Galaxies Make the Alphabet of the Universe

Considering the sheer number of galaxies in the universe, it wouldn’t be too tough to imagine seeing them in different shapes. The particular image here shows galaxies that take the shape of alphabets. The look at these shapes is the result of Galaxy Zoo Project, where volunteers sift through large number of images of space […]

Slutty Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Halloween’s close and many people would be busy working on their costumes, but it would help to get the pets dressed up as well. Apparently it seems dressing dogs the slutty way is the flavor of the season. Well, or dressed like famous celebrities to be more accurate, although the dressing does seem to be […]

One Hand Condom Wrapper

Designed as part of the Preserving Human Dignity project that works towards people suffering with hemiplegia (semi-paralysis), the one handed condom wrapper is meant to be easier to work with. The wrapper comes off with a simple snap of the hand, making things very easier for those suffering with hemiplegia.

The Good, The Bad and the Baby

In a world made for dueling, the single cowboy keeps his baby as close to hand as he keeps his gun. The dueling will give way to playdates, but the cowboys won’t quite give up their ways. The Baby Hjölster is a faux product concept by the folks at HowToBeADad. Via IT

Humans Become Patterns for Rapport

Rapport photo series by Claudia Rogge is a surreal set where photographs of people are arranged in a way to make very interesting patterns.

Solar System Lollipops

The solar system tastes a lot sweeter when you can grab it all up to taste and lick it. Costs $17.50.

Vintage Camera Pencil Sharpener

Pencil sharpeners, by their very design can work easily for a number of styles, all you need to do is think. This vintage camera shaped pencil sharpener should be worth all the hand-cranking it would need. Costs $15. Via holycool

Sculptured Masterpieces Go Hipster

French photographer Léo Caillard teamed up with art director Alexis Persani to photoshop some of the best known ancient sculptures and hip them up with hipster clothing. These guys were hipsters before it was cool to be a hipster.

Playing Cards Turn Transparent

Well, it is the time for going minimalist in design and style so no surprise when playing cards follow the same route. The transparent cards cost $18.

Life Size Vader Cake is a 500 Pounder

That’s six feet seven inches of dark deliciousness in the shape of Darth Vader. He probably weighed less, but the cake is about 500 pounds. Vader’s cape is 100 lbs of marshmallow fondant, which we guess makes it 100 percent delicious. Ingredients of the cake include 386 eggs, 210 lbs of marshmallow fondant, 57 lbs […]