Stop motion SF to Paris flight in two minutes

Nate Bolt documented his 11 hour trip from San Francisco to Paris in this 2 minute stop-motion video. The take off and landing photos are rendered, but the others were all taken by Nate’s SLR clicking away after every 2 to 30 seconds to capture images. Via: Geekosystem

String and nails installation salutes computer loadscreens of the ancient age

Danish design studio Dark Matters has created this installation that takes viewers back to loadscreens that you might have seen a decade or two ago on your computers. The videos come across as screensavers, and this type used to be very popular during that time, because nobody wanted to see the flying windows.

Photographing bureaucrats around the world

Behind all those colors, cultures, races and regions, there is one man who just refuses to change. No matter what part of the world you are in, you will run into this person. Even if it is a different race, color or region, bureaucrats are all the same, perhaps a result of their close proximity […]

Call of Duty screenshots used to depict the horrors of modern warfare

Photographs of wars and soldiers on missions have been around, probably ever since the camera met the printing paper. War photographs from Thibault Brunet however, do not include the photographer venturing into dangerous war zones, or for that matter, even soldiers don’t need to be at the front for these photographs. Brunet has chosen a […]

Banana carvings are bananas

Ladies and gentlemen, what you’re looking at here, I can only describe as the banana carvings of Bananas. The squishy carvings show have the presence of heroes, dragons, and zombies; which we guess makes them pretty well rounded. Via: ObviousWinner, Pixiv

Photographing the sky in puddles

When looking at the sky, you keep your eyes up. But if you’re photographer Ingrid Nelson, you look at the ground and see the sky in an entirely different way. Pavement Trees, a series of photographs by Nelson gives glimpses of the sky by looking at puddles in a parking lot. The images show the […]

Ghosts seen, captured in light paintings

The ghostly figures floating in these photos aren’t supernatural, they are the result of well executed light paintings. Croix Gagnon and Frank Schott started off their project 12:31 which made use of a laptop and a video showing the cross section of the human body for light painting. In creating these photographs, the animation ran […]

Smoke Drawings by Diane Victor

Artist Diane Victor makes these interestingly detailed smoke drawings. Via: Beautiful/Decay

Photographing solitude in Nowhere Land

A collection of photographs by Michel Rajkovic, “Nowhere Land” is a journey into silence and solitude. Each of the images shows objects in a silent, solitary setting. Looking at these images gives me a sense of calm, check ‘em out.

Before and after of vintage pinup girls photoshoots [pics]

It is common knowledge that most images and photographs you come across in magazines have been photoshopped into beauty. Without any photoshop, such lechery would not have happened in the good old days of natural beauty. Oh yeah? Checkout these pinups, original versus the final to see how they got things done without photoshop.