Car-like electric superbus can go 155 miles an hour

The world isn’t a kind place for smoky and slow things; and yes, we’re looking at you, buses. Thankfully, in a world where we always want our cars to be supercars, we can now have a bus that is the superbus. This 23-passenger bus is far superior to our run of the mill buses. It is all-electric, it can go 155 miles an hour, and is the creation of former astronaut Wubbo Ockels.

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Taurus concept obviously got the wrong end of the Segway

Taurus concept unmistakably looks like a Segway, with something of a bike attachment on top. You don’t stand up on this self balancing vehicle, you sit down and while that may soothe your legs, you’ll still look weird. The rider can control the speed of the vehicle by leaning forward or backwards, and turns can be negotiated by moving sideways. Designed by Erik Lanuza.

Reptile concept is stripped to the bones for the pleasure of driving

Mexican industrial designer Arturo Arino‘s concept vehicle, Reptile is a stripped down no-fuss vehicle intended solely for the joy of driving a la the KTM X-Bow and the Ariel Atom. The designer sees the concept vehicle powered by a 2.7-l Wankel rotary engine that puts out 700hp, and works with a 4-pole electric induction motor and regenerative braking.

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UFO and Evomobile concepts for Citroen

The way we see it, Citroen is kind of struggling to keep its act together with cars, but its legacy and design do have interesting things to say and tell. French designer Ora-Ito has come up with two designs based on the language of Citroen, though these aren’t your conventional cars. The Evomobil concept looks something of a sledge-snow scooter combo, but put it together with its UFO concept sibling, and both designs look ready to take off and explore infinity and beyond.

Mercedes shows the concept A-Class

Mercedes has dropped details on the A-Class concept scheduled for debut at the Auto Shanghai show. Mercedes defines its concept for the next generation A-Class as “Concentrated Dynamism” and shows off the idea with the curves and lines new to the A-Class. The concept is powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine and has 208bhp of power.

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