Pop Culture characters given bikes suitable for their personality

Etsy shop Line Draw has these intriguing prints where pop culture icons drive bikes that kind of suit their character best. Amongst a variety of topics, the illustrations of Mike Joos show Spiderman riding a bike of web, Vader on a bike with Death Star wheels and Thomas Jefferson on a bike with nickel wheels. […]

Nike Air Max made in steak

Beef Brothers created this impressive replica of the Nike Air Max 90. The meat shoe was later fed to hungry party goers, who no doubt enjoyed its texture, taste and did not once complain of it smelling like feet. Via: Hypebeast, Ignant

Steamy goodness of Steampunk [cluster]

Who doesn’t love a healthy, artistic dose of Steampunk goodness. A touch of Victorian gadget goodness seems to make everything look better, or we’re just suckers for cogs, gears and brass. Checkout this collection of 20 Steampunk-inspired works we’ve covered earlier, and if you still feel in need for more, here’s more Steampunk.

Double exposure portraits show different tales in images

Artist Dan Mountford‘s series “The World Inside of Us” photographically puts the world inside human forms. These double exposure images show landscapes and landmarks inside the outlines of a human form, creating quite an intriguing effect.

Pillow mace ensures the upper hand in pillow wars

Pillow fight? Doh. Your puny pillows are no match for this pillow mace. Victory is certain. And lets face it, pillow fight is too girly, dudes need something more (violent), as demonstrated by this pillow mace created by Matt Borgatti. Via: Craft

Our world can be a tiny planet [pics]

Photographer Robert Piontek takes several pictures, and then digitally bands them together to create these amazing pictures that appear as tiny planets in their own universe. Some of the “landscapes” appear absolutely stunning, creating a delightful effect.

Common household objects inflated out of size

Spanish artist Romulo Celdran takes common household objects, and sculpts them to be giants. Well, if here weren’t around in those pictures for perspective, they’d look perfectly normal. From the burnt matchstick to the chewed out pen cap, the attention to detail is almost delightful. Via: Toxel

Box Stories: Where miniatures tell the tale

French artist Gatz places miniatures in boxes, creating the tiny universe of a story. Quite imaginative and spectacularly executed, the boxes really do have stories to tell.

Automobile illustrations by Robert Ciampa

Robert Ciampa creates these car illustrations using pencil and colored pencil. Done for both personal work and commission, the drawings illustrate the artist’s enthusiasm for cars. Via: SeriousWheels

Impressive art made with nails

Artist Marcus Levine‘s work employs taking thousands of nails, hammering them onto a board, and creating these stunning pictures out of those. Just seeing the detail on the picture makes you marvel at the skill and effort put up by the artist. According to Levine, it takes about 3500 nails to create one portrait, and […]