Romance to Valentine’s Day With the Shit Bitch Bear

The cute and cuddly teddy bear is a staple to Valentine’s Day for many, and this one does it even better by adding a sweet compliment to the mix. Shit bitch, you is fine; and it even rhymes with Valentine! Costs $29.59.

Humorous Valentine’s Day Cards and Prints

Check out these sweet cards and prints, by Emily McDowell. They seem especially suited for Valentine’s Day.

50 Reasons You Blow (My Mind)

I might have added the brackets in the heading, but that little joke was too tempting to miss. It’s around Valentine’s day and this might help you put things into words easier, provided you don’t fall for the temptation of adding punctuation or words that make things none too flattering. 50 Reasons You Blow My […]

What People Think of Various Countries, According to Google Autocomplete

When you start searching on Google, it tries to autocomplete your search term using the most popular words to follow. These images show what people think of various countries of the world, depending on the word that autocompletes the Google question “Why is [country] so”

The Sneeze Illustrated in Different Languages

Following his superb series of animal sounds in different languages, artist James Chapman has a couple new illustrations that show the word for sneeze in different languages. The illustrations focuses on the sound, rather than the action itself. Interestingly enough, the artist points out an article that says the sound we make while sneezing is […]

Hamster Looks Cute in Tiny Sweater

He’ll need to suit up! via

I Love You, Love You More Pillowcases

Now that’s a pillowcase set made quiet suitable for Valentine’s Day. As the seller mentions, it also happens to be the “true pillow talk” because “I love you, I love you more” is all the pillow talk that happens. Costs $23.59.


Unicorns as shoe heels do quiet have the potential to make this a shoe of choice. Shoenicorn Chasers you see here are apparently a teaser out of the spring/summer collection of footwear brand Irregular Choice. Via Spindle, BoingBoing

Skeleton Motorcycle Helmet

Be a badass on wheels when you wear a skeleton for a helmet. It’s bright red and way too shiny, but you could probably make do with one until you can get your hands on something that looks like the real deal. Available on Amazon.


Robocup keeps your coffee well. If only it had a donut holder, robocup would make an excellent companion for cops. The cup is made from ceramic and is dishwasher and microwave safe. Via ProductPage, ChipChick

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