iWood: The Faux Laptop In Need of a Better Name

Boasting a processor speed of exactly zero, the iWood is a playful laptop that actually happens to be a chalkboard. The chalkboard has been carved to look like a laptop, with the space for trackpad emptied out to hold chalk. They may be playing on Apple’s “i” moniker, but in today’s world naming something iWood makes it a butt of many jokes. Or I just have a dirty mind. Take the name tag off, and the laptop chalkboard looks pretty interesting at $60.

So Much Better Than Paper: 3D Printing Booth Makes 3D Figures Of You

Photobooths are so last decade now. 3D printing is where the action is at. Japan has the world’s first 3D printing booth, where patrons can get 3D figures of themselves made, which in our opinion is way more cooler than the plain old photos. It does happen to be fairly expensive at the moment, with the price range going from $260 to $530, depending on the size of the figure.

Make Love, And Art

Love, sex and the technique is definitely an art, so we suppose it is only natural for it to find place on a canvas. South African abstract artist Jeremy Brown has come up with the Love Is Art Kit to bring the art of love making onto the canvas. The idea is pretty simple, you put down the canvas as a bed sheet, add some ink and roll on it with all the love making glory/art. The paint is non-toxic, washable and the canvas itself is non-allergenic cotton. Costs $60.