World Leaders and Dictators as Drag Queens

Prominent world leaders and figures transform into drag queens for artist Saint Hoax’s series War Drags You Out. The figures start off with a recognizable image, and then the animated gif adds touches that eventually turn them into drag queens, plus they get new names to go with their new look.

Milk Tumblers made From Chocolate Chip Cookies

NYC pastry chef Dominique Ansel has announced his new invention, an uber cool combo of milk, going straight into glasses made from chocolate chip cookies. Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shots, as he calls them, are molded, baked chocolate cookie dough intended for serving milk. Via Eater, BoingBoing

For a Million Dollars, You Can Ride Home in the Batmobile

Running around town in the Tumbler from Nolan’s Batman seems like a very good idea, if you have the money to pay for it. You don’t have to be Bruce Wayne rich to buy this one, mainly because it is unlikely you go around dressed in suits and fight crime, or have a batcave where […]

Adidas Shows the World’s First Knit Football Boot

Adidas is soon going to release the limited edition Samba Primeknit boot. The new shoe is claimed to have all the strength and stability you would expect from a football boot, but will weigh less and use fewer materials. The shoe has been produced from yarn, and according to Adidas is the company’s most environmentally […]

Mermaid Glass

Handmade glass shaped into a mermaid tail, this takes quite a good look when drinks and cocktails make their way into the glass and add color to the mermaid. In honor of the mermaids, and the sailors who saw them, we should start off the party with some rum. The glass is priced at $12 […]

Disney Princesses Styled as Game of Thrones Ladies

Disney Princesses habitually show a lot less skin than the ladies in Game of Thrones, but then the princesses don’t live in a world as cruel as Westeros. Illustrator Sam Tsui illustrated thirteen Disney characters and princesses as women from A Song of Ice and Fire. It’s just about a month before Game of Thrones […]

F-16 Pilot Fires Missile, Takes a Selfie

This pilot of the Royal Danish Air Force has one of the best selfies out there. In the air on a Danish F-16, the pilot fired off an air to air AIM-9L/M missile and captured this striking selfie that beats all selfies, except the astronauts. Via RDAF, TheAviationist

Every Best Actress Dress Ever

Oscar Awards have been given, and as always, they’ve created quite a buzz. A very important bit that is often talked about at the awards (and later) is the clothes worn by various celebrities. This infographic by MediaRunDigital shows the same premise, except it is concerned with the way winners of the best actress award […]

Game of Thrones House Sigil Tattoos

We decided to start with the top image of Daenerys, which does not exactly show a tattoo for the Targaryen sigil, but is close enough and is totally rad. I also happen to have the hots for Khaleesi, but that’s a different matter. Game of Thrones tattoos are the work of artist Sara McSorley.

Cheerleader Patterns by Cassandra Jones

Good Cheer by Cassandra Jones puts starts off with stock photographs of peppy cheerleaders doing stunts, which the artist then transforms into geometric pattern wallpapers. Cheerleaders apparently make great patterns for the wall.

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