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Bummed by a super expensive housing market, a young British couple decided to build their own little comfy house in a double decker bus. Daniel Bond and his girlfriend Stacey Drinkwater wanted to move in together, but the couple were left stumped by the high market prices.

They couldn’t afford the deposit, and the bank wouldn’t allow Daniel a mortgage because the auto-electrician is self-employed. To get around the problem, Daniel bought a double decker bus, and spent four months and £11,000 ($17,200) to customize it to his needs. The double decker now includes a double bedroom, a twin bedroom, kitchen, TV lounge, bar, toilet and bathroom.

There’s full plumbing and the bus can be connected to electricity mains for powering the appliances. Best of all, it still runs. Daniel hopes to get his driving license soon so the couple can take a few trips, and so he could show Stacey his hometown of Cornwall.

Via DailyMail

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