Scream Machine: The Volkwagen Up That Runs on Screams

Made to mark the Olympics, this Volkswagen Up has no foot pedal for acceleration. It does in stead rely on sounds of shouting, screaming and general merriment of its occupants to speed up or down. Made with the help of creative agency Achtung Netherlands, the car makes use of ‘orange-motion technology’ which basically sounds like marketing lingo for a sound powered car. A decibel recorder works with the accelerator system of the car, and along with a reconfigured engine CPU, ensures louder sounds gain more RPM from the engine.

London Double Decker Bus Gets Fitness Conscious, Does Push-Ups

London double decker buses have apparently reached a point where they just don’t want to be bulky, large sized buses anymore. They want to be sweet and slim like those new kids on the block that make everybody swoon. Well, at least this particular bus had had enough. Which is why it promptly showed its usually well concealed arms and set off to do some push ups. Now that is all it does.

Dark Knight Motorcycle Suit

The Dark Knight Rises has hit theaters, so it becomes rather natural that we see accessories and articles in the style of the caped crusader. And what better than a licensed, accurately made replica of the Bat-suit. Coming from the experts at UD Replicas, the suit has been made to look as close to Batman’s costume as possible, without sacrificing its usability. The set includes a jacket, pants, gloves and suits that can be worn separately; but why would anyone want to do that? You obviously shell $1564 and go for the full set.

Aspid GT-21 Invictus

Spanish automaker Aspid Cars has dropped a teaser of its upcoming 2+2 sports car, the GT-21 Invictus. The car is built around a lightweight spaceframe that helps its dry weight to be a low 990 kilos. Power comes from a BMW sourced 4.4-liter turbocharged V8 that throws out 450 hp. GT-21 Invictus will be capable of racing from zero to 60mph in less than three seconds and will have a top speed in the region of 186mph.

Shaw F1-XLR Harley Nightster

There is every good reason for the Shaw F1-XLR Harley Nightster to take inspiration from its name. The motorcycle takes inspiration from Harley’s board racers of the 1920s. It shows itself in the smoke-gray paintjob borrowed from the McLaren Formula 1 team. The Nightster doesn’t just rely on good looks to get by, it has a 1200 V-twin engine to provide all the muscle the rider might need.

Via Uncrate