Mercedes shows the concept A-Class

Mercedes has dropped details on the A-Class concept scheduled for debut at the Auto Shanghai show. Mercedes defines its concept for the next generation A-Class as “Concentrated Dynamism” and shows off the idea with the curves and lines new to the A-Class. The concept is powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine and has […]

2012 BMW M5 concept

BMW showed its M5 concept at the Shanghai Motor Show. Though it is tagged a “concept” the car may actually make it to production soon. The production version of the car is expected to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show later this year, commanding 580+ hp.

Behold! The might of the Lamborghini Levo

Take a good, hard look at these renderings, the car is a thing of beauty. Created by Mauro Lecchi, the Lamborghini Levo concept takes a leaf from the design of the Lamborghini Murcielago. Lechhi says he likes his work to be closer to reality, rather than some far off concept, so the Levo does not […]

Spada Codatronca Monza: The car bred for racing

Scheduled for unveiling at the Top Marques Monaco, the Spada Vetture Sport Codatronca Monza couldn’t quite wait for having its pictures plastered over the internet. And with good reason; that is one impressive looking beast. There are no official details, but the car is likely based on the Corvette Z06 and powered by a supercharged […]

Phoenix bird-like car made from bamboo

Philippines based furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue made the Phoenix car with help of a German team. The car flaunts its use of bamboo, though it does make use of other materials like steel, rattan and carbon fiber. The focus though, is on bamboo. It may be just a creative exercise, but it does look super […]

Automobile illustrations by Robert Ciampa

Robert Ciampa creates these car illustrations using pencil and colored pencil. Done for both personal work and commission, the drawings illustrate the artist’s enthusiasm for cars. Via: SeriousWheels

Hyundai’s Blue2 fuel cell based concept car

Hyundai displayed its Blue2 (pronounced Blue Square) fuel cell based concept car at the Seoul Motor Show. Hyundai calls the concept’s exterior design philosophy “Intersected Flow” which is a departure from conventional design at Hyundai. The windshield seems to go nearly all the way across the car, thanks to pillars that don’t stand out, finally […]

Ecosse FE TI XX is a power filled beast of a motorcycle

Ecosse FE TI XX is a superbike so grand that it can rival some of the best supercars out there, both in raw muscle, and in price. A 2.4-l billet aluminum engine endows the motorcycle with a mind-numbing 225hp. Built off the Titanium RR (pictured), FE TI XX is priced at a staggering $300000, with […]

Saline Bird concept motorcycle powered by air

Created by design students at ISD of Valenciennes in France, the Saline Bird motorcycle concept has a powerful and masculine stance, and a very unconventional power source. Envisioned as a racing bike, the concept has a frame made of carbon fiber that props the rider in a position similar to that of a speed skier, […]

Mazdas in Russia face the wrong end of the crane [video]

For a car, any end of a crane is the wrong end. These Mazdas in Russia though seem to have gotten a particularly raw deal. The video shows a giant claw attached to a crane truck, mercilessly grabbing Mazdas from the roof and tossing them into a huge bin attached to the truck. We have […]