Video Game Artist Redesigns Famous Superheroes

Comic book and video game art, while existing in very similar settings, can be widely different. The difference shows itself very well through these illustrations by video game artist Marco Nelor who recreated famous heroes in the style of fresh fighting game Injustice.

Electrical Cables Arranged to Form Paintings

Colombian artist Federico Uribe uses electric and A/V cables to create sculptures that quite qualify as paintings. He makes use of cords of different color to attain the desired shape, shade and texture on the picture, to ultimately create a very intricate image for the set he calls Contectado.

Major Cities of the World at Night, Without Light

We’ve seen plenty of beautiful images of cities shining in the night. But there’s hardly any that would show what these cities look like at night without the lights. Well, now we know, thanks to the efforts of New York based photographer Thierry Cohen. Modern cities are too consumed by light and air pollution to […]

Imaginary Towns by Francesco Romoli

Italian artist Francesco Romoli‘s latest series Imaginary Towns shows photographs of remarkable landscapes that might be considered somewhat surreal, but mostly represent a desolate landscape where solitary structures stand, often with a few human passers-by.

Shitty Renditions of Famous Paintings

Shitty_Watercolour is quite a celebrity on Reddit. His art, which consists of creating what he terms “shitty watercolour” paintings to relevant comments or events on reddit, has gained quite a following. Here we present a set of shitty renditions of famous paintings. Checkout his website here.

Feather Paintings

Artist Julie Thompson Artist Ian Davie paints spectacular images on bird feathers, often blending her his work with the colorful style usually seen in bird feathers. Painting feathers doesn’t quite sound like an easy job. They don’t have a texture as easy to work around as a canvas and they might often have a tinge […]

Mini Furniture Made From (fake) Human Skin

Looking quite realistic and super gross, this set is sculptor Jessica Harrison‘s representation of furniture made with fake human skin upholstery.

Wonderful Patterns Made From Razor Blades

Virginia-based artist Susan Noyes makes use of simple razor blades, and arranges them into beautiful patterns I never thought could come from those wicked sharp thingies. It’s almost like a moment of zen for me right now. Also, if you scroll through the top three images first slowly, and then at some speed, it gets […]

Artist Represents DC Characters With Blocks of Color

Our recognition of comic book characters is well developed enough to recognize them from just abstract colors and shapes. Artist ColourOnly85 has chosen the same idea for the representation of DC characters. In these illustrations, the characters are not represented by deep facial features or style, but merely by blocks of colors and sharp geometries […]

Pinup Illustrations Show Scantily Clad Ladies Armed to the Teeth

Popular ladies in gaming and comics hardly ever get to wear any clothes. Las Vegas based Canadian comic book artist Jamie Tyndall apparently developed the concept to give several female characters a pinup makeover. So here they are, making seductive poses, armed to the teeth and wearing little clothes. This set has Wonder Woman, and […]