How To Describe TV Shows to Different People [pics]

Even for the most popular of TV shows, you’re very likely to run into someone who has no idea what the show is about. This guide by Caldwell Turner should be a nice touch to how you get around the explaining for different people.

Child’s Own Studio Converts Drawings by Children to Stuffed Toys

Child’s Own Studio is a nifty project that converts childrens’ drawings into their stuffed toy counterparts. We imagine it would be difficult and hard work to convert random things that children imagine into usable, playable stuffed toys. But the look on a child’s face on seeing the toy would more than make up for the […]

Eiffel Tower Scissors

If we are going to use scissors, they might as well look beautiful and classy. Eiffel Tower Scissors are available on Amazon for $9, there’s also a Clock Tower version for the same price, or you could just get the combo from a different seller. Via LikeCool

Master Sculptor Makes a Glass Horse Real Fast [video]

We wouldn’t have believed it, without seeing it. He makes it look so effortless and easy.

Kill Time While You Wait for the Light to Turn With StreetPong

Light taking forever to change while you wait impatiently to cross? Forget the crossing, get playing StreetPong with the people waiting to cross. The concept is the work of Sandro Engel and Holger Michel of HAWK Hildesheim. The world would be a better place with this, until people start deatmatches do decide who plays first.

The Magic You Can Do With a Zippo [video]

Dawnoh has some very cool lighter tricks up her sleeve. Take a look at them, and if you ever figure how trick number 4 went down, do let us know. Via BoingBoing

Pokemon Snorlax Bean Bag

Snorlax makes a perfect shape for a bean bag like that. Seeing that bag, sleeping and snoring like Snorlax is exactly what I want to do. Well maybe that’s because I’m just sleepy, but the full size beanbag chair does look pretty inviting; not so inviting in terms of cost though, at $299.

If College Was More Like Video Games

This interesting set of images by CollegeHumor imagines what college life would be like, if it was represented through famous video games.

Old Spice Muscle Music [video]

Watch Terry Spanks play music on improvised instruments by flexing his muscles. Checkout the video on Vimeo, and have the interactive recorder listen to your music as well.

The Badass Gold Plated Chopper You’ll Never Ride

Gold plated blingy things generally tend to be shiny, because that’s what they were made for, and this inherently takes away any chance they might have had at badassery. Thankfully, that isn’t the case with the Nehme-sis which has a humongous rear wheel, a body that nearly touches the ground, a 1700cc engine and a […]