Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Launch the ‘Indecision’ Line

It’s the politically charged American season, that has toilet paper and clothing coming up for people to support their political ideologies. Going through the same idea, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Urban Outfitters have come up with the Indecision line of clothing and accessories. Looks light-hearted and fun.

Getting Your Coffee, Explained

Oh! So that’s how coffee works! via

Stockholm Metro is a Gateway to Another Dimension

Stockholm Metro is quite a wonder, with many of the stations being cut out of a single rock, and then painted in quite alluring themes. Also, some of these are clearly gateways to another dimension.

Dogshaming: Humiliating Dogs for Bad Behavior

Dogs do a lot of weird things, and while they may not exactly understand the concept of public humiliation over the internet, humans to happen to regale and love those cute little things. Tumblr blog Dogshaming shows photos of dogs with signage showing their humiliation, and all we can think of is awwwwww.

Bodies With Exposed Anatomy

Artist Koen Hauser created a series of digital artworks titled ‘Modische Atlas der Anatomie’. The series features an interesting combination of photographs of models juxtaposed with classic anatomy models. As contrasting as the combination may be, it is quite striking.

Beer on the Go Gets Easier With Powdered Beer

We’re not sure if powdered beer is anything like the real deal, but hey… it’s beer. Plus when you get to carry a lot of beer without all the weight, it probably covers the little shortcomings. A company going by the name of Pat’s Backcountry Beverages has come up with powdered beer. Open the sachet, […]

The Alphabet Created With Long Exposure Photography of Hands

London-based photographer Amandine Alessandra created the entire alphabet using long exposure photography and hands. Titled Dance With Me, the project involved doing a lot of hand-movements in front of the camera… ooh! Dance. Via PetaPixel

Circus Letter Lights

Ain’t nothing wrong with adding a bit of color to the living place, and clowns; okay, maybe skip the clowns. Actually, get those gymnasts, or the bear on a unicycle. Yup, that will go right well with these bright, 60cm tall circus letter lights. Costs ~$945. Via RGS

3 in 1 Breakfast Station is a One Stop Breakfast Deal

This breakfast station is like the one stop shop for single folks, or really lazy people, and we fit into both categories. It makes toast, egg and coffee at the same time, covering almost everything you would expect from breakfast. Costs $40.

Glow in the Dark Underwear Puts You at the Center of the Solar System

When it gets dark, the handmade underwear glows with the power of the solar system. You know, because those glow things are so cool. Costs $18.