Hot Tug Hot Tub Boat

Hot Tug hot tub boat lets you unwind with utter relaxation. And by utter relaxation we mean it lets you sail in water and enjoy a hot bath at the same time. Capable of accommodating six to eight people and 2000 liters of water, the boat makes use of a wood stove to heat the water. It does take a while for the water to heat up, but that probably is an acceptable cost to pay, apart from the pocket crunching $24500 that the boat wants.

Goodyear Shows Self Inflating Tires, Makes the World a Happier Place

Checking air in tires, important as it is, happens to be rarely considered by motorists. Goodyear has come up with the Air Maintenance Technology (AMT) that keeps air inside tires in check at all times. A rim mounted embedded tube sits near the wall of the tire to constantly monitor air pressure. When the sensor in the tube realizes that the air pressure is dropping, it opens up a valve to let in more air and inflate the tire.

The Badass Gold Plated Chopper You’ll Never Ride

Gold plated blingy things generally tend to be shiny, because that’s what they were made for, and this inherently takes away any chance they might have had at badassery. Thankfully, that isn’t the case with the Nehme-sis which has a humongous rear wheel, a body that nearly touches the ground, a 1700cc engine and a lot of gold on its body and wheels. Badassery is in this chopper’s blood it would seem.

Bike Flies Above the Ground a la Star Wars Speeder

Manhattan Beach based Aerofex have developed a bike that hovers/flies, quite creating the effect of the Speeder from Star Wars. Massive fans are used to create enough thrust to lift the bike off the ground and keep it floating. Aerofex says the bike is easy enough to use and does not require any special training for the riders. It appears the company is busy trying to pitch the bike to the military, which obviously could have an interest in the bike; because well, everybody wants flying bikes.

Airpod: The Car That Runs on Air

You know what sucks? The high cost of gas and the fact that the sucker pollutes the atmosphere every second the engine runs. Something that runs on a vast energy source that is inexhaustible would be really cool, you know, like a car running on air. India’s Tata Motors has been working with MDI to create a car that runs on plain air; an alternative fuel that you can see is seemingly better than all other options we have at the moment.