Wonders of 3D Graffiti

Italian artist Manuel Di Rita (aka Peeta) has a unique style for the ways of graffiti. In fact, his style is so well executed, it goes way beyond the realms of traditional graffiti. The 3D graffiti appears to be hovering above the surface, rather than just be a 2-dimensional paint on a wall.

Doctor Who Hitting on Disney Princesses

Doctor Who likes to surround himself with pretty ladies, we guess that part comes easy when you put the premise of a time traveler on the table. We imagine with all that “charm” going on, the Doctor won’t really mind taking a shot at having the ladies of Disney by his side. And he is […]

Fairy Tale Palm Paintings

Russian artist Svetlana Kolosova used famous fairy tales as the subject for her work and palms as the canvas. The paintings on her left palms show famous stories done in watercolor, and with a stunning appearance.

Pics of Dry Whiskey Residue on the Bottom of Glasses Show Worlds of Imagination

We have known for quite a while that if you look at them close, alcoholic drinks are colorful and psychedelic. They may not have the same brightness of colors when dried up, but they don’t fail to make a solid impression. For the project Vanishing Spirits photographer Ernie Button captured images of the bottom of […]

Ancient Greek Pottery Gets The Superhero Touch

Artist Nicholas Hyde imagined what some ancient art might have looked like if superheroes of the day made an appearance in Greek mythology. The best way to go about that is of course in the style of Greek pottery art. Prints available on Etsy.

The Mysterious Tree Spirits

Tree spirits have quite a history to rely on, and the work of sculptor Keith Jennings gives them a face suitable for the legend. Jennings began his project way back in 1982 with a tree in his backyard. Soon, commissions for the Tree Spirits came his way and he showed his sculpting skills on trees […]

A Retelling of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ With Food

Artist Hong Yi, who is currently making a delicious Breakfast Food Series, has this story to tell as a part of the same series. It is the story of Three Little Pigs fighting the evil charcoal bread wolf.

Lovely Macrophotography of Soap Bubbles

Soap bubbles are generally cute but in the photography of Thomas Jane they transform into something that is very lovely, with a generous helping of psychedelic appearance. Never thought I’d say this, but soap bubbles, I’m impressed.

Trippy Gifs by Mr. Div

Gif images are back with a bang that many thought they wouldn’t really have anymore. They’re alive and well, and now that we see the work of Mr. Div, they’re also mesmerizing and trippy. Motion graphics designer Matthew DiVito uses a number of softwares to create these trippy images that have a distinct flavor of […]

Underwater Reefs and Landscapes Crafted on Paper

Connecticut-based artist Amy Eisenfeld Genser recreates coral reefs using bits of paper and acrylic paint. The artist uses paper “almost as a pigment” using layers of color one on top of the other to achieve different colors. We love how colorful the result is. Her works will be on exhibition at Architectural Digest Home Show.