Papercraft Leica can capture images

You know the dedication of a camera to take images, when it captures pics even when made out of paper. Going into hyperboles aside, this papercraft Leica sets an impressive stance by managing to capture images, even while it is made of paper. Matthew Nicholson‘s papercraft Leica uses film to capture images, and has most of its working managed by paper, which if you ask us for a levelheaded comment, is totally freakin’ awesome.

Via Gizmodo, technabob

Implanted Nature: 50 tiny art ecosystems for Madrid city

Latest urban art intervention by Luzinterruptus created 50 small ecosystems that are “living in the harshest and greyest areas of Madrid city center.” Miffed at the lack of usable green spaces in Madrid, Luzinterruptus created these tiny installations as a symbolic intervention. These small greenhouses were protected from pollution by umbrella-like tops and the greenery within was accompanied by a flock of animals. Each of these “ecosystems” had its own lights to add to their presentation.

How closely do you resemble the photograph in your passport?

Project Passport and Reality brings to light something we have rarely thought of, the difference between the looks of the person in the passport, and our own appearance. Artists took a look at images in valid passports and put them along with photographs of the passport holders. Intriguing examples, and quite surprisingly true for most of us.

Miniature guns have all the details, except the bullets

Do not let the detailing fool you, these guns are miniatures that won’t shoot. Made in Russia in the ’70s, the artist kept special note of the accuracy, making these weapons from schematics and description of real guns. They are so detailed that they probably could shoot a bullet, if you could somehow find a way to get a tiny bullet to get into these guns.