Photorealistic Graphite Drawings By Franco Clun

Talented Italian artist and illustrator Franco Clun makes these wonderful hyper realistic sketches that we are very willing to call black and white photographs. Clun says his secret is passion. Come to think of it, passion is the secret that paves the road to success. Hit ahead for more of Clun’s work, plus his self-portrait at the end.

Tilt-Shift Photography Magic Miniaturizes Famous Places Around the Globe

Machu Picchu

Putting his love for photography and travel together, New York-based photographer Richard Silver not just visits various spots around the world, he brings back delicious visual goodies of his travels. The photographer makes use of several techniques to capture images, though for the moment our primary interest would be dictated by his project Tilt Shift.

New York, London Meet in Double Exposure Images

New York city and London are both huge cities and centers for culture with an influence that spreads not just to their respective regions, but can be very global in approach. This series of photographs explores how similar both the cities would be in appearance, the age-old yet modern London, and the comparatively new city of New York. Photographer Daniella Zalcman recently moved from New York to London, and this move prompted the series we see here.

Grumpy Cat Art Project

Grumpy Cat very likely is amongst the biggest celebrities of our time, or maybe even better because we can’t think of many celebrity names who have art projects dedicated for them. Grumpy Cat Art Project features more than 30 artists and is currently on exhibit at Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment complex in Huntsville, Alabama. The medium used by the artists, or even the variety of situations Grumpy Cat appears in is quite varied. What doesn’t change however, is the influence of the star feline.

Vintage-Style Lamp Made From Reclaimed Materials

Vintage themed lamps and objects that artist Cory Barkman (previously) creates, come from a very elaborate process. The stunning design and the beautiful appearance are of course, a big part of the job, but the story of materials used in making these lamps is impressive in itself. Most of the objects used in the construction of these lamps are reclaimed mechanical parts from a scrap yard. Once the idea takes its shape, Cory looks for parts suitable for his lamps or forges a part if it cannot be found.

Art, and Giant Inflatable Poo

Nothing says, or rather, screams artistic talent like a giant non-steaming pile of shit that can be blown to huge proportions. American sculptor Paul McCarthy came up with this sculpture titled “Complex Pile” for an exhibit at the West Kowloon Cultural District Park, Hong Kong. If aliens were looking at earth right now, they’d be like “Whoa! What size of species craps like that?” and they might totally think of us as giants, which may or may not be a good thing.