Wearable, 3D Printed Translucent Jewelry With Plants

Once you get good with 3D printing, you could make anything. Like making tiny planters with plants in them, and then using said planters in jewelry and accessories. It seriously looks great. The planters are watertight so you don’t get droplets from the plant you’re wearing. Several of the planters are also translucent and the barely visible roots give them quite a pattern. Intended for use with succulents, small flowers, and sprouts, they are available at Etsy shop A Wearable Planter.

Emoji Faces Created for Real Life

Emoji icons and faces are quite popular, but a world where these faces were real would be drastically creepy, and downright scary. It would be fair to doubt that anyone would be smiling at these smileys. The set of images was created by ad agency Rosapark for a group called Innocence en Danger, a non-profit devoted to fighting the sexual abuse of children. The idea is to ask parents to be aware of who their child is chatting with online.