Flippy The Burger Cooking Robot Is More Than A Novelty

Meet Flippy, he’s just a robot arm, but this bit of machine represents big change. This creation of Miso Robotics is more than just a novelty made for display. Flippy here has real world skills – and this burger cooking robot is pretty good in a restaurant environment. Miso Robotics describes Flippy as “The world’s first autonomous robotic kitchen assistant”, and the bot seems up for the job.

A Robot That Folds Your Laundry

Of all the appliances that have made life easier at home, the task of folding laundry still falls to manual labor. Well, there’s hope on that front now, with good hope that in a few years, you can have a bot to fold laundry. There are a handful of contenders in the field for folding laundry, one of them being FoldiMate. This bot is the size of a European washer and can (optionally) scent and dewrinkle clothes while it folds them.