Crayons carved into Star Wars characters

Steve Thompson created these ingenious carvings of Star Wars characters on Crayola. Via: miclap, NerdApproved

‘Make Your Franklin’ project mods $100 bills

Nothing gets fantasies going like money. Some of these might be serious attempts at the dollar, others more playful like the Make Your Franklin project. The project website allows anyone to download the bill, and rework it into something artistic, like those shown here. There’s a lot more at the project gallery, with the ultimate […]

Decommissioned AK-47 converted into a guitar

Colombian sculptor César López creates some of the most badass looking guitars that presumably make other guitars look woefully inadequate with their war stories. The sculptor noticed many armed guards carried their guns like they would a guitar, leading Lopez towards the idea of fashioning guitars from the scary AK-47s. Lopez does not sell his […]

Captain Jack Sparrow’s metal statue is 9 feet tall, weighs a thousand pounds

The latest Pirates of the Caribbeans movie is sitting comfortably at the top of the box office right now, and Captain Jack Sparrow has come out as a 9-feet tall metallic sculpture that weighs about 1000 pounds. The sculpture was made by Thailand’s Kreatworks Studio using scrap metal from cars and machines. Some gears and […]

Star Wars Episode VII: Brand Wars

Working on a Star Wars theme, artist Barn Bocock created this series entitled “Brand Wars.” Brands battling it out like the empire and the rebels? Yes, please. Interestingly, I can’t help noticing that the artist seems to have skipped the Microsoft-Apple / PC-Mac rivalry. Now that, would have been a war, and the Apple logo […]

Hair dresser makes heels and shoe soles out of human hair

Taiwanese hairdresser Tsai Shiou-ying has plenty of raw material, i.e. hair at her disposal to actually be able to use it for art. The hairdresser has created a number of sculptures out of hair, but calls these high heel hair shoes her favorite. Tsai says she uses only human hair for her creations, and the […]

Contorting bodies, photographing them as food

Photographer Bill Durgin originally shot this series for Sleek magazine’s Food/Feed issue combining elements of figures, fashion and food. It is quite interesting to see how the photographer manages to make human form look so much like veggies. Also, some of the images are missing heads, which makes them look very creepy. Via: Bill Durgin […]

Artistic pyramid made with 72000 beer bottles

In a truly intoxicating installation, French artist Cyprien Gaillard constructed a pyramid using 72000 beer bottles in cardboard boxes. Participants need to sign a waiver after which they are free to go on the pyramid, sit on it and have their fill of “Efes” beer from the boxes. As for the idea behind the installation, […]

The Simpsons alphabet [pic]

Simpsons-inspired alphabet by Fabian Gonzalez. Prints priced at $14. Via: GAS

Angry Birds in the city [pic]

Angry Birds in the city. Via: OakOak