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We’ve seen the amazing papercraft of Phillip Valdez before, and we’re delighted to see another round. Made in his inimitable style, the Victorian Steampunk Iron Horse matches its humble paper origins to the impressive and strong metallic looks. It is the attention to detail that makes the Iron Horse all the more formidable. The gears, cogs, meters, levers and pipes are very clearly visible, making the paper sculpture look quite “functional.”

I envision this for large farms where the workers drag several tilling machines behind. The Royal army would use this to get a higher vantage point and maneuver the large cannons into a better position.

That ought to work pretty well. Phillip also sent in an image of the Turkish-Victorian robot he is currently making. Inspired partly by Assassin’s Creed, the robot has been named Colossus of Hattin. The artist insists we make our voice thunder and echo-y while saying the name, and that seems to work pretty damn well.

You can see more of Phillip’s work on Blogspot, Tumblr or his website.

[Thanks, Phillip]

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