Sculptures Dissect Popular Characters To Show Off Their Anatomy

Artist Jason Freeny has an ongoing series that features popular characters with a slight twist. These characters maintain their usual appearance on one side, while the other (usually the left) side has been torn apart to show glimpses of the anatomy of these characters. We never imagined the Marshmallow Man would have bones and such anatomical detail, but well, good for him.

Smeared Sky by Matt Molloy

Images by Canadian photographer Matt Molloy present the sky in a way that seems to have it painted through broad brushstrokes. To achieve the effect, he takes hundreds of photos of the sky and then puts them all together to create images for his “Smeared Sky” series. The number of photographs required depends on various factors like weather conditions, cloudiness, or whether the object in the picture is moving or static. Eventually, the result is a beautiful composite where the objects stand ground to sky painted by a master.

Major Cities of the World at Night, Without Light

San Francisco

We’ve seen plenty of beautiful images of cities shining in the night. But there’s hardly any that would show what these cities look like at night without the lights. Well, now we know, thanks to the efforts of New York based photographer Thierry Cohen. Modern cities are too consumed by light and air pollution to have clear starlit skies as seen in these pictures.

Feather Paintings

Artist Julie Thompson Artist Ian Davie paints spectacular images on bird feathers, often blending her his work with the colorful style usually seen in bird feathers. Painting feathers doesn’t quite sound like an easy job. They don’t have a texture as easy to work around as a canvas and they might often have a tinge of color for themselves.

Edit: These feather paintings are the work of artist Ian Davie. This post originally attributed these feather paintings to artist Julie Thompson. We apologize for our embarrassing mistake.