Transformers sculptures made from waste auto parts

We’ve come to expect a Chinese connection when we hear of DIY transformer sculptures, and we’re rarely disappointed. These sculptures were on display at the Nanjing International Auto Exhibition in China. These Transformers resembling pieces have been made waste pieces/ scraps from cars and bikes. No wonder some of them look so angry.

Angry looking Cectek King Cobra ATV

Perhaps the Cectek King Cobra ATV didn’t quite have an enjoyable trip while coming from Taiwan. That would explain its super angry face. Or maybe it just wants to pretend being macho. It has a liquid cooled, four-stroke 500EFI Engine, a V-belt automatic CVT transmission with knob shift, to go along its 2WD and 4WD modes. There’s no price tag yet, and you better not ask the angry King Cobra about it.

Via: KingCobra, Uncrate

Rosario yacht concept developed especially for Chinese sensibilities

Designer David Panarella, in collaboration with designer Liyu Zhao and Italian company Feddy International, created this yacht concept targeted specifically towards Chinese sensibilities. The concept was displayed at the China International Boat Show (CIBSE), one of Asia’s most important shows for the recreational boating industry. Named Rosario, the concept brings together the best of European and Chinese design, with plush interiors and sensible exteriors.

Flynano brings the fun of flying in a small package

We’ve long since given up hopes of seeing flying cars in the near future; the logistics simply don’t add up. But that doesn’t stop us from wishing to live in the classic vision of the future(flying cars, space travel, robots, sex with hottest women on the planet). Flynano isn’t a flying car, but the tiny aircraft does bring the idea of the fun of flight. Available in versions that may be powered by petrol or electricity, Flynano has a lightweight construction that makes liberal use of carbon fiber composites, and a top speed that may reach 140 kph. Displayed at the Aero 2011 in Friedrichshafen, Germany, designers hope to take the flyer into commercial production soon, with a price tag of €25,000 to €27,000 ($36.7k to $39.7k).

Ferrari’s tech filled tutorial of the 458 Italia’s in-vehicle systems [video]

I’d absolutely love to drive a Ferrari. Except of the part that I don’t earn enough to even buy foot mats for the supercar. Anyways, there is some solace in watching videos and images of the car, like this video primer of the 458 Italia’s in-vehicle systems. The video shows a dash of tech that goes into making a vehicle with a prancing horse badge, and the sheer amount (and complexity) of operations and systems that can be available to the driver at the touch of a finger.

Via: CrunchGear

Beauty of classic cars accentuated with photography

Classic cars always manage to stand a class apart due to the sheer elegance of their design and the inherent beauty of these wonderfully sculpted pieces. Photographer Ken Brown highlights the beauty of these classics in his work, not by simply photographing the entire car, but by abundantly playing with lights and parts of the car. The results are wonderful.

Limited edition Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0

Porsche has taken wraps off its new car, the 911 GT3 RS 4.0. To be made in a limited edition run of 600 units, the racecar-styled sports car is powered by a naturally aspirated 4-liter V6 engine that pumps out 500 horsepower and has a torque of 339 lb-ft. Going quick as lightning, the car completes the zero to 62mph run in just 3.9 seconds. And of course, it is a Porsche, so the looks have to be drop dead gorgeous.

Go, go, go! Ride the Sperm Bullitt bike

Streets of Copenhagen can often bear witness to a sperm running wild on a motor. The Sperm Bullitt is very much a real deal and is employed by the Nordisk Cryobank (European Sperm Bank) to carry sperm samples to Copenhagen fertility clinics. Ostensibly, the plan was hatched out as part of a green initiative to get rid of less efficient means of transportation, but we suspect someone in the boardroom joyfully rubs his hands in glee every time this giant sperm makes way for the streets.

Via: Dvice, Copenhagenize

Disassembling, reassembling a jeep in under 4 minutes

It’s an almost impossible feat, had we not seen this video, we would have assumed that dismantling a jeep takes hours. Reassembling even more. But then you see these dudes from the Canadian Army jump out of a jeep, take it apart and put it up back together in less than 4 minutes. That’s some engineering skills and brute power right there.

Via: Kottke