Bike Flies Above the Ground a la Star Wars Speeder

Manhattan Beach based Aerofex have developed a bike that hovers/flies, quite creating the effect of the Speeder from Star Wars. Massive fans are used to create enough thrust to lift the bike off the ground and keep it floating. Aerofex says the bike is easy enough to use and does not require any special training for the riders. It appears the company is busy trying to pitch the bike to the military, which obviously could have an interest in the bike; because well, everybody wants flying bikes.

Airpod: The Car That Runs on Air

You know what sucks? The high cost of gas and the fact that the sucker pollutes the atmosphere every second the engine runs. Something that runs on a vast energy source that is inexhaustible would be really cool, you know, like a car running on air. India’s Tata Motors has been working with MDI to create a car that runs on plain air; an alternative fuel that you can see is seemingly better than all other options we have at the moment.

Batman’s Tumbler Modified for F1 Racing

We imagine Batman would occasionally like to dabble in sports, maybe take to the track for F1 racing. Awesome as it is, the Tumbler or our conventional Batmobiles can’t quite qualify for the rules of F1 racing, so it’s KnightVision3D to the rescue with this F1-styled Batmobile that takes some inspiration from the Tumbler. Well of course, it isn’t exactly F1 permissible technology with two jet turbines and hydraulic flaps. All that doesn’t really matter though, because it’s friggin’ Batman’s F1 car.

Scream Machine: The Volkwagen Up That Runs on Screams

Made to mark the Olympics, this Volkswagen Up has no foot pedal for acceleration. It does in stead rely on sounds of shouting, screaming and general merriment of its occupants to speed up or down. Made with the help of creative agency Achtung Netherlands, the car makes use of ‘orange-motion technology’ which basically sounds like marketing lingo for a sound powered car. A decibel recorder works with the accelerator system of the car, and along with a reconfigured engine CPU, ensures louder sounds gain more RPM from the engine.