Action figures put Star Wars characters in a medieval fantasy

Continuing with his style of reworking Star Wars characters, artist Sillof has now placed them in a medieval fantasy. It is a land ruled by Deth Valkor, carrying a blade turned red with blood. Valkor’s Sturm Infantry helps keeps the realm under the tight grip of the dictator. But the tyrant king does face opposition, with the highlight being on Lukos Swordbearer, who was trained by Obiwoth Kindorn. Other figures in the list include Princess Lilani, Khan Solon, Charothku, Boran Fayne, Randor Deeptomb and Cadpollo Gildenrod.

Candy chair made with lollipops is edible

Like your candy? You’re gonna love this chair. To put it blunt, this chair is 60 pounds worth of confectioners sugar. Created by designer Pieter Brenner, the chair can be more than a piece of display. You could technically sit on it, though it is not recommended, but you can customize the appearance of the chair to your liking. All you need to do for customizing the chair is to lick at the candy, the way you like it, wherever you like it. The sugarchair is for sale, each priced at $11000.

Via: FastCo Design

Don’t get all cocky, Steampunk Iron Man

Imagining what things would be like if Tony Stark got down to business a century ago, Steampunk Iron Man shows off its style in steel, copper and brass. The arc reactor has been replaced by a furnace that burns coal to generate steam for the suit to function. So how does Tony manage to get into a suit that has a furnace raging? Apparently by making it super-sized. The figure though, is about a foot tall.