The Amount of Minimum Wage Hours You Need to Put in Around the World to Buy a Beer

Beer is important, so is someone’s ability to purchase one. Although it is not a global constant, it makes for a pretty interesting image anyway. The folks over at Quartz have created a global index consisting of the average price of draft beer in several countries, and the hours a minimum wage worker would have to put in to be able to afford beer.

50 Reasons You Blow (My Mind)

I might have added the brackets in the heading, but that little joke was too tempting to miss. It’s around Valentine’s day and this might help you put things into words easier, provided you don’t fall for the temptation of adding punctuation or words that make things none too flattering. 50 Reasons You Blow My Mind is a book with quotations, and blanks for you to fill in, with whatever words of love you like. Costs $10.45.

The Sneeze Illustrated in Different Languages

Following his superb series of animal sounds in different languages, artist James Chapman has a couple new illustrations that show the word for sneeze in different languages. The illustrations focuses on the sound, rather than the action itself. Interestingly enough, the artist points out an article that says the sound we make while sneezing is a cultural habit, and thus the sound of the sneeze changes through different languages.