Galaxies Make the Alphabet of the Universe

Considering the sheer number of galaxies in the universe, it wouldn’t be too tough to imagine seeing them in different shapes. The particular image here shows galaxies that take the shape of alphabets. The look at these shapes is the result of Galaxy Zoo Project, where volunteers sift through large number of images of space to do some preliminary work on the appearance of galaxies, leaving scientists to do all that interesting sciencey stuff they do. Galaxies do make a very cool typeface.

Slutty Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Halloween’s close and many people would be busy working on their costumes, but it would help to get the pets dressed up as well. Apparently it seems dressing dogs the slutty way is the flavor of the season. Well, or dressed like famous celebrities to be more accurate, although the dressing does seem to be a bit towards the far side. What dog wouldn’t like to dress up as Snooki, Katy Perry, Marilyn Monroe, or Madonna, with big stuffed boobs to go along.