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How expensive must a magazine be to cram in a video ad that runs using a full on Android phone to run? Entertainment Weekly magazine pulled off the trick with an issue that had video ads running. As the reader turns to the page of the magazine with the advert, the screen fires up to play clips from the CW Network, a few live tweets also show up to accompany some other info. As the reader goes past the page, the screen shuts down.

A teardown by Mashable found the screen and the assorted parts were built around a full blown mobile phone manufactured by Foxconn in China (the same folks that manufacture the iPhone and iPad for Apple). There’s a full keypad, camera, speakers and even an activated sim card in the set. It’s a bareboned cellphone, even though the advert doesn’t quite use all the features.

Entertainment Weekly printed just 1000 copies of the CW advert magazine, maybe a couple are still out in the wild if you’re interested to take a look at the novelty advert.

Via Mashable, Dvice

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