Pontiac Firebird TT Black Edition Concept

What we feel looking at the Pontiac Firebird TT concept must be love, or lust; it is easy to confuse the two. Either way, the independent design study by Kasim Tlibekov is one sexy car. The good looks, we’re pretty sure come from the inspiration that the designer found in the ’69 Firebird, although it […]

Pokemon Themed Cars

Toyota and Japanese toy company Takara Tomy have joined forces to sell a range of Pokemon styled toy cars. To bring their line to notice, the two recently showed off some life sized versions of the toy cars in their Pokemon outfits.

Hungarian Man Builds a Functional Wooden Chopper

Seeing that no company would ever make the chopper he wanted, Istvan Puskas from Hungary decided he would build one himself. Yup, it is as easy as that. He spent two years building his chopper, which is made mostly from weather-resistant black locust wood.

Lamborghini Aventador Races the F16 Fighting Falcon [video]

Lamborghini Aventador races the F16 Fighting Falcon on the tarmac. You don’t get to challenge an F16 unless you’ve got some good ol’ muscle to back you up.

Alfa Romeo 12C GTS Concept

Alfa Romeo is a marque best known for its wonderful, iconic designs. It is therefore quite a challenge when a designer goes the way of an independent study with the Alfa Romeo name. Designer Ugur Sahin seems to have pulled that off well with the 12C GTS.

Peugeot XRC Concept

Brazilian designer Tiago Aiello came up with this independent design of a hot looking sleek rally car for Peugeot. From the images we see it looks like the buggy would love to go racing on the scorching desert or on freezing ice. We’re not gonna lie… it does look good in the renderings.

Iron Man Scooter

This scooter is missing 100% on arc reactor, and about the same amount of Robert Downey Jr. Even so, it proudly displays its Iron Man-liness. We call that self confidence. Via NerdApproved

TwinTrax Motorcycles Have Twice the Power

TwinTrax is quite a simple, humble name for this stretched out motorcycle. Apart from the fact that the rider would lay almost flat on the motorcycle, and its killer looks, the big thing here is the motors it uses. TwinTrax uses dual Harley-Davidson/ S&S Evolution engines each at 1.35 liters and an output of 80hp. […]

This Bicycle is a Ferrari Super

A Ferrari and a bicycle are the polar opposites in almost everything, except when they are the same thing. Austrian artist Hannes Langeder’s Fahrradi Farfall FFX is a custom made Ferrari, and a bicycle. Built to look like the track only supercar Ferrari FFX, the Farfall FFX does not boast a V12 engine, F1 technology […]

Ducati Diavel Cromo Motorcycle

You will need a heart made of stone to not admire the beauty that the Ducati Diavel Cromo is. As its name suggests, the Diavel packs itself with shiny chrome, showing it off very prominently on the gas tank and exhaust. To give a contrast to the shiny chrome, the motorcycle also makes use of […]