GPS Enabled Shoes Guide You on Your Way Home

We’re going to imagine these prototype shoes by Dominic Wilcox come in pretty handy after a crazy night of drinking, after which you have no idea of where you are and how you got there. LEDs on the shoes can then jump into action, to show what direction would take you home. Lights on the right shoe represent the distance that has to be covered, while those on the left show the direction the wearer should be taking.

Hello, This is Fish. Fish Tank Phone Booth

Goldfish are considered a symbol of prosperity, good luck and joy, and usually get a lot of attention in Japan during the summer. Five students from Kyoto University of Art and Design formed a collective Kingyobu and proceeded to fill several phone booths in Osaka with water and goldfish. AS can be imagined, the unusual aquariums gained quite a lot of attention and appreciation.

Child’s Own Studio Converts Drawings by Children to Stuffed Toys

Child’s Own Studio is a nifty project that converts childrens’ drawings into their stuffed toy counterparts. We imagine it would be difficult and hard work to convert random things that children imagine into usable, playable stuffed toys. But the look on a child’s face on seeing the toy would more than make up for the effort. The stuffed toys can be bought here.