All The Cool Kids Have Their Own Tornado Machines

Having your own pet tornado in a box seems like the thing to do. The tornado machine has been built as a demonstration model for classrooms, but lets face it, having a personal tornado sounds so much better. Perhaps even a bit supervillainous, but we don’t give a shit ‘coz we got a tornado to […]

Famous Movies Get Maps For Their Story Locations

Illustrator Andrew DeGraff has created a set of illustrations that work as maps for famous movie storylines. He has quite a selection of movies in the mix, and carefully marked out paths showing the maps of the story location, along with the movement of the characters.

Beautiful Images of Frozen Soap Bubbles

Photographer Angela Kelly has a collection of stunning images of frozen soap bubbles. Frozen soap bubbles are beautiful!

‘My Cloud Pal’ Woman Copies Selfies From Her Lost iPhone

Danielle Bruckman lost her cell phone amid new year celebrations on January 1, 2013. The phone ended up in the hands of some dude who, like several people who own phones, delights in taking selfies. Unknown to the new owner of the phone, it was connected to Bruckman’s cloud service.

Pikachu Zip-Up Hoodie

Get a Pikachu look on your hoodie, and a tail to go with. The zip-up hoodie has ear extensions for Pikachu, though the same courtesy hasn’t been offered to the tail, which (thankfully) stays on as a print. Available on Amazon.

Canadian Company Makes a Truck Out of Ice, Takes It For a Spin

Once you get over the fear of freezing your butt off, there’s plenty of things you can do with all the snow and ice in Canada. Make a friggin’ truck out of it, for example. Out to show the world how rugged their car batteries are, a Canadian company sculpted 11,000 lbs of ice into […]

Dyed Fish Show Off Their Anatomy

Fish are colorful, bright creatures. Like almost all beings in nature, the colors of fish aren’t really markers of their anatomy. Dyed fish in the works of Professor Adam Summers have dyes running around bodies of the marine animals, clearly marking several anatomical structures.

Mesmerize Yourself In a Pop Tart Factory [gif]

Okay, you’ve stared at it for ten minutes now, that’s good enough. HTML5 embed above. If you are on an older browser, or prefer the good old gif, hit ahead.

Century Old Negatives Discovered in Antarctica, Developed

Century old negatives that were exposed, but never developed have been found at an old supply depot in Antarctica. Discovered by Conservators of the New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust, the film was found in a supply depot built by the Terre Nova expedition (1910-1913), which was restocked by the Ross Sea Party carrying supplies for […]

Awww-tastic Images of Little Critters In A Forest of Netherlands

Netherlands based photographer Edwin Kats has captured beautiful awww-inducing images of rodents, mostly squirrels and hedgehogs. The images were captured in the woods within a 10 mile radius of his home in Nunspeet, Holland. Kats spent a long time with these little critters, getting to know them, their habits, and in turn familiarizing them with […]