Steampunk Nautilus Viewer

The Nautilus Viewer is a Nautilus themed wooden case. There’s an 8-inch digital frame behind the brass porthole, a lighting system that illuminates various windows, portholes and salon windows on the case, a brass switch to control the lights and the cooling fan, and a knife switch that turns the viewer on/off. Created by Will Rockwell, the case has a brass etching of the Goff blueprint of the Nautilus attached under the viewscreen, and an 11 minute video tribute to Nautilus and its creator Harper Goff running on the digital frame. Costs $2000.

Via: Clockworker, Nerdcore

Bloom laptop design offers easy disassembling, efficient e-recycling

Bloom Laptop, created by a Stanford group addresses the problems of recycling the e-waste that is generated in mounds by conventional laptops. Generally, laptops do not lend themselves well to recycling, or even disassembly. Bloom Laptop design handles this problem very efficiently, being very easy to disassemble. The same property of the laptop also lends it well towards upgrading by the consumers. Individual components can easily be removed, upgraded and repaired without having to buy a new device when major upgrades are required.

Via: Autodesk, Core77

You probably would download a car

Before we even begin, let me tell you that the answer is 3D printing. Yep, that thing can make aircraft engines and working cars. Meet the Urbee hybrid, the car whose entire body has been created with 3D printing. All external components on the car have been 3D printed, and it isn’t just some display model either. Developed by Stratasys and Kor Ecologic, Urbee can run on ethanol or gasoline, it gets 200mpg on the highway, and can get nearly 100mpg in city conditions.

Via: FastCompany

Dinosaur skull found embedded in Church wall

It appears that a dinosaur had been present in a Church for centuries. Cathedral of St. Ambrose in Vigevano was built between 1532 and 1660, and the pinkish marble-like slabs supporting a balustrade in the Church appear to have contained a fossilized dinosaur. A 30cm horizontal section that shows “the cranium, the nasal cavities, and numerous teeth” has been found on the stone, while another section of the same skull was found in another stone nearby. Researchers aren’t sure what dinosaur this exactly is, but hope a three-dimensional reconstruction of the fossilized remains would yield results.

Via: DiscoveryNews