Watch for Those Never on Time

Made especially for the wonderful people who tend to be late to well, everything, this watch simply does away with all the numbers, sending them away to a silent corner. To stay true to the feeling, the watch does incorporate the words “Whatever, I’m late Anyway.” Available here, and on Amazon.

Keysocks, the Revolutionary Kind of Socks

We’re no experts on fashion, we’re far from it, but we can see the use of Keysocks and we like it, or maybe it’s just our foot fetish acting up; we’re not sure. Basically, the keysocks give you the pleasure of keeping your toes and feet warm, without the grand fashion faux pas of wearing […]

It’s a Good Thing Freddy Krueger is a Toilet Tank Cover

Seeing the creepy Freddy Krueger toilet tank cover, we’d be happy to get on the crapper and sh*t bricks, if we didn’t sh*t our pants first. Via OhGizmo

World’s Smallest House at Just 1 Meters Square

You’d think there isn’t much to be done inside a house that has an area of just one meters square; but then you’re overlooking all the possibilities. Designed and constructed by Van Bo Le-Mentzel, the “Smallest House” has a lockable door, foldout desk, a window, and wheels for easy transportation so you’re never away from […]

Miniature Minis Had a Sweet, Silent Run at the Olympics

At the recently completed London Olympics, tiny miniature Minis had an important job to do, and they could often be seen dashing across the fields and the tracks. Mini’s parent company BMW was an official sponsor of the Olympics, so that meant BMW and Mini cars could often be seen ferrying athletes and guests.

Looking Inside a Toddler’s Brain [pic]

Having known exactly zero toddlers, we can attest that this is true. This was apparently drawn by freelance artist Melissa Balmain for publishing in a 2003 issue of Parenting magazine. Via Neatorama, swissmiss

Backyard Home Theater

If you have really deep pockets, you could always enjoy something like the Batman theater. But if the pockets are not deep enough (but deep anyway), there’s some fun to be had with the Backyard Home Theater. The kit includes an inflatable 16 feet screen, an LCD Sanyo Projector, DVD player, Audio Mixer, Speakers and […]

Disney Recreates the Up! House With a Hot Air Balloon

It may not be as realistic as the one we’ve seen earlier, but Disney’s hot air balloon up house is pretty impressive. The balloon house was made back in 2009, for promotion of the movie across Europe. It made quite a few stops in Europe, and of course, added to the big hit that the […]

Awesome Dad Makes Custom Roller Coaster for Daughter [video]

A lot of PVC Piping, lumber and concrete went into making this amazing roller coaster.

Couture Dresses Inspired by Harry Potter Houses

Artist DistantDream found inspiration in Harry Potter houses and their themes to come up with these Hogwarts inspired couture dresses. Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin all find their fashion side and taste in these conceptual dress sketches that could probably make a decent show in contemporary circles.