All Hail the Futon Mouse Pad

As the cruel winter gets stronger, the hand on the mouse fears the dreadful times of cold. Thanko has the answer to the problem with the heated Futon Mouse Pad. The mouse pad has three parts: the mouse pad mattress, a heated quilt and a wrist pillow. It can heat to as high as 50 degrees Centigrade, which probably is too high for comfort, but an intelligent setting would keep the hand warm enough.

Pornkins: The Pumpkins That Carve Up Hot

Because Halloween can be less about being scary and more about being sexy, it would probably be okay to carve pumpkins into some sexual positions. The kit includes ten stencils that show up designs like “two can tango” and “cowboy up.” Well, it’s a bit late for pumpkin carvings this season now, but the wise and horny can always stash up for next year. Costs $20.