being exposed to the emotion […]

Parents and Baby Adorably Recreate Movies With Cardboard

Having moved to a different country, Lilly and Leon Mackie noticed they had accumulated several cardboard boxes. Now the general idea in this situation would be to store or recycle the boxes, but the couple decided to go along a third option. This option led them straight to creating faux movie sets and scenes with […]

Pokemon Made From Leaves

Natural Pokemon series by Jacob Carter sees the much loved Pokemon made out of Leaves. We’re guessing the Pokemon would love the touch of “natural” in their portraits. Except when they get into a battle and get carried away by a little gust of wind.

3D Printed Intricate Animal Head Trophies

Animal Lace collection by artists Linlin and Pierre-Yves Jacques is a series of animal head busts and trophies built in an intricate mesh. The ornate trophies were 3D printed using white polyamide and gloss paint, which gives them a brilliant white look during the day. At night, lamps in the animal heads shine and glimmer […]

Zero Scooter is a Vespa That Thinks Like a Segway

The iconic Vespa has had its day in the sun and still holds considerable sway. It is perhaps that standing that brings us to Vespa-inspired products every so often. Zero scooter by Bel & Bel Studio is a mashup of modern Segway-like technology with the classic Vespa. Looks of the Segway are modern, futuristic even, […]

Warm Your Hands on Coffee With The ToastyMug

When it is cold out, we do generally prefer to wrap our hands around a warm cup of coffee. This makes an excellent combination of savoring the drink while it warms our hands. ToastyMug plays up on that very desire or custom to shape itself into a cup meant too be a safe harbor of […]

Waterfalls Photographed in Black and White

Images of waterfalls by photographer Massimo Margagnoni are captured in black and white, and have something of an eerie effect of silence that is probably brought on by the stark, spartan appearance of the images.

All Of 2013 In One Image

Highlights of 2013 have all been captured in this one image by Mario Zucca. The illustration sets a city scene where characters play out major events of the year. Of course it’s no easy job condensing events of a year into one image, but when you see the list and detail, you realize he has […]