Fireworks Like You’ve Never Seen Them

We’ve all seen and enjoyed fireworks, but these impressive photos show that there’s a lot more than meets the eye. Well, but it does quite meet the long exposure eye of the camera. Photographer David Johnson visited the Sound of Light Fireworks show, where he captured these long exposure shots of fireworks.

DIYer Builds Himself a Flying, Fire Breathing Dragon

Watching the film How to Train Your Dragon Richard Hamel thought it would be really cool to have a dragon of his own. Hiccup probably wasn’t so helpful for Mr. Hamel obtaining a dragon, so he decided to build one for himself. Hamel, a Pittsburgh-area plumbing, heating and air-conditioning contractor has quite an experience in […]

I Am Your Father [comic]

There might be a few of inconsistencies with what the comic says, but “I am your father….. NOOOOOOOO” is pretty hilarious. Via LikeCool

Apocalypse Bunker: Probably a Solid Investment for the Future

It’s a smart man that stays prepared, and a very smart one that stays prepared for the apocalypse. Even better, if the apocalypse bunker is styled and classy. This apocalypse bunker is situated in the mountains of Colorado, with a greek isle interior theme; there are rooms for sleeping, recreation and dining. Of course it […]

Superb Hyper-realistic Portraits Made With a Ball Point Pen

Portugal based attorney Samuel Silva does art as a hobby, and he does that pretty good. The hyper-realistic drawing we see here has been all made out of standard Bic ball point pens on paper. He used around eight different colors and it took about 30 hours for the portrait to be completed.

Light Painting Skeletons do a Break Dance

Darren Pearson made a nice set of light painting skeletons, then put them in an animation to create this humorous light painting animation of a break dancing skeleton.

Steampunk Hummingbird and Frog

Advertising agency CLM BBDO made these Steampunk sculptures for Tag Heuer, showing how the mechanism is accurate to 1/100th of a second.

Ghostbusters Proton Pack

We knew this would happen; hell we predicted this with the nuclear wristwatch. Okay, it’s not the real deal, but it’s pretty close in appearance. Also, this reminded us that Halloween is close and people are hard at work on their costumes.

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Launch the ‘Indecision’ Line

It’s the politically charged American season, that has toilet paper and clothing coming up for people to support their political ideologies. Going through the same idea, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Urban Outfitters have come up with the Indecision line of clothing and accessories. Looks light-hearted and fun.

Getting Your Coffee, Explained

Oh! So that’s how coffee works! via