Transformers sculptures made from waste auto parts

We’ve come to expect a Chinese connection when we hear of DIY transformer sculptures, and we’re rarely disappointed. These sculptures were on display at the Nanjing International Auto Exhibition in China. These Transformers resembling pieces have been made waste pieces/ scraps from cars and bikes. No wonder some of them look so angry.

Mike Bouchet’s shopping cart lounger for our world of consumerism

Created by artist/designer Mike Bouchet, this is almost like the second, much more lovable edition of the shopping cart. Its a shopping cart, its a lounger, and it is named Sun Lounger. It is just a bare-boned structure right now, but the artist does have plans for a few additions, like armrests and seats to really make a lounger out of this chair.

Via: designboom, OhGizmo

Beauty of classic cars accentuated with photography

Classic cars always manage to stand a class apart due to the sheer elegance of their design and the inherent beauty of these wonderfully sculpted pieces. Photographer Ken Brown highlights the beauty of these classics in his work, not by simply photographing the entire car, but by abundantly playing with lights and parts of the car. The results are wonderful.

X-Ray origami brings endangered birds into focus

Japanese student Takayuki Hori printed skeletons of four endangered species on translucent paper, and folded them into these stunning origami creations. When laid flat, the print on paper looks like a collection of scattered bones, but when folded into the proper origami shape, the bird comes to life. With the creation of these 3D skeletons, Hori intends to draw attention to endangered species of birds.