Cupcakes for Dexter Season Premiere

The new season of Dexter came out recently, and apparently Showtime hired Redditor pommedauphine (Magnolia Bakery, NYC) to make cupcakes to go with the Dexter theme. The cupcake is red Velvet with whipped vanilla icing, shards of sugar glass and red simple syrup splatter. Another Redditor LunaMcLovin also took a shot at Dexter cupcakes that you can see in the image after the jump.

Professor Takes a Good, Close Look at Nature

Artist, photographer and professor Rob Kesseler used the prowess of a scanning electron microscope to capture detailed view of various flora in a set initially inspired by medieval stylistic illustrations and Dutch flower paintings. The micrographs are stunning, vibrant and lovely, to say the least, with the items under the lens giving up their secrets with ease for the camera to see.