Nintendo characters in X-Men style

DeviantARTist BasicNoir‘s imagination of what Nintendo characters would look like in the X-Men universe. Via: TheUniblog, BuzzFeed

Artist makes paintings of gum stuck on shoes!

Of all the things in the endless universe that could have been painted, or could not have been painted, artist Roland Hicks chose chewing gum stuck to shoes as the subject matter of choice. The artist’s intelligence shows up in the mundane subject as well, but how weird is painting chewing gum stuck on shoes? […]

Art made from junk mail

Putting to use almost all of the snail mail portfolio, artist Sandhi Schimmel Gold makes portrait mosaics from greeting cards, advertising pamphlets and the like.

Pencil and camera go face to face in Ben Heine’s art

Brussels-based photographer Ben Heine‘s series “Pencil vs. Camera” puts up a fine show. Images/illustrations created by pencils are superimposed on a photograph-backdrop to add certain elements to the image. The added pencil illustrations almost come across as a kind of “subtexts”, making the image say much more than what the photograph possibly would.

Eyelid art by Katie Alves

DeviantARTist Katie Alves creates this amazing eyelid art. There’s also some face art, nail art and lip art to look at on her page, but it is mostly about eyelid art, and pretty good eyelid art at that. Via: Geekologie

Amazingly detailed and enchanting art made using pencils

The amazing masterpiece you see here, didn’t just take talent to create, but also perseverance and patience. Artist Joe Fenton spent nearly 10 hours everyday, working his 0.5 mechanical pencil for a full 10 months. After all that work, he completed his work Solitude that stands 5 ft high and 8 ft across, and totally […]

Photographer recreates his dreams for a shot

Some people have diaries near their beds to write down the dreams they had. Photographer Ronen Goldman we assume, has a camera. For his “The Surrealistic Pillow Project,” the photographer tries to recreate his dreams, exhilarating, bizarre or nightmarish as they may be. Of course, bringing dreams into reality may sometimes require a touch of […]

Zombie infection reaches the world of Mario

Mario has spread a zombie infection throughout the mushroom kingdom, taking his friends down with him. I guess Bowser’s the hero now. Via: MrHipp, RampagedReality

Crayons carved into Star Wars characters

Steve Thompson created these ingenious carvings of Star Wars characters on Crayola. Via: miclap, NerdApproved

‘Make Your Franklin’ project mods $100 bills

Nothing gets fantasies going like money. Some of these might be serious attempts at the dollar, others more playful like the Make Your Franklin project. The project website allows anyone to download the bill, and rework it into something artistic, like those shown here. There’s a lot more at the project gallery, with the ultimate […]