BBQ on an Electric Iron

BBQ on an electric iron!! The world has just been enlightened.

Balloon Dog Lamp Earns Cute Points

Target’s Dog Balloon Lamp has a metallic finish on its plastic body, with a cotton shade that houses a CFL lamp. The lamp seems to bring back the famous sculpture by Jeff Koons. Well, but it’s the shape and design that win this lamp some mighty good points. Via MoCoLoco

The Mind Moves to Contemplation With Eric Cahan’s Sky Series

Vastness and serenity of the sky and the landscape can often encourage contemplation, something we’re experiencing right now after looking at photographs by New York based photographer Eric Cahan. The photographer’s Sky Series captures sunrises and sunsets, with a serenity and setting to capture the mood.

Flowers Frozen, Shattered, Photographed

An interesting set, the photographs by Jon Shireman show shattered flowers. Not something we’d expect to come by, because there really isn’t a way to shatter flowers. To get around the little problem, Shireman dipped the flowers in liquid nitrogen for some time, enough to make them brittle so he could smash and photograph them.

Incognito Wine Purses Let the Ladies Sneak Their Drinks

It’s not uncommon to see ladies carrying upscale handbags, but it isn’t quite often to see them carrying knockoffs that can be used to quietly sneak drinks into places they won’t usually be allowed. It’s nifty, but not half as good as the WineRack; seriously, that thing is way sexier and kinky. We like kinky. […]

Aquarium Bed for a Relaxing Sleep With the Fishes

Watching fish do their thing is relaxing and somewhat enjoyable, which makes the Aquarium Bed not just a looker, but also something to make sleep more relaxing. The bed cozies up under an aquarium that holds 650 gallons of water and enough room for a lot of lovely fish. That glory comes at a price […]

Galaxies Make the Alphabet of the Universe

Considering the sheer number of galaxies in the universe, it wouldn’t be too tough to imagine seeing them in different shapes. The particular image here shows galaxies that take the shape of alphabets. The look at these shapes is the result of Galaxy Zoo Project, where volunteers sift through large number of images of space […]

Slutty Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Halloween’s close and many people would be busy working on their costumes, but it would help to get the pets dressed up as well. Apparently it seems dressing dogs the slutty way is the flavor of the season. Well, or dressed like famous celebrities to be more accurate, although the dressing does seem to be […]

One Hand Condom Wrapper

Designed as part of the Preserving Human Dignity project that works towards people suffering with hemiplegia (semi-paralysis), the one handed condom wrapper is meant to be easier to work with. The wrapper comes off with a simple snap of the hand, making things very easier for those suffering with hemiplegia.

The Good, The Bad and the Baby

In a world made for dueling, the single cowboy keeps his baby as close to hand as he keeps his gun. The dueling will give way to playdates, but the cowboys won’t quite give up their ways. The Baby Hjölster is a faux product concept by the folks at HowToBeADad. Via IT