Iconic photographs recreated with Star Wars clone troopers

David Eger kicked off a photography project titled 365 Days of Clones where Star Wars clone troopers form the material of photographs every day. An offshoot of this project was Cloned Photos, where David used Clone Trooper action figures to recreate some of the most iconic images in history. Prints for David’s photography can be purchased on RedBubble.

Via: PetaPixel

The inevitable Angry Birds, Star Wars mashup happens

We aren’t even going to pretend we were surprised by this one, we always knew an Angry BirdsStar Wars mashup would show up sooner or later. And of course, it is here. Angry Rebel Birds simply can’t wait to get their hands on to the Imperial Pigs. Hell, the set up even looks contextual, when you spare a thought for the Imperial Pigs. Prints and tees for these images are available on RedBubble.

Via: Bite

FlyLight: Glass tubes flying like a flock of birds

FlyLight, as its name implies is a light installation made excellent by its clever use of tubes and lights. The installation makes use of 160 glass tubes that light up and respond to the viewer, while showing motion that mimics the movement of a flock of birds. The cleverly executed installation makes for a picturesque scenario. FlyLight has been designed by Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta in collaboration with engineers Klaas van der Molen and Luuk van Laake.

Artist makes impressive sculptures from found wood scraps

If the devil lies in the detail, he must be having a field day in these sculptures created by Dutch artist Ron van der Ende. All of the artist’s sculptures are made from reclaimed wood, and even the colors there are original colors of the reclaimed wood. Ron sifts through dumpsters in Rotterdam, picking up things like doors, cupboards and planks.