Glow in the Dark Underwear Puts You at the Center of the Solar System

When it gets dark, the handmade underwear glows with the power of the solar system. You know, because those glow things are so cool. Costs $18.

Evolution of NYC’s Skyline [pic]

This set of images shows the impressive evolution of NYC’s famed skyline over a period of nearly 140 years. It’s… lovely. Via tier1, swissmiss

A Peak Into Woody’s Secret Life

Toy Story movies have brought unimaginable fame to Woody. With that sort of limelight on him, it is only obvious that every facet of his life, private or not, be brought under public scrutiny. Photographer Santlov imagined the secret life of Woody, showing what the showbiz toy might be up to, away from the camera […]

Iconic Musicians Made From Piles of CDs

Advertising Agency FirstFloorUnder made this rather creative set depicting iconic musicians from a pile of CDs. The discs were arranged to show musicians like Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis, Jim Morrison, James Brown, and Freddy Mercury. The campaign intends to show how piracy kills artists (which some may argue isn’t quite true by a long […]

Composite Photographs Show Interiors From the Floor, No Upskirts Involved

German photographer Michael H. Rohde took a shot at room interiors, photographing them as if they would be seen by a point on the floor. The photographs are composite images created by joining a number of photographs to put the subject rooms into perspective. Seeing the angle of the photographs, our pervert brain is somehow […]

Blood Themed Wallpaper

Apparently, sitting in a room that looks like it was the scene for a crazy chainsaw/ax murderer is not at all upsetting. Well, actually it isn’t. Pixers has come up with a range of wallpapers and accessories that would make everything in your home appear like the scene of a hopeless crime scene. Psychotic brains […]

Watch for Those Never on Time

Made especially for the wonderful people who tend to be late to well, everything, this watch simply does away with all the numbers, sending them away to a silent corner. To stay true to the feeling, the watch does incorporate the words “Whatever, I’m late Anyway.” Available here, and on Amazon.

Keysocks, the Revolutionary Kind of Socks

We’re no experts on fashion, we’re far from it, but we can see the use of Keysocks and we like it, or maybe it’s just our foot fetish acting up; we’re not sure. Basically, the keysocks give you the pleasure of keeping your toes and feet warm, without the grand fashion faux pas of wearing […]

It’s a Good Thing Freddy Krueger is a Toilet Tank Cover

Seeing the creepy Freddy Krueger toilet tank cover, we’d be happy to get on the crapper and sh*t bricks, if we didn’t sh*t our pants first. Via OhGizmo

World’s Smallest House at Just 1 Meters Square

You’d think there isn’t much to be done inside a house that has an area of just one meters square; but then you’re overlooking all the possibilities. Designed and constructed by Van Bo Le-Mentzel, the “Smallest House” has a lockable door, foldout desk, a window, and wheels for easy transportation so you’re never away from […]