People in Remote Siberia Get Photographs Taken For The First Time Ever

Photographer Sasha Leahovcenko traveled twice to Chukotka in Siberia, to photograph tribes living in the remote area who had never had their photographs taken before. The photographer traveled to these forbidding remote lands with gifts of warm clothes and shoes for the people, and also printed their photographs and handed them back to these tribes. […]

bRead Notebook

Basking in the glory of its name, the bRead notebook is styled to look like slices of bread. Measuring 12 centimeters for each side, the notebook has 296 pages. Sadly, the pages themselves are not crafted to look like bread slices. Available in white bread, wheat bread, and whole wheat bread flavors, the notebooks are […]

X-Ray Illustrations of Cartoon Character Skeletons

Artist Chris Panda has a series of illustrations where cartoon characters go under X-Ray. Drawn in the style of coloring book sketches, they show off a rather disturbingly skeletal side of popular characters.

These Earrings Are Also Functional Lock-Picks

Lock-pick earrings would be fit for some movie femme fatale, or just for the odd time when you forget your keys at home. The earrings are acid etched to give them a designer look while they amply flaunt the tools of the trade like picks, rakes and tension bar. Silver plated rings and ear hooks […]

Embroidered Cats Peek Out of Shirts

Cat shirts by Hiroko Kubota were initially made for her son. The child is of a smaller build and store bought items did not fit him well enough. So the mother started to make shirts for her son, the boy being a bit of a cat lover sometimes requested his mother to use her skill […]

Dinosaur Bone and Meteorite Ring

If unique is what you’re looking for in jewelry, dinosaur bone and meteorite rings seem very willing for duty. Made by Johan Rust, these rings have dinosaur bone and meteorite as components, often matched with some precious metal to give the ring shape and structure. Gibeon meteorite that fell on Earth in the pre-historic age […]

How People React When Strangers Fall Asleep on Them In The Subway

Most of us have experienced a situation where while traveling in public transport, sitting next to a complete stranger, and the stranger decides to take a nap on a passenger. Awkward. Photographer George Ferrandi explored the idea further by traveling in the New York subway and falling asleep on strangers while her associate Angela Gilland […]

Zippo Hand Warmer

Zippo hand warmer claims to have been made with the same characteristic skill, style and ruggedness that have marked Zippo products for generations. Keep one handy this winter, and you will not have to deal with the biting cold on your hands. Running on Zippo’s lighter fluid, the hand warmers are odorless, can last up […]

Nintendo Cartridge Flasks

Few things can match our addiction to the classic 8-bit games of Nintendo. While the games themselves might not be around with the same fanfare that they once used to be, we can still take a sip of the nostalgia, and make it better by tinging it with alcohol. Entertainment Flasks are styled like the […]

Coins Drilled Into Designer Rings

A quarter can be worth much more than a quarter when made into something artistic like these rings. Nicholas Heckaman uses coins to craft these beautiful rings. The project started off with the artist looking for an engagement ring, which he finally decided to make himself using an old silver coin.