Faces Wrapped in Scotch Tape, Photographed for Hilarity

Why would anyone wrap their face in scotch tape? Ans: Because the effect is hilarious. Albuquerque-based commercial photographer Wes Naman created a series of photographs showing people whose faces have been contorted by being wrapped in transparent scotch tape.

Horse Head Pillow

You don’t need to be the Godfather and have a prize horse decapitated to get your point across. With the Horse head pillow, people will just assume you mean business. Just place it in the bed of the victim, and have them wake up to shock and agree to your demands. Or just sleep with […]

Go Stealth With the Flask Bracelet

There are a lot of places where you would like to stealthily take your own booze, and there are a quite a few products that will help you do so. Flask Bracelet, although arguably not so well concealed, is one of the things that can help you hide your booze from prying eyes.

Bookshelf Masking Tape

Pack stuff up in style and show your appreciation for reading with the bookshelf masking tape. It does beat the run of the mill tape, and does it with style. Available on Etsy for $6.78. via

Cosy Makes a Snail out of Tea Kettle

Tea kettles get a cute snail makeover with tea cosy by Anke Klempner. The pattern is available on Ravelry.

$3.2 Million Custom Tailored Diamond Armor Suit Is Bulletproof, Waterproof, and Air Conditioned

Should you be willing to pay $3.2 million, this custom tailored suit will keep you in the lap of luxury and security. SuitArt has come up with Diamond Armor custom tailored suit so you can look as stylish and opulent as you would like to be, while being comfortable and protected.

Heck of a Last Meal: Gourmet Mouse Traps

As a custom in most parts of the world, the condemned are allowed their choice of last meal. It was probably with a similar idea in mind that Davide Luciano and Claudia Ficca decided to extend a similar courtesy to mice. While mice of course are incapable of articulating their choice of a last meal, […]

Reclaim Your Manliness With Stinky Candles

So this dude Jeff Bennett got really pissed at the sweet smelling useless feminine candle odors like vanilla, lavender, and other assorted smells. So the dude decided to fight back the wave of the “feminine” candles with more “masculine” versions. Enter, Stinky Candles.

Batman and Superman

A fun gif showing the camaraderie between two great superheroes. Via Phildesignart, Dorkly

Small Dogs Cosplay Sailor Moon Characters

People cosplay Sailor Moon characters all the time, but cute little dogs? Well, that’s a brand new thing. Mayama_ya on Instagram makes Sailor Moon outfits for small dogs and sees them cosplay in their custom clothing.

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