Scream Machine: The Volkwagen Up That Runs on Screams

Made to mark the Olympics, this Volkswagen Up has no foot pedal for acceleration. It does in stead rely on sounds of shouting, screaming and general merriment of its occupants to speed up or down. Made with the help of creative agency Achtung Netherlands, the car makes use of ‘orange-motion technology’ which basically sounds like […]

White Shark Attack Bench

What? A huge shark is attacking the bench I’m sitting on? I’m not moving until I finish my cotton candy. Because nobody messes with cotton candy. This shark bench is on display at a shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand.

Dress Made From 50,000 Gummy Bears

Edible dressing is kinky, you say? Well, take a look at this gorgeous dress inspired by an Alexander McQueen piece. Only this one goes a step further with the use of 50,000 gummy bears that make it weigh 220 pounds. We assume the model in question has had a ton of gummiberri juice that lets […]

Count Dracula Edward Cullen, Your Coffin Tanning Bed Has Arrived

It has been very well established that Vampires like to look cool and funky. While they clearly don’t prefer to go out in the sun, they probably wouldn’t mind taking a swing at tanning beds. Our first choice here was Count Dracula, but we realized he wouldn’t quite enjoy the wonders of this coffin shaped […]

Not Overkill: Mosquito Flamethrower

The buzzing sound of mosquitoes at night, or their bite is enough to send even the most composed human into doing some very ungodly things. Not that anyone can blame them. At such moments, everything is fair; like bringing out a flame thrower to toast those wretched sons of bitches. That is exactly what the […]

Chain Mail Bikini

Video games have taught us that female armor needs to be as bodacious and revealing as possible. Which is why we think the chain mail bikini is a good start for the real world. While not nearly as tough as chain mail armor, the bikini has aluminum parts working with latex-free rubber for the unique, […]

The World Map in Currency

If there’s one language that the world understands quickly, it is money. Reddit user The310Investigator made this world map where countries are represented by the currencies they use. There’s a full resolution poster version that you can checkout on Zazzle.

Life is so Much Easier Now: Rip Cord Packaging Tape

This is one of the things that you see and exclaim “Why no one thought of this before?” We would blame the strength and durability of the packaging for that, but hey, this one probably has it all figured out. A rip cord runs at the center of the tape and can simply be pulled […]

Five Guys Take the Same Photo for 30 Years

Words can barely express how impressed we are with these photographs. It started when five teenagers captured this photograph in 1982 at Copco Lake. Not much would have been said of this photograph if John Wardlaw, John Dickson, Mark Rumer, Dallas Burney and John Molony had not decided to recreate it five years later.

Water Rocket RPG

Well, now this is some serious action. Japan’s Marudai Corp. has found a way to add pain to otherwise slightly less painful water battles. But you ought to expect some pain when bringing an RPG into battle. Not satisfied with shooting something benign like water balloons, the Water Rocket RPG shoots PET bottle rockets over […]