Graffiti of War Project looks at graffiti by soldiers in the mideast

Graffiti of War is a project started by Iraq war veteran Jason Parsons who found interest in graffiti by US soldiers in the mideast. When he returned to US and faced bouts of PTSD, Jason decided to create a book documenting the graffiti he had seen. Jason now uses the platform to support the troops and tell their stories, by means of graffiti.

Via Beautiful/Decay

Fire and water create amazing fire drawings

Artist Paul Chojnowski‘s work impresses solely by the method the artist uses to create these amazing drawings. The artist works on wood, textiles and paper, and makes use of handheld torches and water to create these super amazing drawings. Paul dips watercolor paper in water, soaking each part to a different level of wetness. He then takes a torch to the wet paper so the paper gets slightly tinged or burnt.

Paper sculptures by Calvin Nicholls

Canadian artist Calvin Nicholls makes use of sheets of paper to create these amazing sculptures. According to the description on the artist’s Behance page, “Calvin has been creating his paper sculptures since 1986 from his studio north of Toronto Ontario, Canada. Working with sheets of paper and a scalpel, he cuts the component pieces to fit the final drawing and assembles the low relief artwork under studio lighting. When the sculpture is complete the lighting is adjusted to bring out the subtle form and texture. A large format camera is used to capture the detail on 8×10 film prior to scanning for print applications or art prints.”

Pictures captured so artfully, they look like paintings

Looking incredibly like paintings, these works happen to be photographs captured by Barbara Cole. The photographer made use of the SX-70 camera along with carefully arranged studio lighting and some imaginative manipulations to capture these images, making them look incredibly like photographs. These series of photographs came to an end with the end of Polaroid, the company, its camera and the film.