Skeleton Motorcycle Helmet

Be a badass on wheels when you wear a skeleton for a helmet. It’s bright red and way too shiny, but you could probably make do with one until you can get your hands on something that looks like the real deal. Available on Amazon.


Robocup keeps your coffee well. If only it had a donut holder, robocup would make an excellent companion for cops. The cup is made from ceramic and is dishwasher and microwave safe. Via ProductPage, ChipChick

High Speed Photographs of Bullets Being Fired

The works of Finnish photographer Herra Kuulapaa show bullets just microseconds after they leave the barrel of the gun, often with fire, smoke and flaming powder in tow. The photographer says that the High Speed Ballistics series seeks to show the importance of firearm safety, and the inherent destruction that the discharged bullets are capable […]

Snorlax As a Pillow Is Just Perfect

Snorlax and a sleeping pillow, now this was a combination that was meant to be and should have been made real way earlier. Well, it is real now, and that is not too shabby either. Currently available for pre-order at $40, and expected to be available from January 30. Via Tomopop, Kotaku

Cartoon Notebook

Get yourself ready for some action with a notebook that appears to have come straight from the cartoon universe. That means it is designed to look like a notebook you would see in some classic cartoons, and the associated style. The lined notebook has 200 pages with angled edges and thick black borders to carry […]

Photographs of Unborn Animals in the Womb

Photographer and producer Peter Chinn has a rather intriguing series of images of unborn animals in the womb. Dimensional ultrasound scans, tiny cameras and computer graphics were used to create a likeness of what these animals might look like as fetuses. The result is quite stunning. The images were created for the National Geographic documentary […]

Writable, Washable, Reusable Beer Bottle Stickers

Sticking up custom labels on beer bottles is a sweet idea. We imagine several things can be said, and said better that way. Normally, sticking paper on a beer bottle would be a bad idea, unless you get to do that using a label that can easily stick to the wet bottle, and not get […]

Maldives Beach Glows in Bioluminescence

Taiwanese photographer Will Ho ran into a beach covered in bright, luminescent plankton while on a trip to Maldives. The photographer did what would be best expected from him in a situation like this: take stunning images.

Animals Illustrated With a Touch of Human Personalities

Animals are human, well, they’re not but if you put them in clothes and have good finishing touches, they might as well be. Illustrations by artist Kim Nguyen put animals in human clothing, with expressions and style similar to humans.

Polar Bears in Glowing Sunsets [pics]

Polar Bears are an excellent subject of photography, and there often are photographs of the white bears in the white arctic. For this particular set, French photographer Sylvain Cordier visited Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

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