Houses That Fly

Humans have a fixation on anything that flies, including the usually flightless houses. Well, but if Up! can do it, so can a little bit of image manipulation, sans the balloons of course. Photographer Laurent Chehere photographed real houses, made slight changes in them, and sent them off to the sky. For some weird reason that we prefer not to delve into, we especially like the flying, burning house.

We Always Knew They Were Up To No Good: Vegetable Weapons

As a kid, I always knew there was something wrong with vegetables; kids being super intelligent and all that stuff. Turns out, I was right. Japanese photographer Tsuyoshi Ozawa has an entire photographic series dedicated to deadly weapons made out of vegetables. The photographer has traveled the world, capturing these images. Some might say the selection of these vegetable weapons are a recipe for indigenous dishes of the region people holding them are from, we know those things could be deadly in the hands of a trained cook.