Installing This Shelf is Easy Peasy

The most painful part about a shelf? Installing it. Nevermind those problems when you got the axe shelf that makes the job remarkably easier, and remarkably dangerous. Find an open space, thrust the axes on the shelf into the wall. Done. It’s a fun concept from students of Köln International School of Design, who we assume aren’t too happy about all the sissy stuff about installing shelves with nails.

Via Gizmodo

If Animation Studios Had No Time For Animating

Each frame in the animated movies we love comes from a lot of work that goes into perfecting the setting. Things would be pretty different if studios were on a tight time limit without much consideration to the quality. This website takes stills from famous multi million dollar movies and recreates them using the animation software Maya, but with a time line of only 30 minutes. The results, as you see, are formidable.