Mother Draws On Kids’ Lunch Napkins Everyday For Six Years

Nina Levy has two sons, who get a treat with their lunch everyday in the form of a conventional napkin being covered in fantastic art. The two boys often request what they would like to see on the napkins and Nina takes these commissions to create the lovely artistic lunch companions. This reminds us of the art of David LaFerriere, where he paints sandwich bags for the kids’ lunch.

Taxidermied Animal and Object Cameras Made From Turtles, Armadillos and Books

Switzerland based artists Taiyo Onorato and Nico Krebs have created a set of cameras that go way beyond the ordinary. The set features working cameras sculpted out of turtle shells, armadillos, horns and even books. Except that last one, the others do remind us of The Flintstones. Inspiration behind this is a simple one, as long as you can point and shoot, it is a camera, even if it be in the shape and housed in the most unlikeliest of units.

Modern Architecture Painted in ‘Saturation’

Artist Paul Davies paints pictures of mid-century modern architecture given a psychedelic twist. Linear styling and large windows of these structures makes an appearance, so does a painting style that makes the images appear saturated in a style that reminds one of a later time period which was awash with drug experimentation. The artist makes liberal use of stencils so he can create an image with elements and colors to his liking, even if it means repeating the process over and over.

Sandwich Bag Art

Apparently, the superdad with artistic talent that he is, graphic designer David LaFerriere has been drawing cute illustrations on lunch bags for his kids Evan and Kenny. We imagine kids would spend a reasonable amount of time every day just waiting to see awesomeness gets illustrated on their lunch bags. Side note: Looking at so many sandwiches just made me incredibly hungry.

Rocking In The Arms of a Skeleton Sounds Relaxing

Rocking chairs are sturdy, relaxing, and capable of making you shit your pants once you realize you’ve been sitting on the laps of a huge, unnaturally strong skeleton. Imagine if the jaws of the skull moved while rocking the chair; infinitely more creepiness added! Moving to the important, relevant stuff, the chair happens to be from the last century, probably made in the likeness of a mid 19th century Russian example. It went on auction recently and sold for an amount of $3120.

Sculptures Dissect Popular Characters To Show Off Their Anatomy

Artist Jason Freeny has an ongoing series that features popular characters with a slight twist. These characters maintain their usual appearance on one side, while the other (usually the left) side has been torn apart to show glimpses of the anatomy of these characters. We never imagined the Marshmallow Man would have bones and such anatomical detail, but well, good for him.

Smeared Sky by Matt Molloy

Images by Canadian photographer Matt Molloy present the sky in a way that seems to have it painted through broad brushstrokes. To achieve the effect, he takes hundreds of photos of the sky and then puts them all together to create images for his “Smeared Sky” series. The number of photographs required depends on various factors like weather conditions, cloudiness, or whether the object in the picture is moving or static. Eventually, the result is a beautiful composite where the objects stand ground to sky painted by a master.